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    bemexplicado.pt 2- Comlete the dialoue. Use the words in the box. 3- Answer the followin uestions. Bem Explicado Centro de Explicações Lda.  Inglês 5º Ano  –   Greetings Nome: _________________________________________________ Data: ___/___/___ 1-   Find the greetings and write them under the correct picture.  _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________  _____________  _____________  _____________  ______________  Hello! How are you? What’s your name?  Nice to meet you! Goodbye!  _________     Bye! Hi! Nice to meet you,too. Fine, thanks. My name is Ana.    bemexplicado.pt What’s  a) What’s her first name?    _______________________    b)   What’s her surname?   _______________________  Jane Miller c)   What’s h is first name?    _______________________    d)   What’s h is surname?  _______________________  Peter Jones e)   What’s his first name?    _______________________    f)   What’s his surname?   _______________________  Luke Stuart g)   What’s her first name?    _______________________    h)   What’s her surname?   _______________________  Sally Carter   What’s your first What’s your surname?  ______________________   ______________________  
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