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  /* CH3PR1.C: Program to perform some basic operations on string. */#include <stdio.h#include <conio.h#include <string.hint !strlen char *  $%oid !strcp& char *' char *  $%oid !strcat char *' char *  $int !strcmp char *' char *  $%oid sho( char *  $%oid main )char s1 + , -icit- $char s + , -0agpur- $char s3+ $int len $clrscr  $printf -2ntring s1: 4s-' s1  $len , !strlen s1  $printf -2nlength of the string s1: 4d-' len  $printf -2ntring s: 4s-' s  $!strcp& s3' s1  $printf -2ntring s3 after cop&ing s1 to it: 4s-' s3  $!strcat s3' s  $printf -2ntring s3 after concatenation: 4s-' s3  $if !strcmp s1' s  ,,  printf -2n5he strings s1 and s are similar-  $elseprintf -2n5he strings s1 and s are not similar-  $getch  $6/* finds the length of the string */int !strlen char *s )int l ,  $(hile *s )l77 $s77 $6return l $6/* copies source string s to the target string t */%oid !strcp& char *t' char *s )(hile *s )*t , *s $  t77 $s77 $6*t , 828 $6/* concatenates the t(o strings */%oid !strcat char *t' char *s )(hile *t t77 $(hile *s *t77 , *s77 $*t , 828 $6/* compares t(o strings s and t for e9ualit& */int !strcmp char *s' char *t )(hile *s ,, *t )if  *s  return  $s77 $t77 $6return *s ; *t  $6
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