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  Oxford OnlineSkills Program READINGLISTENINGSPEAKINGWRITING A2 SCOPE AND SEQUENCE Module Reading Listening Speaking Writing 1 Health The Roma Spa in Baden-Baden Spas, health, relaxing activities, treatments There is / There are , present simple tense, can / can’t  , questions and answersHealth and body vocabularyReading for gist*Reading for detail* Discussion What do you do to relax? Weather and feelings Singing in the rain Weather, feelings, times of dayPresent and past simple tensesGreetings and other conversational phrasesExpressing likes, dislikes, and preferencesListening for gist**Listening for detail** Chat How does the weather make  you  feel? Places Give travel advice Travel, sightseeingPresent simple tense, descriptions of a place, places in a cityMaking recommendations, giving advice Task Give tips on sightseeing in your country Chat A city you would like to visit Noise Write a blog postNoise, sounds, times of dayPresent simple, prepositions of time and placeDaily routineExpressing likes and dislikes Task Write a blog post about noises where you live Interview You and noise 2 Time Time flies Perceptions of time in different cultures, punctuality, latenessPresent simple and continuous tenses Time collocations and phrases, countries and continentsComparing and contrasting, expressing an opinion Interview Q&A about time Colour Radio Chat  Colour meaning in different culturesPresent simple tenseVocabulary of emotions, countries, continents, nationalitiesBritish and US English equivalents Discussion What do different colours mean in your country? Appearance Describe yourself Arranging to meet someone for the first time, describing yourself  I have ... / I am ... ; going to  + future plansPhysical appearance vocabularyMaking arrangements Task Describe yourself to a host family Learning English Write an informal emailLearning English, virtual educationPresent and past simple tensesFormal and informal phrases for emails, time sequencing expressions Task Write an informal email about your last English class Survey Studying English  Module Reading Listening Speaking Writing 3 Music The Recycled Orchestra Music, education, Paraguay, rubbish, recyclingPresent simple tenseMaterials and everyday objects, musical instrumentsBritish and US English equivalents Chat Is music important? Sleep How to get a good night’s sleep Sleep, times of the day, problems, solutionsPresent tenses, can / can’t  , the imperative and should   for giving adviceHabits and routines, adverbs of frequencyPhrasal verbs and collocations to do with sleep Survey You and sleep Directions Give directionsGiving directions to a place The imperative, There is / There are , prepositions of placePlaces and buildings vocabulary Task Give a friend directions to your house Chat  The last time you got lost Festivals Write a descriptionFestivals and customsPresent simple tense, verb phrasesFestive clothes and food, months and seasons Task Write a description of an important festival in your country Discussion Festive food 4 Sport Cycling – the new way to travel?  Sport, cycling, reasons to cyclePresent and past simple tensesHabits and routines, pastimesSports vocabulary, descriptions of time and place, dates, numbers Discussion How you use your bike Invitations Leaving a voicemail message Voicemails, messages, invitationsInformal and formal phone language, greetings Time and place expressionsFunctional language: accepting and refusing an invitation, apologizing, thanking Education Describe your educationEducation, studying, qualificationsPast simple tense, prepositions of time and placeSchool subjects vocabulary Task  Talk about your education Discussion Which school subjects are the most useful? An online profile Write an online profileMOOCs, learning onlineVerbs + prepositions, contractionsVocabulary of online learningIntroducing yourself  Task Write your profile for an online course  Module Reading Listening Speaking Writing 5 Science  A new mammal  Scientific discoveries, South America, the natural worldPresent and past simple tensesHabits, routines, the physical description of an animal, nature vocabularyExpressing an opinion Discussion Discoveries: exciting or boring? Road trip The Travel Programme  Travelling, road trips, planning a tripFuture tenses: will  , going to  + infinitive, present continuousForming questions and answers Twitter® vocabulary, holiday and travel collocationsExpressing an opinion Chat Planning a trip Pets  Talk about pets in your countryPets, looking after animalsPresent simple tense, verb phrasesAnimal vocabularyDescribing advantages Task  Talk about pets in your country Interview Looking after pets Holidays Write a reviewHotels, facilities, holidaysPast simple tensePositive and negative adjectivesGiving opinions, making recommendations Task Write a hotel review 6 Technology The Bloodhound SSC  Racing, technology, transportPresent, past, and future tenses, comparatives and superlatives want to, hope to : verbs expressing hopes, dreams, ambitionsVocabulary for technology, transport, racing Places   World Today   Tourist sites, disappearing places, the environment, the natural world will   for predictionsStatistics, numbers, geography, countries, continentsExpressing a preference Interview Which disappearing place would you like to visit? Activities and feelings Describe how different activities make you feelActivities, positive and negative feelingsFeeling verbs: get, make, feel, find, help, enjoy, prefer, hate - ed   and - ing  adjectives Task Describe how different activities make you feel Living conditions Write an articleLife in the past and today, changes in technology, transport, clothes, foodPresent and past simple tenses, present perfect tense Time phrasesGiving an opinion, making comparisons Task   Write an article about how life has changed in your country Discussion Comparing the past to today*Reading for gist and reading for detail are practised in each Reading Module.**Listening for gist and listening for detail are practised in each Listening Module.
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