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  Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) WEEK 2:   Introduction to CIM   CIM Concepts & Implementation   Modern Manufacturing Approaches & Technologies (Chapter 1) UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING   1 RJ, CIM 2012  CIM Defined  Computer Automation Systems Association (CASA): CIM is the integration of the total manufacturing enterprise through the use of integrated systems and data communications coupled with new managerial philosophies that improve organizational and personnel efficiency. 2 RJ, CIM 2012  CIM Defined  A new approach to manufacturing, management and corporate operation.  Includes many advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics, CNC, CAD, CAM, CAE & JIT.  Total enterprise quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, use of a single computer database for all product information, no communication barriers among all departments & integration of enterprise resources.  It is a new way to do business. 3 RJ, CIM 2012  CIM Defined  Technology, tool or method used to improve entirely the design and manufacturing process and increase productivity. Using computers to help people and machine to communicate (Fall, 1999)  Focuses on the computers as the centre of control of the entire factory, starting from the computerization of the fabrication and assembly processes to the information flow for production control, quality, maintenance, material handling, and inventory control in a totally integrated system (Asfahl, 1992) RJ, CIM 2012 4
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