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A Roadmap for Computational Linguistics COLING 2002 Post-Conference Workshop August 31,2002. Area Report Machine Translation. Hervé Blanchon CLIPS-IMAG Outline. Some numbers Addressed topics Papers' content Questions My answers. 13 Papers /170
A Roadmap for Computational LinguisticsCOLING 2002Post-Conference WorkshopAugust 31,2002Area ReportMachine TranslationHervé BlanchonCLIPS-IMAGherve.blanchon@imag.frOutline
  • Some numbers
  • Addressed topics
  • Papers' content
  • Questions
  • My answers
  • 13 Papers/17012 paper in 4 sessions1 paper in LearningGeographical distributionEurope: 2France: 1Germany+Spain: 1USA: 1Asia: 11China: 2Japan: 5Korea: 2Taiwan: 1Some NumbersFactsSome numbersComments
  • Isn't this field under-represented?
  • 2 sub-committees for MT
  • MT, Asian Languages (11 papers)
  • MT, Western Languages (3 papers)
  • What is happening in Europe and the US?
  • Is it due to the multiplication of conferences?
  • Except ATR-SLT and I nothing on Speech-to-Speech Translation
  • Concurrence of ACL and ICSPL special sessions?
  • Addressed Topics"Classical" approaches
  • Transfer-Based MT (with learning)
  • New language pair quick development
  • [Pinkham J. et Smets M.]
  • Pivot-Based MT (STS Translation)
  • Shallow approach
  • [Blanchon H.]
  • Example-Based MT
  • Evaluation
  • [Yao J. et al.]
  • Translation rules acquisition (learning)
  • [Echizen-ya H. et al.]
  • Addressed TopicsCurrent main stream
  • Statistical MT
  • LM adaptation using MT to create new data (MT for Automatic Speech Recognition)
  • [Nakajima H. et al.]
  • Sentence alignment quality
  • [Kueng T.-L. et Su K.-Y.]
  • [Garcìa-Varea I. et al.]
  • Decoding (translation of a sequence of words)
  • [Watanabe T. et Sumita E.]
  • Multi-Engine MTSelecting the best translation among several[Akiba Y. et al.]See also VerbMobil project & ISL Lab. (CMU)Addressed Topics"New" TrendsinputMT1MT2MTnoutput1output2outputnselection modulebest translationSandglass MT(paraphraser  transfer)[Yamamoto K.]If the transfer module fails it knows whyThen it ask for a paraphrase giving constraints to the paraphaserParaphraserTransferTransferAddressed Topics"New" TrendsAddressed TopicsOld problem
  • Translation selection (with statistics)
  • Getting better lexical transfer
  • [Cao Y. & Li H.]
  • [Kim Y.-S. & al.]
  • [Lee H.A. & Kim G.C]
  • Papers' content
  • Constants
  • Measures
  • Evaluations
  • Wide range of results
  • From fairly poor to high quality
  • My impressions
  • No real big steps
  • Confirmation for the "statistics"
  • No real vision (better results with more stats)
  • Questions
  • Are the given results that good?
  • How would an ALPAC-like committee judge us?
  • How can we do a better job?
  • Are the statistical methods the only way?
  • New MT niches?
  • Are we still aiming at FAHQT?
  • If so isn't there any possible intermediate steps for HQT?
  • How keen are we in technological transfer?
  • The role of academic research?
  • AnswersDo a better job
  • HQT through Interactive Disambiguation
  • Automatic disambiguation modules have to deliver a confidence measure
  • Added value of self-explained documents
  • Information for the semantic web
  • Moreover an Interactive Disambiguation module may also learn from the user!!!!!!
  • Word senses, Syntactic constructions
  • AnswersDo a better job
  • Hybrid systems merging rule-based & statistical-based techniques
  • Statistics not at the level of strings but after some treatments and disambiguation
  • Using grammar for well handled phenomena
  • Multi-engine systems
  • At the end of the process
  • At the beginning (self confidence level on an utterance)
  • AnswersDo a better job
  • Adapt the MT technique to the targeted task/domain
  • Is there a better technique for a given task/domain?
  • Narrow domain  ?
  • Technical manuals ?
  • Translating the web ?
  • We have to re-evaluate this question
  • AnswersNew niches
  • Translating the web?
  • Is translating the web the same task as translating a technical manual?
  • Have domain specific tuned systems?
  • Speech-to-Speech Translation?
  • Ward, TMI-2002 MT Workshop
  • "The current scenarios are science fiction and fairytales, the user interface is not taken into account"
  • The story is about involving the user
  • Aren't we trying to tackle more and more difficult problems without solving the previous ones?
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