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Leaflet published in 1930?
  Why are We Here?  -AND'- Why are Our Lives Unequal?  A ROSICRUCIAN   EXPOSITION Public Inquiry Leaflet  No. 2   W hy Are You Here I  iQKOi AVE you ever thought of why you werehere on earth, just wrhy you were soplaced in your relation to the social world,the political world, and the businessworld? Why arc some horn as Amer-icans, some as French, some as Germansand some as Japanese? Why arc someborn white, and some born black?And why, above all things, are someborn with the blessings of this material world sur-rounding them, and others born in want, perhaps direpoverty? Why do some so easily attain great successand others struggle through life and never seem to beable to rise above a common place with even thenecessities ?Who will answer these questions and  /io<wf  Do thechurches with their religious doctrines offer us anysntisfactory accounting for these inequalities of life?Do any of the religious doctrines point out a reason forthese things and make us feel that all is well, all iscomprehensible, and all perfectly acceptable to us?Science also fails with all of its theories, all of itsprinciples and profound examinations, to make plainto us why there is human life at all, and the purpose of our existence with all of its obstacles, tests, trials andrewards. Some Must Know the Answers Surely some must know the truth, and there must bethose who can reveal the facts and present to us ourlives and our living in the true light.The answers to the questions asked above do not con-stitute either religious or scientific doctrines. It may bethat all truth is sacred  and all knowledge scientific,  but when we turn to orthodox religious doctrines for 1  the answers to many important questions, vve find thatmodern religion does not consider many of these vitalpoints, and leaves them to science; and when we turnto science for the same information, we find again thatthis cold, unemotional, and limited field has no placeeither for consideration of those things which arc closeto the heart and soul of the average man and woman.So we are forced to seek some other source of know-ledge, some other system, philosophy, or perhaps schoolof arcane wisdom, where at least some light will bethrown upon the problems and a few facts revealedto our understanding. What the Ancient Sages Knew Naturally we turn backward to the past, to thosegreat sages of ancient lands who wrere not limited byreligious or scientific doctrines in their researches, andwho contributed so much information to the advance-ment of civilization. However we may turn, and whcreever, our search leads us to the Orient, to the lands of mystery temples and mystery schools, to the select andexclusive groups of wise men and women who constitu-ted the great secret schools of uncommon knowledge.What do we find? That many of the truths presentedin the religious doctrines of the modern churches and agreat many of the scientific principles expounded bythe modern, limited schools of scientific research alikehave drawn their fundamental principles and theirfundamental truths from the teachings of the ancientsages. We are astounded to find that many of the thingswe have been led to believe were new discoveries, modern revelations, and secret findings of science andreligion in recent years, were known to the ancientsfor centuries, and then seemingly lost during the middleages. We Discover Great Truths Just a casual search through the books that containthe teachings of the ancients surprises us, page after4page, with the answers to many of life’s questwhich the advanced minds of today are seekingdiscover but do not find. They have turned their backsupon the great wisdom of the past because it was of theschools and temples of mystery.One of the most universally known and accepteddoctrines of these ancients was that of  reincarnation.  Reincarnation answers all of the questions asked at thebeginning of this article, and it answers a thousandmore that puzzle you and me and millions upon millionsof human beings. Why then, is it so ignored today?And why do people smile and some even express veryplainly their disapproval of the very thought of re-incarnation? It is because they do not understand, andhave never given the subject of reincarnation the fiveminutes’ serious consideration that it needs to makethem realize that perhaps it is, after all, the one uni-versal key to all of life’s problems. Some Serious Points Think of this one point. Until recent years thedoctrine of reincarnation was accepted and used bynearly all of the civilized races of mankind as a de-pendable key and guide to the mysteries and miraclesof life. Today, only the modern Jewish religion andthe modern Christian religion have cast reincarnationaside as an unwanted  explanation. In all the otherreligions of the world, and with thousands upon thou-sands in the Jewish and the Christian religions, thedoctrine of reincarnation is still a dependable andproven solution to the important problems of life. Theancient Jewish religion incorporated the principles of reincarnation as absolutely fundamental to all under-standing, and the early Christian church, includingthe ministry of Jesus and his teachings, contained thedoctrine of reincarnation as a scientific, religious, andethical law of the universe. Do you believe that millions, even billions, of personsin the world can unite in accepting a certain doctrine,5  year after year, century after century, and still bewrong? For instance the World Almanac shows that inthe world today there are 1,849,500,000 persons con-nected with churches of various denominations. Of this great host, the presentday Christians and thepresentday Jews total 693,000,000; leaving 1,1 51,500,000 persons whose religious beliefs include the doctrineof reincarnation as a scientific and Cosmic law of life.  And among the millions of Christians and Jews of today, more than half of them have also adopted thedoctrine of reincarnation. Reincarnation, as a satisfactory explanation of life’s problems, is spreading so   rapidly among Christians and Jews today that news-papers and magazines, books and pamphlets, arc con-taining references and remarks regarding the doctrinein order to meet the growing demand for some infor-mation on this subject.  Appeals to the Intelligence Intelligent men and women have discovered that thebiased and unfair attacks made on reincarnation bysome religious writers and by some scientists were forthe purpose of taking away from men and women the one great answer to all their questions, and thegreat light which enables them to meet their dailyproblems and attain mastership and success.If we cast aside the doctrine of reincarnation, wecannot understand correctly and perfectly many thingsin the Christian Bible and in the Jewish scriptures.In the Christian Church, reincarnation was taught inthat branch of the church teachings called the “LesserMysteries”; and in the book of Malachi, fourth chapterand fifth verse, we read about Elijah and his previous   incarnation. Then, we understand also what Jesusmeant in the book of Matthew, when He asked themultitude about John, and said, “Hut what went yeout to see?” And we also understand through reincarnation what Jesus meant after the Transfigurationby the words addressed to Peter, James and John: “HutI say unto you, that Elias has come already, and theyknew not ....................... and thr disciples understood.”The disciples of Jesus had been taught the principlesof reincarnation, for we find reference to these teachingsall through the ancient scriptures, and the Jews werethoroughly familiar with the doctrine, and Jesus dem-onstrated ! I is complete acceptance of that doctrine.That Jesus was familiar with the mystery principleof life that constituted a hidden wisdom not revealed tothe masses in all details, is shown in Corinthians,chapter two, verses six and eight.  Endorsed by Eminent Authorities Josephus, the great writer and historian of the timeof Jesus, refers to incarnation and its principles as thepower of the virtuous “to revive and live again”, andhe also refers to “the return of souls into new bodies”.Hume, the eminent philosopher and illuminator of men’s minds, said that reincarnation is “the only systemof immortality that the philosopher can hearken to”.The eminent Schopenhauer wrote that he found thedoctrine of reincarnation “springing from the earliestami noblest ages of the human race, always spreadabroad upon the earth as a belief of the great majorityof mankind, nay, as the teachings of all religions withthe exception of the modern Jews and the two whichhave come from it”. He is referring to the modernChristian and modern Jewish religions which haveevolved from the ancient teachings.We can turn to the writing of the ancient Krishna,Pythagoras, Plato, Apollonius, and thousands of otherswho wrote about and taught the doctrine of reincarna-tion. Among the poets we find Dryden, Robert Brown-ing, Walt Whitman, Edward Carpenter, Wordsworth,Lafcadio Hearn, and hundreds of others referring toreincarnation as an established and acceptable doctrinewhich in no way detracts from the beauties and greattruths of any of the presentday religious doctrines.And even today eminent business men, headed by Henry
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