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area requirement
  RequirementsUnit area in sq. mUnit No.sTotal area sq. m15 acres110%PLOT COVERAGE75%S.noRequirementsUnit area in sq. mUnit No.sTotal area sq. m 1Entrance Lounge/Waiting1.5 sq. m per person100152Enquiry Office with Toilet151153Times office with Toilet151154Bus bay100 sq. m per bay22005Drop-off zone for private vechiles14.21 sq. m per automobile2306Lockers-Temporary0.14Sq.m per unit101.47Wheelchair Bay3.2 sq. m per wheel chair412.88Male Toilets2 Blocks each of 60 sq. m including toiletfor hsicall challeneed1609Female Toilets3 Blocks each of 60 sq. m including toiletfor physically challenged16010Tea/ Snack bar facilities10 sq. m per stall44011Common area2 sq. m per person along with toilet5010012Electrical water cooler0.3 sq. m per unit; 1 for every 500population51.513First-aid clinic10 sq. m11014Uni-sex toilet - driver10 sq. m220 TOTAL540.7 1Information and enquiry152302ompuerse oong reservaoncounter4.46 sq. m per counter417.843Ticket vending machine2.8 sq. m per machine - 1 for every 100population38.44Ticket queueing area- Vendingmachine7 sq. m per stall5355Station Master Room30 sq. m1306Waiting area2 sq. m per person.50010007PlatformExisting to be maintained8Ticket hall supervisor room30 sq. m1309Cash and Ticket Store Room30 sq. m13010Signal and Telicom Room30 sq. m13011Electrical room30 sq. m13012Retiring room30 sq. m13013Male Toilets2.6 sq. m per fixture103014Female Toilets2.6 sq. m per fixture103015Physically challeged toilet space3.2 sq. m per fixture14 TOTAL5411335.24 1Shops - Perishable Goods5 sq. m per unit10502Shops - Non Perishable Goods8 sq. m per unit151203Retail Shops100 sq m per shop55004Other Shops / stationary shops5 sq. m per unit5254aStock area4bPreparation Area4cSnacks shop551555 Mini Anchor shops 21100 RAILWAY STATIONBUS-STOPMIDAS 5TH YEAR 'B' STUDIOTOTAL SITE AREAPERMISSIBLE FSI AND BUILD-UP AREATOTAL PROPOSED BUILD UP AREAOPEN SPACE REGULATIONS A RCHITECTURAL DESIGN -10AREA REQUIREMENTS FOR MULTI MODAL TRANSIT HUB @Chrompet ,Chennai-for a population of 10,000@peak hour 550 ( inclusive of all the amentities ) COMMERCIAL AREAS  Restaurants like KFCs , Wangs etc 5aVeg Cooking Areaas per requiremnet5bNon Veg Cooking Areaas per requiremnet5cPantry and counteras per requiremnet5dWaiting areaas per requiremnet5eCold storageas per requiremnet5eHot storageas per requiremnet5fUtilityas per requiremnet5hElecricalas per standards5iAHUas per standards5jStore5iJanitor room12.25 TOTAL391852.25 1Two-wheeler parking1.757501312.52Four-wheeler parking1530045003Pre-paid auto parking10202004Share auto parking12202405Ambulance parking202406Police vechiles152307Ticket counter with toiletsas per requirement TOTAL6322.5 1Entrance cum Lobby1.5per sq.m1001502Snack bar52103Shops151154Time keeper151155MTC office with Toilets6MRTS office with toilets7Ticket counter8ATM52109Smoking lounge15010Staff refreshing area with toilets14011Public toilets for Male16012Public toilets for female113VCE14 SERVICES Electrical , fire ,DG ,AHUas per standards CIRCULATION SPACES 30% of Total Area 350TOTAL BUILD UP AREA10400.69 includes all services, circulation (staircases,lifts,escalators)AHU(6*7m),Electrical(5*6m),etc  TotalMETRO STATIONPARKING
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