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  DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF WATER COOLED REFRIGERATOR   SYNOPSIS Air-conditioning plays an essential role in ensuring occupants thermal comfort. However, building’s electricity bills have become unaffordable. Yet the commercially dominant cooling systems are intensively power-consuming ones, i.e. vapour compression systems. This paper aims to review the recent developments concerning evaporative cooling technologies that could potentially provide sufficient cooling comfort. An extensive literature review has been conducted and mapped out the state-of-the-art evaporative cooling systems. The review covers direct evaporative cooling, indirect evaporative cooling and combined direct-indirect cooling systems. The indirect evaporative coolers include both wet-bulb temperature evaporative coolers and dew point evaporative coolers have been of particular interest because of high thermal performance. The dew point evaporative coolers have shown great potential of development and research opportunity for their improved efficiency and low energy use.    MERITS    Best way of vaporization takes place    Easy maintenance DEMERIT  Need water supply APPLICATIONS It is useful for medical shops, airports, home etc. References: 1. Manohar Prasad, “Refrigeration and air conditioning”,New age international  private limited, edition 1995. 2. R.D.Heap,“heat pumps”, second Ed.., E&F.N spon, London, 1983. 3. O’Neal,etal..,Energy and economic effect residential heat pump water heater CONF-790107-2,Oak Ridge National laboratory ,USA,1979 4. MonalishaNayak, Design and simulation of a multiple-effect evaporator using vapor bleeding. 5. Emma May Sadler, “A Thesis on Design analysis of a finned -tube condenser for a residential air-conditioner using r-22   
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