Alternative checkout flow

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1. ALTERNATIVE CHECKOUT FLOW Yevhen Sentiabov MAGENTO ARCHITECT #MM19PL 2. #MM19PL Checkout features - One-page checkout with support for different shipping carriers -…
  • 2. #MM19PL Checkout features - One-page checkout with support for different shipping carriers - Multi-address checkout - Instant Purchase with the ability to place an order from a product page - Multiple payments integrations like PayPal, Braintree, - Vault tokenization - Different security features like 3D-Secure verification, anti-fraud protection
  • 3. #MM19PL Roadmap
  • 4. #MM19PL Current Checkout
  • 5. #MM19PL Current Checkout
  • 6. #MM19PL Current Checkout
  • 7. #MM19PL Current Checkout
  • 8. #MM19PL Current Checkout
  • 9. #MM19PLREST - Multiple requests to collect needed data - No way to limit response data
  • 10. #MM19PLGraphQL - All resources are connected - Declarative data fetching - Type system and schema definition - Multiple queries and mutations can be done via one request
  • 11. #MM19PL No HTTP caching No API versioning Tricky to implement rate limiting Query complexity Query in indefinite depth But…
  • 12. #MM19PL Checkout layouts <item name="billing-step" xsi:type="array"> <item name="component" xsi:type="string">uiComponent</item> <item name="children" xsi:type="array"> <item name="payment" xsi:type="array"> <item name="children" xsi:type="array"> <item name="renders" xsi:type="array"> <!-- merge payment method renders here --> <item name="children" xsi:type="array"> <item name="braintree" xsi:type="array"> <item name="component” xsi:type="string">Magento_Braintree/js/view/payment/braintree</item> </item> </item> </item> </item> </item> </item> </item>
  • 13. #MM19PL Customization drawbacks public function importShippingRate(AbstractResult $rate) { $this->setCode($rate->getCarrier() . '_' . $rate->getMethod()) ->setCarrier($rate->getCarrier()) ->setCarrierTitle($rate->getCarrierTitle()) ->setMethod($rate->getMethod()) ->setMethodTitle($rate->getMethodTitle()) ->setMethodDescription($rate->getMethodDescription()) ->setPrice($rate->getPrice()); return $this; } - Add custom shipping method details - Expose details via GraphQL API
  • 14. #MM19PL Multi-address with Vault MultishippingModelCheckoutTypeMultishippingPlaceOrderInterface::place
  • 15. #MM19PL Checkout dependencies graph
  • 16. Alternative Checkout #MM19PL
  • 17. #MM19PL Service Isolation
  • 18. #MM19PL Checkout Separation Requirements - Independent application (installation, data storage) - High availability and scalability - Components replaceability - No synchronous communication
  • 19. #MM19PL Eventual Consistency
  • 20. #MM19PL Alternative Data Flow
  • 21. #MM19PL Alternative Checkout b2d6efb2d6ef
  • 22. #MM19PL Alternative Checkout b2d6efb2d6ef
  • 23. #MM19PL Alternative Checkout b2d6efb2d6ef
  • 24. #MM19PL Alternative Checkout b2d6efb2d6ef
  • 25. #MM19PL Alternative Checkout b2d6efb2d6ef
  • 26. #MM19PL Checkout dependencies graph
  • 27. #MM19PL Checkout improvements • Better application performance • Components replaceability • Improved headless integration experience (GraphQL) • GraphQL API for building checkout flow via single HTTP query • Separated API for Cart and Quote • Multi-address checkout based on multi-quote flow • API for Requisition List and Negotiable Quote
  • 28. #MM19PL Totals Calculation Pipeline
  • 29. #MM19PL Totals Calculation Pipeline
  • 30. #MM19PL Mutable - Simpler to create, test and use - Help to avoid temporal coupling - Easier to cache - Do not change the state- Can be updated any time - Are thread-safe - Help avoid side effects - Easier to implement - Easier to extend - Cheaper for creation Immutable
  • 31. #MM19PL Totals List
  • 32. #MM19PL Totals List
  • 33. #MM19PL { "amount":1002, "currency":"USD", "display_currency":"EUR", "currency_exchange_rate":0.92, "is_applicable":true, "code":"totals_list", "totals": [{ "code":"subtotal", "amount":1002, "is_applicable":true }, { "code":"discount", "amount":0, "is_applicable":false }, { "code":"grand_total", "amount":1002, "is_applicable":true } ] }
  • 34. #MM19PL Totals Storage
  • 35. #MM19PL Totals Storage (UUID)
  • 36. #MM19PL UUID advantages & disadvantages Unique across applications/tables/databases Environment independent A value is known before the entity is saved A value does not expose the information about the entity Suitable for distributed systems Take up more storage space More difficult for debugging Less performant than the auto increment
  • 37. #MM19PL UUID performance
  • 38. #MM19PL Summary - Performance improvements - Components replaceability - Improvements to API customizability and extensibility - Independent storefront and store management applications - Clear boundaries between Cart and Quote components - Unidirectional flow reduces communication between components - Multi-address checkout out-of-box - Support of immutable multi-quotes - A unified interface for totals calculation - Simplified and unified totals storage
  • 39. Thank you for attention! @isentiabov #MM19PL
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