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Area of Parallelogram. Objectives: Calculate the areas parallelograms Understand how the formula can be obtained. Level 6. Recap of Area. We can see that the area is 20 cm 2. 4 cm. 20 square centimetres is written as 20 cm 2. 5 cm.
Area of ParallelogramObjectives: Calculate the areas parallelogramsUnderstand how the formula can be obtainedLevel 6Recap of AreaWe can see that the area is 20 cm24 cm20 square centimetres is written as 20 cm25 cmArea is measured by the number of squares of a certain size needed to cover the shape. We could, for example, find the area of this rectangle by covering it with one centimetre squares. Recap of AreaThe area can be found by multiplying the base by the height4 cm5 cmArea = Base x HeightWe can see that this is the correct answerA = 5 x 4 A = 20 cmArea of a Parallelogram4 cm6 cmIf we put a cm2 grid onto a parallelogram there are incomplete squares and it is not so easy to see a formula for the area.We can, however, find a formula by doing this…Area of a Parallelogram4 cm6 cmCut off the end like thisPut the onto the opposite end like thisWe have changed the parallelogram into a rectangleArea of a ParallelogramSo to find the area, we multiply the base by the height4 cm6 cmArea = Base x HeightA = 6 x 4A = 24 cm25.3 cm7.5 cmCalculate the area of this parallelogramWe can now use the formula to calculate the area of any parallelogram.But we do need to take care that we use the vertical height not the length of the slope.6.4 cmArea = Base x HeightA = 7.5 x 5.3A = 39.75 cm2Calculate the area of this parallelogram8.3 cm7.5 cm9.5 cm5.3 cmArea = Base x Height7.3 cmA = 7.5 x 5.3A = 39.75 cm26.2 cm6.7 cm9.2 cmUsing the example as a guide, calculate the areas of these parallelograms 1.45.26 cm22.61.64 cm23.78.85 cm2The Formula for a Parallelogram’s AreaThe next exercise can be copied from the screen but it is best done on the sheet that can be obtained copy is shown on the right.Area of a Parallelogram - ReviewA review sheet covering this presentation is available from
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