Corporate Spiritual and Social Responsibility (CSSR)

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Corporate Spiritual and Social Responsibility (CSSR) is a new concept for the corporate world. It suggest the need for incorporating spiritual dimension in social responsibility. It also suggests a four Cs model as a new holistic corporate model for corporations of future wherein 4 Cs stand for Competition, Compassion, Conscience and Consciousness representing profit, CSR, ethics/ good governance and ecological consciousness.
  • 1. Corporate Spiritual and Social Responsibility (CSSR)* Dr. Subhash Sharma Director Indus Business Academy, Bangalore Presentation during inaugural session at the International Conference on Corporate Spiritual and Social Responsibility (CCSR): Redefining Human, Society & Corporation Relationship, Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore, Sept. 20-21, 2019
  • 2. Defining Spirituality  Spirituality as Connectivity  Connectivity with?  I. God (Religion)  II. Nature (Science)  III. Self (Spirituality)  IV. Cosmos (Enlightenment)  Religion Science Spirituality Enlightenment  (I) (II) (III) (IV)
  • 3. Typology of Spirituality  I. God centric Spirituality: Religious view of Spirituality (Religious people)  II. Nature centric Spirituality: Scientific view of Spirituality (Scientists/ Atheists)  III. Inner Self view of Spirituality (Spiritual people)  IV. Cosmic view of Spirituality (Enlightened people)  Theory O i.e. Theory of Oneness is inherent in these four perspectives of Spirituality
  • 4. Spirituality as HOPE  HOPE: Higher Order Purpose of Existence  In Corporate Context, Corporates have to ask the basic question:  What is the HOPE of a Corporate?  Once a Corporate asks this question and incorporates the answer to this question in its vision and strategy, it follows the idea of Corporate Spiritual Responsibility (CSpR)
  • 5. What is Corporate Social Responsibility?  Corporate Social Responsibility as Connectivity with Society  Connectivity through its Responsibility towards Society e.g. helping the weaker sections of the society in their empowerment and development
  • 6. Why CSSR is Important?  Why CSSR is important?  This question can be answered by asking a simple question of G/T ratios of a Corporate  G/T stands for Giving/ Taking  Three types of Corporates  1. G/ T ratio > 1  2. G/ T ratio = 1  3. G/ T ratio < 1
  • 7. 4 Es Model of CSSR EfficiencyEquity Ethics Ecology (Western Windows Eastern Doors, Subhash Sharma, 1996, p. 87)
  • 8. Towards A New Corporate Model: 4 Cs Model of Higher Consciousness Driven Corporations Profit: Competition/ Efficiency CSR: Compassion/ Equity Ethics/Conscience CSpR: Consciousness/ Ecology Competition Compassion Conscience Consciousness (I) (II) (III) (IV) Survival of the fittest Arrival of the Best to leave behind the rest to lead the rest
  • 9. Towards Spiritually Based Philosophy of Corporations: Harmonic Globalization Incorporating Spirituality and Social Responsibility in Globalization Paradigm  Four Forces Model  1. Force of Market  2. Force of State  3. Force of People/ Capillary action  4. Force of Self
  • 10. New Corporate Model Profit CSR/ Responsibility towards Society/ People Tax Responsibility/ Responsibility towards Government Spiritual Responsibility/ Responsibility towards Mother Earth
  • 11. Understanding the Force of Self  Five expressions of Self  1. Selfish gene (Biological self)  2. Self interest (Economic self)  3. Self actualization (Psychological expression of self)  4. Self ethicalization (Ethical self)  5. Self realization (Cosmic self/ Spiritual self)
  • 12. CSSR  CSSR implies expression of Higher Self/ Higher Consciousness in all activities and decisions of the Corporate  This implies Corporates are driven by HOPE
  • 13. Management & Leadership Models of CSSR  Models of Corporate Spirituality  1. OSHA Model (WWED, 1996, p. 127)  2. VEDA Model (WWED, 1996, p. 140)  3. AUM Model (WWED, 1996, p. 116)  4. HOPE (WWED, 1996, p. 121)
  • 14. Models of Corporate Spirituality  1. OSHA model  O: Oneness O  S: Spiritual  H: Humanistic  A: Animalistic/ Aggressive  (WWED, 1996, p. 127) S H A
  • 15. Models of Corporate Spirituality  VEDA Model  V: Vision  E: Enlightenment  D: Devotion  A: Action  (WWED, 1996, p. 187)
  • 16. Models of Corporate Spirituality  AUM Model  AUM: All Unmanifest and Manifest  Two types of energies:  1. Unmanifest  2. Manifest  (WWED, 1996, p.116)
  • 17. Models of Corporate Spirituality  HOPE Model  HOPE: Higher Order Purpose of Existence  (WWED, 1996, p. 121)
  • 18. Towards Corporate Spiritual Dharma Dharma: Ethics, Values and Spirituality Today Corporate Need the New Concept of Corporate Spiritual Dharma and Corporate Social Dharma
  • 19. Song of Spirituality There is light in my heart Subhash Sharma Creation from Shunya, 1993. p. 33) There is light in my heart, It is there from the start, It mystery you want to know, it says hello hello, It gives me a peep into things that are deep, It has a beautiful glow, It says hello hello, This light is subtle, it makes a whistle, In the stars and the snow, It says hello hello, It moves through the chakras, It goes for the yatra, It has its on halo, It says hello hello, It shows silver lines, bending space and time, In nature’s beauty show, It says hell hello …
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