Anatomy of a Lab Report

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Anatomy of a Lab Report
  NAME _________________________ DATE _______________ PERIOD _____  ANATOMY OF A LAB REPORT 1. Cover Page The cover includes name, dae, !eriod, ile o" la# acivi$, and a !icure o" he se%u! o" he la# &e'ui!men(. Mus #e on unlined !a!er and in in) or color*+. Original a# -hee Include he srcinal la#oraor$ shee ih $our la# re!or. /e sure ha all secions are com!leed. This is he "irs !age o" he re!or a"er he cover.  A.Pur!ose0Pro#lem The Pur!ose secion o" he a# Re!or, ansers he "olloing 'uesions • 2h$ are $ou doing his la#3 • 2ha are $ou r$ing o accom!lish #$ doing his la#3 A.4$!ohesis The 4$!ohesis is ha $ou hin) is he anser o he !ro#lem. I is an educaed guess./.Maerials In he Maerials secion o" $our a# Re!or, lis he maerials &ever$hing( necessar$ o ge his la# done. C.Procedure The Procedure secion o" $our a# Re!or liss insrucions or direcions needed o accom!lish he la#. The$ are alread$ lised on he !a!er and do no need o #e re!eaed. D.Daa In he Daa secion o" $our a# Re!or, $ou ill #e recording 56us he "acs7 $ou8ve o#served in $our e9!erimen. Daa ma$ include a#ulaed num#ers, gra!hs, and shor e9!lanaions o" o#servaions. :ra!hs are o #e dran ih a ruler, iled, and a9is la#eled.E.Ansers o a# ;uesions Include he ansers o he 'uesions ha are !ar o" he la#. Remem#er ha hese need o #e ansered on a se!arae shee o" !a!er and in Cornell -$le.<. Anal$sis The Anal$sis secion is he mos im!oran !ar o" he a# Re!or* I consiss o" a leas < !aragra!hs as descri#ed #elo  /.4O2 TO 2RITE A A/ ANA=-I- AND CONC>-ION INTRODUCTION SECTION & 1 ST  Paragraph ( INTRODUCE BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF LAB • Include an$ #ac)ground in"ormaion ha ill hel! he reader undersand he science conce!s ha ill #e im!oran "or his la#. • =ou ma$ need o briefl  descri#e he e'ui!men or he a$ he maerials ere se%u! in order o e9!lain ho he la# as done or ho he h$!ohesis as esed. /.-TATE T4E PRO/EM OR O/?ECTI@E • 2ha ere e r$ing o "ind ou3 &see !ro#lem0o#6ecive secion o" la#( STATE YOUR !YPOT!ESIS  &in an essa$ his ould #e $our thesis  saemen( • This is he "inal senence o" he "irs inroducor$ !aragra!h. ANALYSIS SECTION   &-ae and e9!lain he resuls( STATE ALL T!E RESULTS   OF T!E E"PERIMENT #$ %&  paragraph ( • F'r ea(h re)*l+ )+a+e a )*pp'r+i%g fa(+#), fr'- +he &a+a.  or e9am!le  All coke cans with sugar sank in water. Classic Coke and Caffeine-Free coke have sugar and they sank. All cans with Nutra-sweet floated. Diet coke and Caffeine-free diet coke have nutra-sweet and they floated. Caffeine made no difference in whether cokes sank or floated. Caffeine-free coke sank, but Diet Caffeine-free coke floated. ANALY/E OR E"PLAIN EAC! RESULT &ma$ #e < RD   'r   < rd  B  h  !aragra!hs( • 2rie '%e paragraph f'r ea(h -ai% re)*l+  $ou e9!lain • U)e +he righ+ re)'*r(e) +' e0plai% +he re)*l+) . >se he #ac)ground in"ormaion o" he la#, noes a)en in class, ansers o he la# 'uesions and $our e9#oo). or e9am!le : All cokes with sugar sank because their density was greater than .! g"ml.  All cokes with nutra-sweet floated because their density was less than .! g"ml. #here is a greater mass of sugar needed to sweeten cokes than the mass of nutra-sweet. #herefore cokes with sugar had a greater mass in the same amount of volume as the cokes with nutra-sweet. $ore mass in the same volume results in a greater density. %ince the density of water is .! g"ml and all cokes with sugar had a density greater than .! g"ml they sank in water. (continue with additional paragraph to explain why caffeine had no effect)  CONCLUSION SECTION   &las !aragra!h( C.->MMARIE 24AT =O> EARNED • Re)+a+e i% a fe )e%+e%(e)  he main resuls and $our e9!lanaion o" he resuls. • E0plai% a% err'r) i% '*r &a+a . I" here ere an$ errors h$!ohesie a#ou ha migh have caused hem. • !p'+he)i) ('rre(+ 'r %'+2  A sim!le saemen o" "ac. • 3ha+ &i& '* lear% fr'- +hi) lab 'r ha+ a&&i+i'%al 4*e)+i'% '*l& '* a%+ +' i%5e)+iga+e f*r+her2  Ma)e a saemen a#ou ha $ou discovered or ha addiional e9!erimen ould $ou li)e o do o anser a relaed 'uesion. TAKE IT A STEP FURT!ER • Descri#e ho he main idea o" his e9!erimen a!!lies o undersanding oher areas o" science or use oher conce!s in science o discuss he resuls o" his e9!erimen. =our eacher ma$ give $ou some suggesions "or a o!ic. =ou ill !ro#a#l$ need o do some research here.OR • Insead, $ou ma$ relae he su#6ec o" his la# o a !ersonal e9!erience in $our li"e. 4o does ha $ou learned "rom his la# hel! e9!lain ha e9!erience3  #Thi) )e(+i'% &e+er-i%e) +he &iffere%(e be+ee% a% 6A6 a%& 6A76 lab. O%e 'r $ )e%+e%(e) &' %'+ 4*alif a) a 8)+ep f*r+her.9 I+ -*)+ be a f*ll :;<;)e%+e%(e paragraph +ha+ g'e) 8ab'5e a%& be'%&9 +he e0pe(+a+i'%).,N'+e +' )+*&e%+)   An &  analysis and conclusion ' section of a lab write-u( is used to communicate the results of a science e)(eriment in a way that is clear and understandable. *t  (rovides introductory information  so the reader understands what is being tested and why. *t clearly states all the results of the lab and attempts to explain the results . Finally, a concluding statement is made  that summari+es the main results of the lab and states whether the e)(erimental hy(othesis was correct or not. #his section of the lab write-u( is very similar to the structure that is used to write a -(aragra(h essay in your writing class. Like an essay, an “analysis and conclusion” includes an introduction section, a main body, and a conclusion.
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