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COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION STAFF BRIDGE BRIDGE DESIGN MANUAL Subsection: Effective: Supersedes: Table of Contents May 1, 2009 August 1, 2002 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 -- GENERAL POLICY AND PROVISIONS 1.1 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 CDOT BRIDGE DESIGN MANUAL General Distribution and Maintenance Revisions Supplemental Staff Bridge Publications A. Staff Bridge Engineer Memorandums B. CDOT Bridge Detailing Manual C. CDOT Staff Bridge Worksheets D. Bridge Rating Manual E. Project Special
   COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIONSTAFF BRIDGEBRIDGE DESIGN MANUALSubsection: Table of ContentsEffective: May 1, 2009Supersedes: August 1, 2002TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 -- GENERAL POLICY AND PROVISIONS ** * 1.1 CDOT BRIDGE DESIGN MANUAL 05/01/92 31.1.1 General1.1.2 Distribution and Maintenance1.1.3 Revisions1.1.4 Supplemental Staff Bridge PublicationsA. Staff Bridge Engineer MemorandumsB. CDOT Bridge Detailing ManualC. CDOT Staff Bridge WorksheetsD. Bridge Rating ManualE. Project Special ProvisionsF. Staff Bridge BRIAR/BMS Records and Publications 1.2 CDOT STAFF BRIDGE WORKSHEETS 05/01/92 21.2.1 General1.2.2 Distribution and Maintenance1.2.3 Revisions 1.3 PROJECT SPECIAL PROVISIONS 05/01/92 21.3.1 General1.3.2 Distribution and Maintenance1.3.3 Revisions SECTION 2 -- CLEARANCES AND GENERAL FEATURES OF DESIGN2.1 BRIDGE RAILS 05/01/92 22.1.1 Bridges Carrying Federal-Aid Routes2.1.2 Bridges Over, Without Direct Access by, aFederal-Aid Route2.1.3 Bridges Over, With Direct Access by, aFederal-Aid Route 2.2 PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES AND PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS 11/01/99 42.2.1 Reference2.2.2 Width and Clearance2.2.3 Ramps2.2.4 Lighting2.2.5 Pedestrian Railings2.2.6 Chain Link Fence2.2.7 Bicycle Railing2.2.8 Deflection and Loads  2.3 BRIDGE TYPICAL SECTIONS AND MINIMUM CLEARANCES 05/01/92 8 2.4 RAILROAD CLEARANCES 08/01/02 92.4.1 Revision2.4.2 References2.4.3 General 2.5 PROTECTIVE SCREENING, SPLASHBOARDS, AND 07/20/88 2 DRAINS OVER RAILROADS   2.6 WIDTH OF ABUTMENT BERM  12/12/88 1 2.7 ACCESS FOR INSPECTION 05/01/92 32.7.1 General2.7.2 Steel and Concrete Box Girders* Number of pages.** Effective date, mo/day/yr   May 1, 2009Table of ContentsPage 2 of 6 SECTION 3 -- DESIGN CRITERIA AND LOADS3.1 STRUCTURAL CAPACITY 11/05/91 23.1.1 General3.1.2 Construction3.1.3 Seismic3.1.4 Superstructure Buoyancy 3.2 COLORADO PERMIT VEHICLE 11/01/99 3 3.3 COLLISION LOAD (CT) 05/01/09 53.3.1 New Structures3.3.2 Temporary Works3.3.3 Existing Structures SECTION 4 -- FOUNDATIONS4.1 PILING 11/02/87 24.1.1 General4.1.2 Spacing4.1.3 Orientation 4.2 CAISSON DESIGN 04/01/91 1 SECTION 5 -- RETAINING WALLS5.1 EARTH RETAINING WALL DESIGN REQUIREMENTS 10/01/91 65.1.1 General Requirements for All Wall TypesA. GeneralB. Wall Types and Selection Study ReportC. Wall Default Design and Design AlternativesD. Objectives and Constraints of RetainingWall Design ProjectE. Geology Reports and Request of AdditionalBoring LogsF. Wall Design Based on Plane Strain ConditionG. Bridge Abutment WallH. Quality Assurance of Wall Design and Construction5.1.2 Concrete Cantilever Retaining WallA. Top of WallB. Footing Sloped or SteppedC. Footing PressureD. Footing CoverE. GutterF. Equivalent Fluid Weight5.1.3 Earth Wall (M.S.E. Walls and Soil Nailing Walls)A. Construction and ErectionB. Wall FacingC. Impervious MembraneD. Drainage BlanketE. Fill Material of