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  TYPE OF FACILITYNo. of UnitsArea per unit (sq.ft)Total area (sq.ft.)MULTIPURPOSE OUTDOOR STADIUM1. Playing field 160x1422. Players & team facilities3. Enterance foyer175754. Team dining11501505. Pantry140406. Player Gymnasium11501507. Locker8. Team seating238569. Dressing Room215030010. Change room2428411. Physio21224MEDICAL FACILITIES12. Doctors area1303013. Dope test + store1202014. First Aid room13030ADMINISTRATIVE AREA15. Director cabin1202016. Secretary1121217. Public Relation1121218. Marketing1121219. Lounge1505020. Board Room15050SERVICES AREAS21. Laundry122. Store for ground equipment123023023. Light control room1353524. Sound control room1303025. Electrical control1606026. Survillance1202027. Police control room15050VIP FACILITY28. VIP Enterance foyer111011029. VIP Gallery215030030. VIP Lounge227054031. Owner's Lounge210020032. Sponsor's Lounge115015033. Pantry/kitchen1250250  34. Executive Suite43614435. Corporate Box82080INTERNAL AUTHORITIES36. Authorities gallery 123023037. Authorities lounge115015038. Pantry1363639. Match refree1101040. Other refree16565MEDIA FACILITIES41. Media galler130030042. Media lounge117017043. Media dining110010044. Broadcasting122522545. Commentry2385646. Radio box2224447. Press conference room112525048. Camera platform4416GENERAL STANDS AND SEATING49. General seating600006000050. Private boxes40100040000GENERAL STANDS & SEATING51. Food kiosks123542052. Medical rooms43012053. Ticket counters635210INDOOR STADIUM1. Entrance6754502. Concourse61509003. Ticket6754504. Waiting hall6905405. Toilets10121206. Concessions150507. Plant rooms12002008. Staff lounge21503009. Athletes lounge240080010. First aid room163048011. Administrative area1808012. Multipurpose hall120020013. Media hall18080  SPORTS HALL14. Velodrome hall1144x711022415. Badminton113.4x6.485.7616. Volleyball128x1542017. Basket ball128x1642018. Wrestling112x1214419. Weightlifting14x41620. Shooting range121. Boxing 16.1x6.137.2122. Table tennis12.7x1.54.0523. Judo110x1010024. Gymnastics152x27140425. Carom1505026. Chess1505027. Snookers110x2020028. Billiards120x10104.1229. Squash113.7x7.612030. VIPs lounge112064031. Result & time control room16406032. Dope control room23033. General sitting-10000-AQUATIC COMPLEX1. Entrance2701402. Ticket1501003. Concourse2601204. Toilets610605. Concessions160606. Staircase212247. Main competition pool125x5012508. Diving pool125x205009. Training pool 125x5050010. General sitting-9000-11. Competition changing room1808012. Pre swim showers6106013. Training changing room1505018. Creche1808019. Café kitchen1909020. Swim tech area1404021. Timing control1303022. Plant room1909023. Chiller plant room1808024. Athletics lounge1909025. Physics and massage room4208026. Athletic change room1303027. Doping control1303028. Athletics final room14040  29. Divers warm up area1505030. Result control2306031. Athletes mixed zone1707032. Family lounge1404033. First aid room2306034. Staff lounge250100TENNIS COMPLEX1. Centre court stadium140.23mx20.11m809.022. Playing court 1123.77x10.23 (doubles)243.163. Playing court 2123.77x8.23 (single)195.64. Practice courts610.97x6.0394.925. Indoor tennis courts223.77x8.23(s)391.2+486.36. First aid rooms3401207. Players lockers & rest area22004008. Children Practice courts86.3x3.3166.329. Staff lounge215030010. Retail26012011. Concessions27014012. Restrooms210020013. Guest services112024014. Press1606015. Support areas150050016. Dope control room1505017. General sitting010,5000
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