Acubody Is Now Using Acupuncture To Treat Infertility Problems

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Many women suffer from fertility issues and it can cause serious mental distress when they fail to conceive. There are several options including drugs and IVF, but not everyone can afford them. Today, people are turning to alternative therapies such as acupuncture for fertility problems.
PRLog - Global Press Release DistributionAcubody Is Now Using Acupuncture To Treat Infertility ProblemsMany women suffer from fertility issues and it can cause serious mental distress when they fail to conceive.There are several options including drugs and IVF, but not everyone can afford them.LONODON, England - Nov. 22, 2018 - PRLog -- Many women suffer from fertility issues and this cancause quite severe mental anguish when they try desperately to conceive but without any result. There is anarray of options available today for couples and these can include home remedies, fertility drugs,intrauterine insemination, and IVF. However, not everyone can afford the costs involved which can runfrom hundreds of pounds for drugs to thousands for procedures such as IVF. Many people are now seekingalternative treatments and one that is having some success is acupuncture.Acupuncture has been around for at least 2,500 years and the origins of acupuncture are believed to dateback to the Stone Age when sharp tools were used to puncture the skin and drain blood abscesses. It hasgained in popularity in the West in the last 40 years or so and is used to treat a variety of conditions. TheChinese believe that there is a flow of energy in the body which they call "qi" and while the energy is inbalance the body remains healthy. The qi flows along pathways in the body which are called meridians andthey connect the acupuncture points and also connect to internal organs in the body. If the flow of qibecomes out of balance, illness can result. By inserting acupuncture needles into the correct combination ofpoints the balance of qi can be restored.There is a delicate balance between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and reproductive glands, and stress iscapable of preventing a woman from ovulating correctly. It can also create spasms in the uterus and thefallopian tubes which can interfere with the implantation of a fertilised egg. When people are under stress,the hormone cortisol is released in the brain. This has the effect of altering the neurochemical balance of thebrain which changes hormone levels and disrupts the pituitary balance that is critical to the reproductivecycle. The thyroid may also be over or under-functioning.The most common cause of infertility in women is a hormone imbalance which prevents the release of amature egg from the ovary. High levels of prolactin which is the hormone that is used in the production ofbreast milk can also prevent ovulation, while lack of progesterone will not enable the foetus to attach to theuterus.Acubody uses fertility acupuncture in London to reduce stress and to restore the flow of qi which helps toget the hormones back into balance. The Acubody therapists have been having some great success withLondon fertility acupuncture and in many cases of infertility it is ultimately just a question of regulating thecycle of ovulation and letting nature take care of the rest. To begin with, Acubody therapists look at thefeatures of the menstrual cycle that may be abnormal such as cycle length, regularity, pain, and blood flow,to arrive at a diagnosis of the imbalance, and then a treatment is decided that is specific to the patient andwill restore the balance.About the Company: Acubody uses fertility acupuncture in London to restore the balance of hormones inthe body, which will help to regulate the menstrual cycle in cases of infertility in women.http://www.acubody.netCompany Name : Acubody LtdClient Name : Duncan McGechieCompany's address :Acubody TherapiesLondon Natural HealthPage 1/2PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution46 Theobalds RoadLondonPost code : WC1X 8NWEmail ID : info@acubody.netLandline: 02038236888ContactDuncan McGechie*** End ---SourceCity/TownState/ProvinceCountryIndustryTagsLinkAcubody LtdLonodonLondon, GreaterEnglandHealthLondon fertility acupuncture this QR Code with your SmartPhone to-* Read this news online* Contact author* Bookmark or share onlinePage 2/2
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