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Architectural Typologies
  Learning Spaces Diana G. Oblinger, Editor   ISBN 0-9672853-7-2©2006 EDUCAUSE. Available electronically at www.educause.edu/learningspaces Learning Spaces Diana G. Oblinger, Editor  ©2006 EDUCAUSE. Available electronically at www.educause.edu/learningspaces Learning Spaces ISBN 0-9672853-7-2 Part 1: Principles and Practices Chapter 1:  Space as a Change Agent  Diana G. Oblinger ã   Acknowledgments  ã  Endnote  ã   About the Author Chapter 2: Challenging Traditional Assumptions and RethinkingLearning Spaces Nancy Van Note Chism ã  Changing Our Assumptions  ã  Intentionally Created Spaces  ã  Opportunities andBarriers  ã  Moving Forward  ã  Hope or the Future  ã  Endnotes  ã   About the Author Chapter 3: Seriously Cool Places: The Future o Learning-Centered Built Environments William Dittoe ã  Marcy  ã   The Learner-Centered Dierence  ã  Endnotes  ã   About the Author Chapter 4: Community: The Hidden Context or Learning Deborah J. Bickord and David J. Wright ã  Why Community?  ã  Community as a Context or LearningãConclusionã Endnotesã About the Authors Chapter 5: Student Practices and Their Impact on Learning Spaces Cyprien LomasandDiana G. Oblinger ã  Student HabitsãClassrooms and Formal SpacesãInormal SpacesãWhat Colleges Can DoãConclusionãEndnoteã About the Authors  Chapter 6:  The Psychology o Learning Environments Ken A. Graetz ã   The Environmental Psychology o Teaching and LearningãDevices and Distraction in College ClassroomsãCollaboration in the Classroomã Virtual Learning EnvironmentsãCollege Classrooms o Mystery and Enchantmentã Endnotesã About the Author Chapter 7: Linking the Inormation Commons to Learning  Joan K. LippincottãCharacterizing the Inormation CommonsãLinking the Inormation Commons to LearningãInormation Commons DevelopmentãConclusionãEndnotesã About the Author Chapter 8: Navigating Toward the Next-Generation Computer Lab  Alan R. CattierãInormal Learning Spacesã The Case or Changeã The Teamã The Way to a New ApproachãEndnoteã About the Author Chapter 9:  Trends in Learning Space Design Malcolm BrownandPhilip Longã Trend 1: Active and Social Learning Strategiesã Trend 2: Human-Centered Designã Trend 3: Devices That Enrich LearningãConclusionãFurther Readingã Endnotesã About the Authors Chapter 10: Human-Centered Design Guidelines Lori GeeãFoundations o the GuidelinesãCharacteristics o Human-Centered Guidelinesã ConclusionãEndnotesã About the Author
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