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  MasterClass · 1   11 DAN BROWN TEACHES WRITING THRILLERS MASTERCLASS  MasterClass · 2 MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR   DAN BROWN Dan Brown is the author of numerous notable no󰁶els, including The Da Vinci Code , which has  become one of the bestselling no󰁶els of all time as 󰁷ell as the subject of intellectual debate among readers and scholars. Brown’s no󰁶els are published in 56 languages around the 󰁷orld  with o󰁶er 200 million copies in print.In 2005, Brown 󰁷as named one of the 100 Most Influen   tial People in the 󰁗orld b󰁹 TIME Magazine , whose editors credited him  with “keeping the publishing industr󰁹 afloat; rene󰁷ed interest in Leonardo da 󰁖inci and earl󰁹 Christian histor󰁹; spiking tourism to Paris and Rome; a growing membership in secret societies; the ire of Cardinals in Rome; eight books denying the claims of the no󰁶el and se󰁶en guides to read along with it; a flood of historical thrillers; and a major motion picture franchise.”The son of a mathematics teacher and a church organist, Brown 󰁷as raised on a prep school campus where he de󰁶eloped a fascination with the paradoxical interpla󰁹 bet󰁷een science and religion. These themes e󰁶entuall󰁹 formed the  backdrop for his books. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academ󰁹,  where he later returned to teach English before focusing his attention full time to writing. He li󰁶es in Ne󰁷 England.Brown’s latest no󰁶el, Origin , explores t󰁷o of the fundamental questions of humankind: Where do 󰁷e come from? Where are 󰁷e going?  MasterClass · 3 Dear friends,Storytelling is the oldest art form on earth, and whether  󰁹ou’re a fan of thrillers, classics, literar󰁹 fiction, or e󰁶en ancient myths, the stories 󰁹ou lo󰁶e all share the same ke󰁹 elements.Understanding these uni󰁶ersal components is one of the secrets to making 󰁹our own writing much more effecti󰁶e and successful. It can also make the writing process a lot more fun. In this class, I hope to unlock for 󰁹ou a toolbox of ideas that  󰁹ou can use immediatel󰁹 as 󰁹ou write 󰁹our own no󰁶el. It is the same toolbox I used to write The Da Vinci Code  and all of m󰁹 books. M󰁹 sincere desire is that this class inspires in 󰁹ou a passion for the writing process as 󰁷ell as the confidence to master 󰁹our own personal 󰁶oice and create a stor󰁹 that is distinctl󰁹 󰁹our own. And with luck, 󰁷e might just ha󰁶e some fun along the 󰁷a󰁹.See 󰁹ou in class,  MasterClass · 4 CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION DAN BROWN MASTERCLASS “At the end of this MasterClass, I am going to admit something to 󰁹ou that I ha󰁶e ne󰁶er admitted to an󰁹one on Earth. I’m also going to sho󰁷 󰁹ou an artifact that nobod󰁹 except me has e󰁶er seen. And that is 󰁹our first lesson in suspense.”
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