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  Cosmology & the Big Bang AY16 Lecture 19, April 10, 2008 Introduction to Cosmology Basic Principles Fundamental Observations The FRW Metric  “My husband adheres to the Big Bang theory of creation.”  COSMOLOGY The BIG Picture!The cosmological model dominates much of extragalactic astronomy, in fact much of astronomy & astrophysics, even physics. What is Cosmology? “The study of the large scale structure & evolution of the Universe” What is Cosmogony? “The study of the srcin of observable structures” Cosmology is perhaps the oldest real science.Its tied to our “World View.”  Changing Worldviews Age Universe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10,000 years BC ---The Valley you lived in1,000 years BC ---Your Kingdom300 years BC ---The Mediterranean (for Egypto-Greco-Romans, at least!) 100 years AD ---The Earth + Celestial Sphere400 years ago ---The Solar System100 years ago ---The Milky Way 75 years ago --- The “Modern” Universe (2 Billion Light -Years in *radius*) Today ---An Infinite Universe (the visible part has a Radius of ~15 Gly)
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