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Dictionar de arhaisme en-en
  abid, abyd, abyde   verb, prsnt. remain, await, wait; abood   verb, pst. awaited, remained abideth, abydeth   verb awaits abidyng   verb awaiting able   adj. suitable abluciouns   noun cleansings abood   noun delay above   adj. superior abregge   verb abridge, shorten accidie   noun sloth, laziness accord, acord   noun agreement achatours   noun buyers acorded   verb agreed adoun    prep. below adrad   adj. afraid afered, aferd   adj. afraid affiance   noun trust affraye   verb, prsnt  frighten affrayed   verb, pst. frightened, afraid after-mete    prep. the time after diner agast   verb, pst. prtcpl. frightened agaste   verb, pst. sg. frightened agu   noun acute fever aiel   noun grandfather aketoun   noun wadded jacket worn under the chain-mail coat al   conj. although  alauntz   noun wolfhounds al bifore   adv. first, before everyone else, heading the procession alday   adv. daily alderbest best of all alderfirst first of all, to begin with alderlevest most beloved aldermost most of all aleyes   noun garden paths algate, algates   adv. always, all the same alkamystre   noun alchemist Alkaron   noun the Koran alle and some one and all, everyone allegge   verb adduce, cite allye   noun kinsman allyen   verb ally oneself, marry almesdede   noun almsgiving almesse   noun charity al speke he although he may speak alyght   verb arrived als cleere   adv. as clearly amalgamyng   noun blending, amalgamation amende   verb improve, correct, remedy amended   verb, pst. prtcpl. improved, corrected amblere   noun pacing horse amonesteth   verb, prsnt. sg. admonishes  Amor vincit omnia   (Latin) Love conquers all angwissous   adj. anxious anlaas   noun broad two-edged dagger annueleer   noun chantry priest, a priest who sings anniversarymasses for the dead anon, anoon   adv. straightway, at once, immediately anoy   noun trouble antiphoner   noun anthem-book, book of antiphonal hymns apayed   verb, pst. pleased ape   noun 1. fool, dupe; 2. monkey apertenen   verb befit aperteneth   verb, prsnt. sg. befits apiked   verb adorned, trimmed appalled   adj. pale-looking, faded apposed   verb questioned appreved   verb approved, proven, tested approwours   noun agents areste   verb stop, restrain a-rewe   adv. in succession argumentz   noun logical reasoning aright   adv. certainly armee   noun military expedition armure   noun armour, protective covering array   noun 1. equipment; 2. dress, clothes arrayed   verb, pst. prtcpl. prepared, adorned  arreest   noun restaint, seizure artelries   noun artillery, shooting equipment, cannons and catapults arwes   noun, pl. arrows aslaked calmed asonder   adv. apart assaut   noun assault assay   noun 1. trial; 2. test assaye   verb, prsnt. sg. test assayed   verb, pst. sg tested assege   noun siege asseged   verb besieged assent   noun consent, will, opinion assente   verb, prsnt. consent, agree; assented   verb, pst. consented,agreed assise   noun the court of assizes assoille   verb absolve assoillyng   noun absolution assured   adj. confident; verb entrusted astert   verb escaped asterte, asterted   verb escaped astoned   verb amazed, astonished, surprised astored   verb provided aswowne   adv. in a swoon, aswooned atemprely, attemprely   adv. moderately at erst    prep. for the first time
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