Metallic Reinforced ZoneF. Corrosion Protection of Carbon SteelReinforcementsG. Limitations on Soil Nailing WallH. Durability of Polymeric ReinforcementsI. Fill Material of Polymeric Reinforced ZoneJ. Quality Assurance of Construction 5.2 CDOT PROCEDURES OF PROPRIETARY WALL APPROVAL 10/01/91 5 5.3 EARTH RETAINING WALL CLASSIFICATION 10/01/91 3   May 1, 2009Table of ContentsPage 3 of 6 5.4 WALL SELECTION FACTORS AND PROCEDURE 05/01/92 95.4.1 Spatial Constraints5.4.2 Behavior Constraints5.4.3 Economic Considerations5.4.4 Evaluation Factors Used on Selected ConceptualWall Designs5.4.5 Notes on Rating of Evaluation Factors 5.5 WORKSHEETS FOR EARTH RETAINING WALL TYPE 10/01/91 5 SELECTION   5.6 EARTH RETAINING WALL MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT 10/01/91 1 5.7 REQUIREMENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF ALTERNATE 10/01/91 2  WALL5.8 REQUIREMENTS FOR ASSIGNING ALTERNATE WALLS 05/01/92 3 5.9 DESIGN PROCEDURES OF A CANTILEVER RETAINING WALL 10/01/91 7 SECTION 6 -- CULVERTSSECTION 7 -- SUBSTRUCTURES7.1 WINGWALLS FOR U-TYPE ABUTMENTS 11/02/87 47.1.1 Wingwall Design Length7.1.2 Wingwall Foundation Support7.1.3 Wingwall Design Loads 7.2 INTEGRAL ABUTMENTS 11/01/99 3 7.3 USE OF APPROACH SLAB 05/01/92 1 SECTION 8 -- REINFORCED CONCRETE   8.1 REINFORCEMENT 06/20/89 68.1.1 Revision8.1.2 General8.1.3 Epoxy Coated ReinforcingA. BackgroundB. PolicyC. Bond and Basic Development Length of EpoxyCoated ReinforcingD. Splice Lengths for Epoxy Coated Reinforcing 8.2 CONCRETE BRIDGE DECKS 12/27/91 88.2.1 General8.2.2 Waterproofing Membrane8.2.3 Permanent Deck Forms8.2.4 Overhangs8.2.5 Design 8.3 CONCRETE DECKS FOR DOUBLE TEES AND PRECAST 12/27/91 2 BOX GIRDERS  8.3.1 Composite Double Tees and Precast Box Girders8.3.2 Noncomposite Double Tees and Precast Box Girders 8.4 GIRDERS 05/01/92 18.4.1 General8.4.2 C.I.P. Concrete Box Girders 8.5 PIER CAP REINFORCING DETAILS 12/31/87 38.5.1 Integral Pier Caps for C.I.P. Girders8.5.2 Pier Caps for Steel and Precast Girders 8.6 SPIRALS FOR ROUND COLUMNS 05/01/92 1   May 1, 2009Table of ContentsPage 4 of 6 SECTION 9 -- PRESTRESSED CONCRETE9.1 DESIGN OF PRESTRESSED BRIDGES 08/01/02 119.1.1 General9.1.2 Cast-in-Place or Post-tensioned9.1.3 Precast or Pretensioned 9.2 PRECAST PRESTRESSED CONCRETE COMPOSITE   BRIDGE 11/04/91 1 DECK PANELS   9.3 PRECAST GIRDER DESIGN AIDS 06/01/98 5 SECTION 10 -- STEEL STRUCTURES   10.1 DESIGN OF STEEL BRIDGES 11/05/91 1210.1.1 General10.1.2 Materials10.1.3 Cover Plates10.1.4 Welded Girders10.1.5 Fatigue10.1.6 Stiffeners10.1.7 Bearing Stiffeners10.1.8 Splices10.1.9 Connections10.1.10 Shear Studs10.1.11 Control Dimension 10.2 BRACING FOR STEEL GIRDERS 11/05/91 410.2.1 General10.2.2 Diaphragms10.2.3 Additional Requirements for Box Girders 10.3 STRUCTURAL STEEL FRACTURE CRITICAL    MEMBERS 11/05/91 3 10.4 AASHTO AND ASTM STRUCTURAL STEEL DESIGNATIONS 08/18/89 1 SECTION 13 -- TIMBER STRUCTURESSECTION 14 -- BEARINGS14.1 BRIDGE BEARING   FORCES 01/01/90 114.1.1 Downward Force14.1.2 Transverse Force14.1.3 Longitudinal Force14.1.4 Uplift Force14.1.5 Other Forces 14.2 BEARING DEVICE TYPE I AND TYPE IV  08/01/02 2 14.3 BEARING DEVICE TYPE II AND TYPE V  05/20/91 1 14.4 BEARING DEVICE TYPE III 10/31/88 1 SECTION 15 -- JOINTS   15.1 BRIDGE DECK EXPANSION JOINTS 06/01/98 1 15.2 DESIGN PROCEDURE FOR 0 TO 4 EXPANSION DEVICE 12/12/88 5 15.3 DESIGN PROCEDURE FOR MODULAR EXPANSION DEVICE 07/10/89 4 SECTION 16 -- HYDRAULICS AND DRAINAGE16.1 BRIDGE DRAINAGE 11/01/99 2 16.2 DECK DRAINS 12/27/91 1 16.3 SCOUR  05/01/92 1
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