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INDEX PAGE NO. 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 GENERAL DATA LOADS & LOAD COMBINATION DESIGN CRITERIA MATERIAL SPECIFICATION 3 3 7 12 DESIGN BASIS FOR STRUCTURAL WORK DESIGN BASIS REPORT FOR STRUCTURAL WORKS The Design basis report has been prepared taking into consideration the technical requirements specified in NIT & subsequent clarifications and is intended to be used as a basis for the detail design engineering. The different parameters as will be adopted in detail design are as follows : GENERAL DATA 1.
    INDEXPAGE NO. 1.0 GENERAL DATA 32.0 LOADS & LOAD COMBINATION 33.0 DESIGN CRITERIA 74.0 MATERIAL SPECIFICATION 12  DESIGN BASIS FOR STRUCTURAL WORK DESIGN BASIS REPORTFORSTRUCTURAL WORKS The Design basis report has been prepared taking into consideration the technical requirementsspecified in NIT & subsequent clarifications and is intended to be used as a basis for the detaildesign engineering. The different parameters as will be adopted in detail design are as follows : GENERAL DATA1.0 Finished Grade Level (FGL ) a) FGL(s) in various areas within the battery limit of this package are shown on Plant   Layoutdrawing. Elevation 0.0 refers to the Finished Ground Floor level of the Station Building,which is equivalent to RL 600 b) Finished ground floor level (plinth level) of all buildings shall be 500 mm above theformation level/ finished grade level in the adjoining area.c) Underside of base plate level of structural steel column c.1 Underside of base plate of Steel Columns for building structures:Underside of base plate of structural column normally shall be kept atleast 250mm abovefinished floor level (FFL) unless specified otherwise.c.2 Underside of base plate for Stair and ladder supporting column/post shall be kept 200 mmabove the finished floor level.d) MINIMUM HEIGHTS FOR ENCASEMENT OF STEEL COLUMNS In case the top of pedestal is kept at a lower level so that the column base plate togetherwith gussets and stiffeners remain below finished floor level (FFL) the column bases aswell as the column sections shall be encased in concrete above FFL as per following:i) Open area : Minimum300 mm above FFL.ii) Covered area : Minimum 300 mm above FFL. 2.0 LOADS and LOAD COMBINATIONS The various loads to be considered in design shall be as under :   2.1 Dead Load The dead load to be considered in design of members/ structures shall consist of thefollowing:a) Weight of all permanent construction and materials.b) Weight of all equipment, which are permanently fastened to or supported on buildingstructure.  DESIGN BASIS FOR STRUCTURAL WORK c) Unit weight of materials shall be as per IS-875. Following unit weight of material shall beconsidered for computation of dead loads. Loads given in IS: 875 (part-I) shall be madeuse of for material not listed below. Materials : Unit weight  Plain cement concrete & Floor Finish : 2,400 kg/cumReinforced cement concrete : 2,500 kg/cumStructural steel : 7,850 kg/cumBrick work & Cement- Sand Plaster : 2,000 kg/cum 2.2 Imposed loads Imposed loads in different areas shall include live loads, dust loads, minor equipment loads,cable trays, small pipe racks / hangers, erection loads, operation/ maintenance loads, etc.The following minimum Imposed loads shall be considered in the design are indicated below: 2.2.1 Live Loadsa) Flat roof : Accessible roof – 200 kg/m 2 (150 kg/m 2 for LL and50 kg/m 2 for dust load)Non-accessible roof – 200 kg/m 2 (75 kg/m 2 for LLand 125 kg/m 2 for dust load)b) Inclined roof (includingroof for TPs andconveyor galleries): As per IS:875 for live load plus 25 kg/m 2 dust load   c) All industrial BuildingFloor: 500 kg/m 2  e) Walkways of conveyorgalleries: 400 kg/m 2 (300 kg/m 2 live load plus 100 kg/m 2  spillage load)f) Equipment loads : As applicableg) Material on belt : 1.1 times design weight of material on belt withweight of belth) Access platforms, stairsof junction towers: 500 kg/m 2  i) Cable rack : Load due to cables per cable tray – 150 kg/m onplatform supporting beamk) Toilet rooms : 200 kg/m 2  l) Culverts and their alliedstructures including RCpipe.: As per IRC standard for Class ‘AA’ loading  DESIGN BASIS FOR STRUCTURAL WORK How, if erection loads are higher than the specified live load on any floor or part thereof, then theerection load will be considered for design. 2.3 Wind Loads Wind Load shall be calculated as per IS: 875 (Part-3).The basic wind parameters are as follows:   a) V b = Basic wind speed = 39 M/S b) Terrain Category – 2c) K1 = Probability factor (Risk Co-efficient) = 1.06 d) K2 - As per Table-2 (IS: 875,Part-3) depending upon Terrain category, heightand class of structure.e) K3 = Topography factor = 1.0   2.4 Seismic LoadsDesign for seismic loads shall be in accordance with latest version of IS:1893. Belleryfalls under seismic zone III. The importance factor for all buildings and structures shallbe considered as per latest version of IS: 1893 .2.5 Impact FactorFor design of monorails, an impact factor of 1.25 for electrically operated and 1.1 forhand operated shall be considered. Due consideration of weight of pulley blocks, liftingrope and other accessories will be given while estimating the load which to be lifted andfor design of floor beams directly supporting drive machinery like head end/ tailend/drive pulley, motors, gear boxes, etc., an impact factor of 1.50 shall be considered.For Pedestals supporting gravity take ups for conveyors shall be designed assuming100% impact factor. 2.6 Live load reduction shall be in accordance with the provisions of IS:875 and IS:1893 in case ofseismic analysis 2.7 Equipment Loads Static and dynamic loads of major equipment shall be based on the manufacturer’s data of thespecified equipment and shall be considered in design in addition to the live load.. 2.8 Basic Load Cases The following basic load cases shall be considered for the analysis:i) Dead load DL
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