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  A HANDBOOK FOR TEACHERS JP - EU/CoE Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK) Project  JP - EU/CoE Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK) A HANDBOOK FOR TEACHERS Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity Lessons This document was produced within the framework of the Joint Project “EU/CoE Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity in Kosovo”. The content does not necessarily represent the of fi cial position of the European Union and/or the Council of Europe. SEPTEMBER, 2012  Lesson UnitsGradeThemeHeritage and DiversityPg. 16-19 3-6 th  grade What is Cultural Heritage 6 th -9 th  grade The Features of Cultural Heritage Tangible Cultural Heritage Pg. 20-21 3 rd -9 th  grade The Discovery Journey Natural HeritagePg. 22-25 3 rd -6 th  grade Seven Natural Wonders in Kosovo 6 th -9 th  grade Seven Natural Wonders in Kosovo Intangible Heritage Pg. 26-29 3 rd -6 th  grade The Cultural Puzzle 6 th -9 th  grade The Cultural Anthropologist’s Puzzle Protecting andPreserving Cultural HeritagePg. 30-33 3 rd  grade Our Community Chest 6 th -9 th  grade The Artifacts Diversity: Our IdentityPg. 34-37 3 rd -6 th  grade Who Am I? 3 rd -6 th  grade Our Self Frame Diversity:Different PerceptionsPg. 38-41 3 rd –6 th  grade Do I See The Whole Picture? 6 th -9 th  grade One Frame Doesn’t Fit All Pictures Diversity: Respectingand Accepting DifferencesPg. 42-49 3 rd –6 th  grade Community And Acceptance 6 th -9 th  grade We All Belong Glossary of TermsPg. 50-51AppendixesPg. 52-53 Contents Acknowledgements 07 Forewords 09 Introduction 13 Note to teachers 154—A HANDBOOK FOR TEACHERS
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