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Welcome to the 12th edition of the British Water Handbook in the 30th anniversary year of England’s privatised water industry. We have made considerable progress after decades of underinvestment and neglect, but as always there is much more to do.
  • 2. A world leader in treated water Products Water treatment plants Wastewater treatment plants Desalination and membrane treatment plants Distribution and collector networks Dams, reservoirs and pumping stations Package plants and products Capabilities Project finance Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Operation and maintenance (O&M) Water asset management / non-revenue water Management contracting Water company ownership Consultancy services
  • 3. The British Water Members’ Handbook has been published by Publications UK Ltd. Specialist publishers to trade associations across the UK. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this publication, and the statements contained herein are believed to be correct, the publishers and the promoters will not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. Reproduction of any part of this publication without permission is strictly forbidden. © Publications UK Limited 2018. British Water and the publishers make no recommendation in respect of any of the advertisers, and no recommendation may be implied by way of the presence of their advertisements. Publications UK Tel: 020 8238 5000 E: HANDBOOK SPONSORS MEMBERS’ HANDBOOK 2019 Contents 4 Foreword 05 British Water Rebranding 08 Benefits of Membership 10 A World Leader in Treated Water 12 British Water Structure 14 Message from the Technical Forum Chairman 16 Technical Forum 20 Technical Guides and Codes of Practice 23 Real-Time Monitoring Focus Group 24 Wastewater Treatment Plant Focus Group 26 Data & Analytics Focus Group 28 Sustainable Water Management Focus Group 30 Innovation Focus Group 32 Message from the International Forum Chairman 34 International Forum 38 Message from the UK Forum Chairman 42 UK Forum 46 UK Regulatory Structure 48 BIM4Water Development and Achievements 50 Innovation Exchange 57 Events 58 Membership Listings 66
  • 4. 5 Welcome to the 12th edition of the British Water Handbook in the 30th anniversary year of England’s privatised water industry. We have made considerable progress after decades of underinvestment and neglect, but as always there is much more to do. Over the years this Handbook has become an indispensable guide to the skills and expertise of British Water member companies and the crucial role you play in providing essential services, efficiently and effectively, for the water sector at home and abroad. A hallmark of the membership is its collective power to innovate and transform the way services are delivered in a changing and more demanding world, sharing best practice and adopting a can-do approach to solving previously intractable problems. The growing challenge of more extreme and volatile weather conditions and a rising population cannot be under-estimated, so we need to continue to develop and deliver long-term sustainable solutions. At the time of writing, our industry faces a tougher regulatory settlement and a very uncertain outcome to Brexit. Tackling these and other issues, and meeting the growing expectations of customers and society, requires an industry that is both responsive and resilient, with a strong supply chain at its core. Having proudly marked British Water’s 25th anniversary last year, our expertise and experience has never been more important as we move towards a new decade of opportunity. Together we must carve out a new future for the customers and communities we serve and the environment we protect and enhance. I am confident that British Water will continue to thrive and become an ever-more relevant and influential advocate for the industry under the leadership of Lila Thompson as our new Chief Executive, who will be known to many of you in her former role as International Director. In welcoming Lila, I would also like to pay tribute to Lloyd Martin who has stepped down as Chief Executive after three years of outstanding service. I wish Lila every success and look forward to working with her and the wider membership as we make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Chris Loughlin Chairman Foreword The collective power to innovate and transform – for customers, communities and the environment
  • 5. Your partner of choice for... • Wastewater • Rainwater Harvesting • Stormwater • Storage • Pump Stations Leading the way in small flow waste water and liquid containment solutions. Specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the commercial, industrial and domestic markets. Caring for the environment For further information or to find out more call: +44 (0) 8702 640004 or visit
  • 6. Playing an integral role in the UK’s environmental technologies industry, the UK manufacturer first opened its doors in Peterlee, County Durham, over 45-years ago. In 2013, the company became part of the Canadian multinational – Premier Tech, strengthening its position in the UK and export market place. Boasting one of Europe’s largest Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) manufacturing facilities, Premier Tech Aqua UK continues to manufacture success securing a host of national and international contracts for engineered projects, including full retention separators (to help eliminate the risk of pollution caused by hydrocarbon emissions) and DSAF waste water treatment plants specifically for commercial applications, catering for population equivalents of between 50 and 5000 people. With innovation at its heart, the company remains focused on its mission to protect and improve shared water resources and the environment, with ecological sustainable and value-added small flow packaged solutions – for communities and families around the world. This is reflected not only in its engineered projects but also in its comprehensive range of product lines – which includes the NEO Rainwater Harvesting Tank. Modelled on the nautilus shell – and made from recyclable plastic and using 35% less material than previous tanks, the NEO benefits from a bionic design giving it outstanding structural properties. Thus, providing incredible stability and thanks to the efficient design the pump basin makes optimal use of the tank volume. Other innovations, include the Ecoflo Coco Filter. The most ecological solution on the market for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is unavailable. Natural, organic and exceptionally reliable, the Ecoflo Coco Filter is a revolutionary system incorporating a patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media, a rehabilitated and natural organic material which treats the wastewater using no energy. A proud member of British Water, Premier Tech Aqua is leading the way in small flow waste water and liquid containment solutions. Innovation is the key to success An industry leader in Packaged Water and Wastewater solutions across the UK and Ireland, Premier Tech Aqua UK are specialists in the design and manufacture of Wastewater, Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater, Storage and Pump Station products for commercial, industrial and domestic markets. Follow us on: NEO Rainwater Harvesting Tank >>
