Culture effects design

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1. Prepared By :Aysha Asaad Marwa Rizgar Zahra Sirwan Effect Of Culture On Design Supervised By : Mr.Haval Sami 2. What Is Culture? ã Culture originates…
  • 1. Prepared By :Aysha Asaad Marwa Rizgar Zahra Sirwan Effect Of Culture On Design Supervised By : Mr.Haval Sami
  • 2. What Is Culture? • "Culture" originates from the term "cultivation," implying that one has "grown" through knowledge or experience. To be cultured can also mean one is knowledgeable in the arts, or that one is refined. • The Encyclopedia of Philosophy definition which reads, "the whole way of life, material, intellectual, and spiritual, of a given society.“1 Similarly, Webster's New International Dictionary defines culture as "the complex of distinctive attainments, beliefs, traditions [which constitute] the background of [a] racial, religious, or social group."^2
  • 3. • T.S. Eliot, a writer says that a culture can be analyzed in terms of the individual, the group or class, and the whole society. Each culture will grow differently depending upon the degree of development each aspect of the culture has undergone
  • 4. • Design is a manifestation of the cultural context in which it resides. The form and relationships of buildings and spaces act as a kind of "cultural marker" that can be read, similar to the way one might read a newspaper or road map for information, to describe the way of life and social status of its inhabitants. "Buildings are, in fact, matrices for social structure.“ Several anthropologists believe that design can be read to describe the "whole way of life" of a society.
  • 5. Aspect Of Culture Influence The Design • Amos Rapoport proposed five aspects of culture he describes as most likely to influence the desgin. They are 1. Introversion 2. the family structure and hierarchy 3. the varied role of women within society 4. attitudes toward privacy 5. and social interaction with nature.
  • 6. Introversion • The introversion has a deep root in philosophical and social concepts because in culture and architecture, the main value is attributed to the essence and inner core • Introversion is in search of maintaining the environmental privacy that is supported by thoughts, and beliefs in order to help man evolve and reach perfectionism. Paying attention to internal issues according to culture, life style and customs can clarify the meaning of culture. Iranian Kurdistan house
  • 7. The Family Structure And Hierarchy • In eastern cultures usually designs are made with paying great attention to family structure as that almost all of houses are built with reception room which called “majles” at the front façade of the house ,and usually build toilets for them, because of the eastern culture which respects the privacy of males and females
  • 8. The Varied Role Of Women Within Society • In traditional Japan, for example, the kitchen is one of the very few areas of the house that are considered to be the "woman's domain," and is specifically designed for her use in terms of scale of the space and arrangement of equipment. In a sense, the room becomes a cultural space because human concerns, in addition to functional requirements, are considered in its conception
  • 9. Attitudes Toward Privacy In Persian houses Door opener was two metal handles: one ring shaped and another hammer- like. If a person was a female uses a ring shaped and if a male the hammer-like handle was used, therefore the owners easily realized who is referring to them. This strategy was used to respect the privacy of males and females and could protect them in their social relationship and avoid unnecessary commuting because a male usually indented to meet a man and obviously a female was going to see a female.
  • 10. Social Interaction With Nature • there is a friendly coexistence among man, architecture and nature. In the Muslims’ holy book, many references about plants, lightings and natural part and metaphor of paradise produce the scene of nature in Muslim worlds’ culture and spaces beside each other based on a special hierarchy prove that nature has a sacred position. Social activities, culture and religious commands are in harmony and adjacent with nature and due to this feature, nature is involved with architecture in different forms and users benefit from this relationship
  • 11. Conclusion • To conclude, cultures are highly complex systems with many qualitative relationships. Societies should be understood as systems of interconnected values which form the entire "way of life" of all people. In architectural design, this approach allows for a much more meaningful explanation of past building forms. • Present design can also benefit from this approach by create more informed and appropriate design responses to various problems.
  • 12. Reference 1. Paul Edwards, ed.. The Encyclopedia of Philosophy (New York: The Macmillan Company & The Free Press, 1967), 273. 2. William Allan Neilson, Ph.D., ed., Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language (Springfield, Massachusetts: G&C Merriam Company, Publishers, 1941), 643. 3. Reviewing the Role of Culture on Formation of Architecture by Mohammad Hadi Zare, Farhad Kazemian 4. Mohammad Hadi Zare, Farhad Kazemian by Mohammad Hadi Zare, Farhad Kazemian 5. Culture, Architecture, and Design by Amos Rapoport. 6. ode=cnid20 7.
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