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'..:.::. i:' :':'.:Ltt:.:. 4 :. :a:.::a ,.,,; .,.,;;;.11 , ffiE I nternational Conference 2015 Assam Don Bosco UniversitY, lndia & Hubei University, China ASIAN VALUES AND HUMAN FUTURE Edited by Dr. Joy Thomas SVD Dr. LiJialian CONTENTS Foreword lntroduction Key Note Address 1_.Asian Spiritual Traditions: Birthing a Trans-Cultural
  '..:.::. i:' :':'.:Ltt:.:. 4 :. :a:.::a ,.,,; .,.,;;;.11 ,  ffiE  I nternational Conference 2015 Assam Don Bosco UniversitY, lndia   Hubei University, China ASIAN VALUES AND HUMAN FUTURE Edited byDr. Joy Thomas SVD Dr. LiJialian  CONTENTS Foreword lntroduction Key Note Address 1_. 2. 3. 4. Asian Spiritual Traditions: Birthing a Trans-Cultural Spirituality - Aloysius Britto 25Does Wisdom Of Eastern And Western Cultures Respond To The Question: What ls Human Dignity? - Hortensio Cudllar Civilization in the Context of Lamaism of the Eastern Himalayan Region - A. C. SinhaArea Studies and Human Future: A Southeast Asian Perspective - Ahmod Fauzi Abdul Homid 5. The Hope of Traditions for Human Future - L. Anthony Sovori Raj 6. Relevance of University Outreach Programmes for Regional Development and Asian Values- B.P.R. Norasimhorao 7. Deep Ecology and Confucianism - Liu Jingjing 8. The Role of Asia in the Quest for Global Justice: An Existential Reflection- Edward J. Alam 9. Rethinking Asian Values and Human Future: Challenges of PlanetaryRealizations - Anonto Kumar Giri 10. Swami Vivekananda on making World a better Place to Live-in for all- Neeroj Join 1,1. Celebrating Gandhi's Praxis; A Synthesis of his Life and Message - Rudolf C. Heredio12. Strident Nationalism and ldentity Construction - Ram Puniyoni 13. Building Asian Values by Transcending Western Ones - Jiang Chang14. The Development of China's Legal Culture in the Perspective of lnternational Rule of Law - Lijie Zeng 15. Sustainable Development via the Family- Corozon Torolbo16. Family: An Existential Need forthe Human Being, atthe lndividualand Communal Levels - Cormen Ramos 17. Resistance Strategies under Cultural lmperialism: A Study on Jameson's Cultural Globalization Theory - Zhang lio 43 6177 90100116124 131L47 164 184189 196 20s 216226  AREA STUDIES AND HUMAN FUTURE: A SOUTHEAST ASIAN PERSPECTIVE - Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamidl lntroduction As an academic discipline, area studies emerged in Western universities,especially in the United States of America (USA), after the Second World War. The distinctiveness of area studies stems from its multi-disciplinary background and trans-disciplinary approaches it advocates. Disciplines which are generallysubsumed as sub-disciplines under the corpus of area studies are mostly fromthe social sciences such as political science, anthropology, sociology, economics, social work and development studies, and from the humanities or humansciences, for example history, linguistics, literature, geography, religious studiesand cultural studies. However, in order to embark on a comprehensive research on a particular area, whether a country, a region or even a continent, scientists and technologists have also been included as part of international research teams. For instance, biologists are needed to investigate the flora and fauna of a selected research area, while information technology experts are recruited by chief researchers to study the rate of internet penetration of an area and to process a multitude of scattered trans-disciplinary data.21. Area Studies as a Contemporary Academic Discipline for a Southeast Asian socialscientist Although area studies are multi-disciplinary in orientation, it is of criticalrelevance to social scientists and especially political scientists, of which the present author is one. ln fact it may not be an exaggeration to say that a great number of area studies champions have been political scientists. This is unsurprising when we consider that the genesis of area studies in the USA is founded on its policy makers concern to foreground USA s role as the most influential post-Second World War military and economic power. The postbellum years of the mid-1940s till the 1960s were characterised by massive 1Prof. Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid, a graduate of the universities of Oxford, Leeds and Newcastle, UK, is a Professor of Political Science at the School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia, and Visiting Senior Fellow at the lnstitute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) -Yusof lshak lnstitute, Singapore (1 September 2015-31. May 2016). Political Science Section, School of Distance Education Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Minden, Penang, MALAYSIA; Tel: +6-04-6533888; Email:, ahmad 2 For further discussion on the necessity of incorporating information technology in trans-disciplinary research as a whole and especially for area studies, see Kuijper (2008). r-- I
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