  • 7. 8 an exciting communications strategy more closely aligned to our members’ and industry needs. This will include ‘Thought Leadership’ videos and podcasts and greater and more strategic use of social media platforms. Members can obtain enamel lapel badges featuring the new BW monogram at any British Water event or by emailing Marie Tierney at Lila Thompson Chief Executive This exercise is being rolled out across the company (e.g. mailings, emails, website) and will be completed in early 2019. This Handbook itself is one of the final pieces of our rebranding jigsaw, and we hope you agree that our new style and image are impressive. Our rebranding programme began in 2017 as a detailed internal assessment of the Water Industry as a whole; British Water’s position within it; and how British Water could improve its effectiveness for its members by reshaping its profile, image and external communications. The outcome was far more than merely a new logo and a new monogram: it embodies an updated statement of our personality and our vision for the future. The rebranding itself coincided with the 25th Anniversary of British Water. Last October, as we unveiled the new logo at our anniversary celebration at the Gherkin, it was rewarding to receive so many positive complements from those who have been associated with BW over the last quarter-century. As British Water’s new Chief Executive, I and my dedicated team, will continue to oversee the roll out of the brand and the delivery of Alert British Water members will have noticed that their organisation has rebranded itself in recent months. British Water Rebranding
  • 8. Your partner of choice for... • Wastewater • Rainwater Harvesting • Stormwater • Storage • Pump Stations Leading the way in small flow waste water and liquid containment solutions. Follow us on: Specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the commercial, industrial and domestic markets. Caring for the environment For further information or to find out more call: +44 (0) 8702 640004 or visit
  • 9. Benefits of Membership • Governments/government departments • Regulations (EA, DWI, Ofwat, WICS, SEPA, and EHS) • Major customers • Standards bodies • EU Commission • UK, EU and international standards preparation • Other sector representative bodies, including those that represent other areas of the water industry, promote education and professional qualifications, formulate training needs, etc. • Technical press Market Awareness British Water provides market information on home and overseas water and wastewater markets. British Water promotes contact between British Water members and prospective customers, partners, and suppliers through a series of inward and outward international visits and regular liaison meetings with UK water utilities and major industrial users. British Water’s vision is to be THE voice for UK organisations involved in the global water industry. Our mission is to support our members’ businesses, to represent our members’ interests, to promote best practice and to enhance the value of British Water membership British Water has a wide and varied membership covering all areas of the water industry including amongst others: water companies, consultants, contractors, service providers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers. British Water works, in partnership, to bring efficiency, resilience and value for customers. British Water aims to ensure each member company has access to services that will enhance their development potential and provide added value to the way they do business. British Water provides opportunities for member companies to participate in a wide range of activities across our three main areas of operation: • UK Forum (municipal and industrial sectors) • Technical Forum (technical innovation, best practice and consistency in key areas) • International Forum (providing expert support and market assistance) Representation British Water represents the industry, collectively, to decision makers where often the views of a single commercial enterprise will not register. British Water is able to assist our members in shaping the future of our industry and influencing technical and commercial policies. British water is able to manage and debate on issues that affect the industry and to communicate our members’ views credibly and appropriately to decision makers including: 10
  • 10. British Water provides information on: • Markets (players, size, characteristics, needs, etc.) • Technology trends and sources of funding • Projects and potential business opportunities • Advance knowledge of legislation changes • Knowledge of new and changing standards Technical Best Practice British Water contributes to the development of British technical standards, the harmonisation of European standards and the shift towards international standards on an ongoing basis. British Water represents the interests of the UK water and wastewater industry in all areas where important decisions are being made and provides members a direct conduit and input into the process. British Water promotes the use of best practice, technical, commercial and operational expertise, to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness, to foster commonality, improve performance, advance knowledge of legislation changes, and disseminate knowledge of new and changing technical standards. Membership Value British Water seeks to enhance the value of membership through: • Offering members discounted rates • Access to exclusive industry meetings and events • Networking opportunities • Brand and Marketing support British Water welcomes companies in membership which: • Enhance the standing of the British water industry in the UK and overseas • Are willing to collaborate with colleagues to meet the challenges of changing regulatory demands • Have a desire to develop their own business potential to its maximum and promote best practice to enhance the industry as a whole 11
