10-Dating Fossils and Mass Extinction Theories

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this is how dating fossil happen
  DATING FOSSILS AND MASS EXTINCTION THEORIES STEM_BIO11/12-C-G-8:Describe general features of the history of life on Earth including generally accepted dates and sequence of the geologic time scale and characteristics. a. Characterize the ways fossils are formed and how their ages are determined b. Summarize the causes of frequency of mass extinctions in the GTS  Performance standard: Learners are able to perform activity 8 – Dating Fossils – in group, pair and individual activities. Content standard: Relevance, Mechanisms, Evidence and Theories of Evolution  Check assignment on:FOSSILS & MASS EXTINCTION THEORIES 6 ways of fossilization2 ways of dating fossilsTheories on mass extinction – causes  LET’S RACE!
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