AGRS2019: Breaking illusions with Testing

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1. @maaretp Breaking Illusions with Testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi 2. @maaretp A FewYears Ago… 3. @maaretp 4.…
  • 1. @maaretp Breaking Illusions with Testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi
  • 2. @maaretp A FewYears Ago…
  • 3. @maaretp
  • 4. @maaretp She's like "I want to exploratory test your ApprovalTests" and I'm like "Yeah, go for it", cause it's all written test first and its code I'm very proud of. And she destroyed it in like an hour and a half.
  • 5. @maaretp Testers don’t break the code, they break your illusions about the code. - Adapted from James Bach
  • 6. @maaretp
  • 7. @maaretp Code doing what it’s supposed to. Product doing what it would need to. Product doing only what it is supposed to do. Basic Illusions: Code Making a Product Other Illusions: Ideas Leading to Code Process being able to deliver with a change in mind People having skills to deliver well. Business model driving the selection of right focus.
  • 8. @maaretp How?
  • 9. @maaretp (Exploratory) Tester Product is my external imagination
  • 10. @maaretp Never be bored. Heuristics
  • 11. @maaretp In the beginning, you know the least. Heuristics
  • 12. @maaretp Poke it until it pops Variable recognition and persistency heuristics from Alexandra Schladebeck Heuristics
  • 13. @maaretp
  • 14. @maaretp Structure Function Data Platform Operations Time Idea generation heuristics from James Bach / Michael Bolton, Rapid SoftwareTesting
  • 15. @maaretp Approvers do •  Formatting •  Sorting •  File Extensions •  Scrubbing (removing common inconsistencies) •  Serialization(saving to a file) •  Mocking •  Proxying •  Rendering •  Execution (e.g. retrieve the URL) •  Aggregating test cases •  File naming •  PRINCIPLE: ”Every time you handle this type of object, you do these things to it.” I LEARNED ABOUT FUNCTIONS
  • 16. @maaretp Reporters do •  Waiting •  Scrubbing (removing common inconsistencies) •  Execution •  Launching •  Serialization •  Decompilation •  Chain of responsibility •  Creating Approved file •  Environmental awareness I LEARNED ABOUT FUNCTIONS
  • 17. @maaretp http://maaretp.comI LEARNED ABOUTTHE ENVIRONMENT
  • 18. @maaretp
  • 19. @maaretp Code doing what it’s supposed to. Product doing what it would need to. Product doing only what it is supposed to do.
  • 20. @maaretp Three Other Illusions The Ideas Leading into Code
  • 21. @maaretp Illusion typeVI: Business model driving the selection of right focus.
  • 22. @maaretp Insight and illustration from Allan Kelly, @allankellynet
  • 23. @maaretp Illusion typeV: People having skills to deliver well.
  • 24. @maaretp
  • 25. @maaretp Illusion type IV: Process being able to deliver with change in mind.
  • 26. @maaretp Cognitive Dissonance
  • 27. @maaretp Continuous Delivery No Jira No Estimates No Product Owner No Projects No Scrum
  • 28. @maaretp Learning Superpower and core of exploring
  • 29. @maaretp vs. LinearViewpoint I know everything you do! You have nothing left to teach me Reality I know more than you do! There is still so much more I can learn from you Learning
  • 30. @maaretp Things Can Look Different from Different Perspectives
  • 31. @maaretp http://maaretp.com31
  • 32. @maaretp
  • 33. @maaretp Lesson 1. Testing is not using the system.You need to be more driven to information and understanding. More intentional.
  • 34. @maaretp Lesson 2. Intent is not enough. Serendipity happens through elements of play and making unplanned connections.Awareness of what you know and how you know it becomes essential.
  • 35. @maaretp Lesson 3.You are in control. When system gives you a hard constraint, there are still ways you can work through that constraint. If you can simplify or isolate, do that. Complex can happen later.
  • 36. @maaretp Lesson 4.Testability.When something is hard to do, remember there’s a developer somewhere who needs to share the pain to build smarter next time.
  • 37. @maaretp Lesson 5.You got tools. Find them.You pull in what you need, not rely on just what you’re given.
  • 38. @maaretp Lesson 6.Yes, that automation of permutations integrated with vocabulary would come in handy. What you can’t find but want, you can build.
  • 39. @maaretp Lesson 7. It really does not calculate scores right. But does that matter - what is quality for this game? What creates emotions relevant enough to impact user’s behavior?
  • 40. @maaretp Serendipity and Perseverance
  • 41. @maaretp The more I practice, the luckier I get – Arnold Palmer
  • 42. @maaretp It’s not that I’m so smart, I just stay with the problems longer. – Albert Einstein See also:
  • 43. @maaretp Maaret Pyhäjärvi Email: Twitter: @maaretp Web: Blog: (please connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn)
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