  • 11. A World Leader in Treated Water Biwater is in the business of bringing water to life, making sure clean water gets to the people who need it and wastewater is treated responsibly. It’s a crucial business, meeting a fundamental human need and protecting a vital natural resource, and it’s one Biwater undertakes unlike any other organisation. Biwater incorporates expertise drawn from 50 years of operation across 30 companies. The Group provides specialist knowledge and international experience to deliver clean, safe drinking water to millions of people worldwide, completing over 25,000 projects in over 90 countries. Biwater brings a competitive combination of technical excellence, project management expertise and independent financial strength to a project. Biwater engineers evaluate the need, design an optimal solution, and ensure construction to globally-recognised standards of excellence. Biwater’s holistic approach combines the very best of British engineering with a modern, unique and flexible template for solving the world’s water challenges. Biwater’s highly successful track record spans the complete range of water and wastewater products and services: water and wastewater treatment; water asset management and consultancy; infrastructure ownership, investment and operation; packaged plants and products; and membrane technology and desalination. Biwater built its first major reverse osmosis plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1971 (after many years equipping Royal Navy Ships). This first major desalination plant constituted 10% of the world’s entire reverse osmosis capacity at the time. Over the subsequent decades, Biwater has built up an extensive track-record in membrane systems – designing, procuring, manufacturing and constructing large-scale plants to treat seawater, brackish water and municipal wastewater. It is Biwater’s unique forty-year relationship with the British Government’s Export Finance Department, and other large multi-lateral lending agencies, that allows it to provide finance for projects that are currently unavailable or unaffordable to Governments, by spreading the cost of these large infrastructure works over up to 20 years, in affordable yearly repayments. Biwater is proud to have provided sustainable treated water solutions for communities for the past 50 years. With the world’s water resources diminishing and facing increased pollution, we look forward to continuing our service to communities around the world that both will protect the environment and foster economic development for generations to come. Biwater, having celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, was established in 1968. Throughout its history, the company has grown to meet the demands of many water-stressed countries and their burgeoning populations. Today, Biwater is a world leader in treated water, providing large-scale water and wastewater solutions for clients across the world. 12
  • 12. Products • Bespoke Packages to suit clients needs • GRP Package pump stations for Surface/ Foul / Grey Water • Pump sets in wet well • Free Standing Packages • Rain Water Harvesting System • Attenuation tanks • Booster Sets – Potable water • Sewage Treatment Packages • Petrol interceptors • Adoptable Pump station (SFA) • Inline Muncher / Grinder Sewage units Services • Supply / Installation / Commissioning Service / Maintenance / Repair / Spares Emergency callout • Factory witness testing Business Overview • Established UK business privately owned successfully operating for over 50 years • Coverage of the whole of the UK • Providing reputable quality German manufactured Ritz Pumps Experienced and accredited to work in the following sectors: • Government / local authority • Crossrail / LUL / Network Rail • Transport / Infrastructure • MOD / High security / Healthcare • Airport Authority • Commercial • Industrial • High-end / Luxury Housing • Water Authority Phone: 01538 757900 Fax: 01538 757999 Email: Web: Main Office: Draycott Cross Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire ST10 2NW Southern Office: Unit 78, Waterhouse Business Centre, 2 Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2QE Tel:01245 392147 Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products WASTEWATER TREATMENT P R O D U C T S Tel: 01278 459302 Email: Web: Address: Marsh Works, Marsh Lane, Bridgewater, Somerset TA6 6LL COMPANY OVERVIEW Synergy are a UK based privately-owned company that supply a full range of Waste Treatment Products throughout the UK and Europe. Synergy offer a full maintenance and commissioning service on all our own products, and those supplied by others where possible. Due to its flexible approach and ‘solve the problem’ attitude, Synergy are always receptive to enquiries that cannot be met by a standard product type. ACCREDITATION/CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV EN12566-1 & EN 12566-3 PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Sewage Treatment Plants • Septic Tanks • Biological Aerated Super Septic Tanks • Sealed Cesspools & Storage Tanks • Rainwater Recovery & Harvesting Systems • Package Pump Stations • Separators – Full Retention Bypass / Forecourt • Silt Traps • Grease Traps • Storm Water Attenuation Tanks • Dirty Water Settlement Tanks • Silage Effluent Storage Tanks • Above Ground / Freestanding Storage Tanks New Haden Pumps Ltd Packaged Pumping Solutions
  • 13. British Water Structure Chief Executive Lila Thompson Finance Director Bence Ketler UK Director Paul Mullord International Forum UK Forum Technical Forum Technical Manager Mar Batista Commercial Events Manager Katie Moore Finance & Admin Officer Marie Tierney Programme Support Officer Ken Ogura International Manager Karolina Perét Technical Focus Groups 14
  • 14. 0 5 25 75 95 100 INTELLIGENT VALVE ACTUATION MODULAR CONTROL & OPEN PROTOCOL COMMUNICATIONS Contact AUMA to discover more... Tel: +44 (0) 1275 871141
  • 15. After setting up my own business just over 2 years ago, one of the first things I did was to join British Water for exactly the same reasons, and I would always recommend any business involved in the water or wastewater industries to do the same, as long as you make sure you put the effort in to get the best out of membership. I’ve always been a strong believer that the more effort you put in, the more you and your organisation will gain. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you always need to have someone available to attend every meeting or go to all the events throughout the year, but sometimes it just needs the right person to be able to feed in concerns or issues and respond to requests for information or
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