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  A THIEF IN THE NIGHT A Thief in the Night[A Book of Raffles' Adventures]bE! ! Hornung#ontents $ut of %aradise The #hest of &ilver The Rest #ure The #riinologists' #lub The Field of %hilli(i A Bad Night A Tra( to #at)h a #ra)ksan The &(oils of &a)rilege The Raffles Reli)s  $ut of %aradiseIf I ust tell ore tales of Raffles* I )an but ba)k to our earliestdas together* and fill in the blanks left b dis)retion in e+istingannals! In so doing I a indeed fill soe sall (art of an infinitelgreater blank* a)ross ,hi)h ou a )on)eive e to have stret)hed )anvas for the first frank (ortrait of  friend! The ,hole truth)annot har hi no,! I shall (aint in ever ,art! Raffles ,as avillain* ,hen all is ,ritten- it is no servi)e to his eor to gla.ethe fa)t- et I have done so self before to/da! I have oitted,hole heinous e(isodes! I have d,elt undul on the redeeing side!And this I a do again* blinded even as I ,rite b the gallant glaourthat ade  villain ore to e than an hero! But at least thereshall be no ore reservations* and as an earnest I shall ake nofurther se)ret of the greatest ,rong that even Raffles ever did e!I (i)k  ,ords ,ith )are and (ain* loal as I still ,ould be to friend* and et reebering as I ust those Ides of 0ar)h ,hen he lede blindfold into te(tation and )rie! That ,as an ugl offi)e* if ou ,ill! It ,as a oral bagatelle to the trea)herous tri)k he ,asto(la e a fe, ,eeks later! The se)ond offen)e* on the other hand* ,asto (rove the less serious of the t,o against so)iet* and ight initself have been (ublished to the ,orld ears ago! There have been(rivate reasons for  reti)en)e! The affair ,as not onl too  intiatel ine* and too dis)reditable to Raffles! $ne other ,asinvolved in it* one dearer to e than Raffles hiself* one ,hose naeshall not even no, be sullied b asso)iation ,ith ours!&uffi)e it that I had been engaged to her before that ad 0ar)h deed!True* her (eo(le )alled it 1an understanding*1 and fro,ned even u(onthat* as ,ell the ight! But their authorit ,as not dire)t- ,e bo,edto it as an a)t of (oliti) gra)e- bet,een us* all ,as ,ell but un,orthiness! That a be gauged ,hen I )onfess that this ,as ho, theatter stood on the night I gave a ,orthless )he)k for  losses atba))arat* and after,ard turned to Raffles in  need! Even after thatI sa, her soeties! But I let her guess that there ,as ore u(on soul than she ust ever share* and at last I had ,ritten to end it all!I reeber that ,eek so ,ell2 It ,as the )lose of su)h a 0a as ,e hadnever had sin)e* and I ,as too iserable even to follo, the heavs)oring in the (a(ers! Raffles ,as the onl an ,ho )ould get a ,i)ketu( at 3ord's* and I never on)e ,ent to see hi (la! Against4orkshire* ho,ever* he hel(ed hiself to a hundred runs as ,ell- andthat brought Raffles round to e* on his ,a hoe to the Alban!1 e ust dine and )elebrate the rare event*1 said he! 1A )enturtakesit out of one at  tie of life- and ou* Bunn* ou look 5uite asu)h in need of our end of a ,orth bottle! &u((ose ,e ake it the  #af6 Roal* and eight shar(7 I'll be there first to fi+ u( the tableand the ,ine!1And at the #af6 Roal I in)ontinentl told hi of the trouble I ,asin!It ,as the first he had ever heard of  affair* and I told hi all*though not before our bottle had been su))eeded b a (int of the saee+e(lar brand! Raffles heard e out ,ith grave attention! Hiss(ath ,as the ore grateful for the ta)tful brevit ,ith ,hi)hit,as indi)ated rather than e+(ressed! He onl ,ished that I had toldhi of this )o(li)ation in the beginning- as I had not* he agreed,ithe that the onl )ourse ,as a )andid and )o(lete renun)iation! It ,asnot as though  divinit had a (enn of her o,n* or I )ould earnanhonest one! I had e+(lained to Raffles that she ,as an or(han* ,hos(ent ost of her tie ,ith an aristo)rati) aunt in the )ountr* andthe reainder under the re(ressive roof of a (o(ous (oliti)ian in%ala)e Gardens! The aunt had* I believed* still a sneaking softnessfor e* but her illustrious brother had set his fa)e against e frothe first!1He)tor #arruthers21 urured Raffles* re(eating the detested nae ,ithhis )lear* )old ee on ine! 1I su((ose ou haven't seen u)h of hi711Not a thing for ages*1 I re(lied! 1I ,as at the house t,o or three
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