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   AccountsProfessional SyedSyed.18257@2freemail.com    Profle Summary Experienced Accountant with over a decade service within diversified industries. Demonstrated strongcompetencies in handling wide range o accounting unctions including book o accounts management andfinancial report preparation. Cognizant in directing audit assignments with developed skills in assessing accuracyo financial records whilst determining eectiveness o controls and eficiency o operations. ossesses strongcompetencies in carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously! perorming well under pressure! maintaining strict confidentiality o company records! coordinating with third parties and surpassing perormance parameters.roficient in using customized sotware and other applications to eectively perorm accounting transactions andstreamline overall work course. Committed! proactive and highly driven with high level analytical aptitude!excellent problem solving! decision making! time management! coordination! communication and interpersonalskills. #eeking or a rewarding role within a reputed company where experience and skills will be utilized. STRENGTHS  $ell trained % Experienced roessional  Competencies in &andling Accounting 'unctions  #olid Auditing (rientation % (perations #upervision   )ersed in AC*A! %+! ,alance #heet reparation  Admirable -eam #pirit % +eadership Capability   ,ook o Accounts anagement % /# 0eporting  &igh #ense o Commitment % 0esponsibility   $ell )ersed in -ally E01! eachtree! 2uick ,ooks Career Snapshot  Accountant General ! A/ /ndustries Co. +.+.C! Dubai! 3AE Chief Accountant, 0uby -raders! akistan  Jul 2013 Present  Nov 200 ! Jun 2013 Accounts Au#it $ana%er, 4arachi -ile art! Nov 2003 ! Nov 200&actor' Accountant, urtaza /ndustries! akistan Se( 2001 ! Nov 2003 Achievements  erormed assigned workload with indefinable enthusiasm! commitment! honesty and dedication with drivetowards contributing to continued business growth.  Eectively set priorities! dealt with unexpected change and work in challenging and pressure drivenenvironment. Consistently demonstrated resourceulness and initiative in support o top management withnatural ability to establish rapport and consensus among cross unctional lines.  Contributed to previous company in saeguarding finances by preparing accurate financial and accountingreports! ensuring reliability! worthiness and conormance with set policy and standards.  5ained comprehensive knowledge in understanding the entire flow o business operations! documentationneeds and ollowing accounting and reporting re6uirements.  Carried out consistent career growth by using knowledge ac6uired rom previous experiences and byupholding dedication and commitment in work profile. Areas o Expertise  Accountin%  Apply undamental knowledge o accounting principles and become ac6uainted with departmental processes.  erorm any combination o routine calculating! posting and veriying duties to obtain primary financial dataor use in maintaining accounting records.  Check figures! postings and documents or correct entry! mathematical accuracy and proper codes.  0eceive! record and bank cash! checks and vouchers. /ssue receipts! reunds! credits or change due.  Debit! credit and total accounts on spreadsheets and databases.  Compile statistical! financial! accounting or auditing reports and tables pertaining to such matters as cashreceipts! expenditures! A0*A and *+. Code documents according to company procedures.     0econcile or note and report discrepancies ound in records.  erorm variety o accounting unctions including examination! analysis! maintenance! reconciliation andverification o financial records under direct supervision.  Assist Chie Accountant in handling A0*A! accounts finalization! monthly book closing procedures and inpreparing financial statements such as balance sheet and other financial statement.  Ensure all accounting process such as handling complete books o accounts independently up to completionare carried out according to standards with zero error tolerance.  articipate in financial planning! budget preparation! orecasting! auditing and financial management.  Au#itin%  Conduct various types o audits that summarize the organization7s financial position. Carry out statutoryaudits! tax audit! internal audit or issues such as income tax! sale tax and service tax.  repare audit strategy plans! organize schedules! assign workloads and generate financial reports.  Coordinate with audit team as well as management to exchange inormation! coordinate tasks! discuss andresolve audit related concerns.  -horoughly check financial and operational activities or eficiency! eectiveness! and use o acceptedaccounting procedures in recording transactions8 identiy key risk areas and report on abnormalities.  Collect and analyze data and key indicators to detect deficient controls! duplicated eort! extravagance! raud!or noncompliance with laws and management policies.  Evaluate and report audit findings. 0ecommend changes to correct unsatisactory conditions! improveoperations! reduce costs! and ensure compliance with applicable re6uirements.  A#)inistration  Carry out administrative duties including logistics coordination! bookkeeping and customer relations.  Coordinate with various groups within organization to provide accurate! eficient and committed support.  Coner with internal departments to exchange inormation! coordinate activities and promptly resolve issues.  reserve proper records o correspondences and files. 4eep files up to date.  anage and keep confidentiality in all company documents and reports. Proven Job Role  Accountant,  anaged overall operations within Accounts Department with core ocus in anuacturing Cost.  &andled bank reconciliations as well as preparation o %+ and ,alance #heet.  repared company -ax 0eturns or audit with tax lawyer o the company.  &andled day to day accounts in -ally E0 1. Chief Accountant, 0uby -raders  anaged overall operations within Accounts Department with core ocus in import! costing! AC*A.  &andled bank reconciliations as well as preparation o %+ and ,alance #heet.  repared company -ax 0eturns or audit with tax lawyer o the company.  &andled day to day accounts in -ally E0 1.  Accounts Au#it $ana%er, 4arachi -ile art   anaged Accounts 0eceivables and its concurrent ollow up.  repared reconciliation statements and final accounts such as %+ and ,alance #heet.  5ained extensive experience in handling accounts up to finalization in a computerized environment   rovided leadership! direction and training to assistants*9uniors on accounting systems.  Evaluated accounting records and other financial data to assess accuracy! completeness and conormance withcompany policies and applicable reporting standards. &actor' Accountant, urtaza /ndustries  rovided eficient and proactive assistance in handling wide range o accounts related activities coveringvoucher preparation! maintaining ledgers! bank reconciliations! accounts closing and finalization! etc.  Directed 9ob order or textile whilst administering manuacture costing.  Dealt with #ales -ax and /ncome -ax documents. Education #econdary #chool Diploma IT Sills  Adept in Accounting #otware % Customized ackages: eachtree! 2uick ,ooks! -ally E01! (racle! 'ox ro  roficient in # (fice #uite! E mail % /nternet Applications Personal !etails ;ationality: akistani Date o ,irth: < th  =anuary >1?> arital #tatus: arried )isa #tatus: Employment )isa at Dubai +anguages: English % 3rdu
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