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1. DJI #IMMERSEYOURSELF EVENT By Sunny Dhesi Account Manager 2. Situational Analysis ■ Strengths – Market Leader in Drone Market (70%) ■ Revenue in 2017 was equal…
  • 1. DJI #IMMERSEYOURSELF EVENT By Sunny Dhesi Account Manager
  • 2. Situational Analysis ■ Strengths – Market Leader in Drone Market (70%) ■ Revenue in 2017 was equal to £1.9Bn – Diverse Product Range ■ Low-end and high-end drone dominance ■ Weaknesses – Minimal market share of VR/FPV Goggle Market ■ Competitors such as Sony, Google and Samsung collective own 50% – Competitor Product Development ■ Solution – Create a persona for DJI within the UK market to differentiate itself from competitors – Highlight to key features of the DJI Goggles – Produce an integrated campaign to stimulate an emotional response and
  • 3. Situational Analysis Stakeholder Mapping Inter est of Stak ehol der Keep Completely Informed • Arm/Navy • Sales Team • Coalitions/Organisations Manage Most Thoroughly • Political Influencers • Marketing Team • Industry Professionals • Research and Development Team Regular Minimal Contact • Alliance for Drone Innovation • Distributers • Blogs (UAVwire, DroneBlog, DroneEthusiast) • Conferences/Events Anticipate and Meet Needs • Amateur Photographers • Amateur Videographers • Recreational Consumers Influence of Stakeholder
  • 4. Situational Analysis Competitor Analysis Brand Image Price Attributes Weaknesses • Industry Standard • Premium • Wearable Tech • Minimal Knowledge £329-429 - 140 degrees FOV - Connect Pairs of DJI Goggles - OcuSync Video - Expensive • Competition Level • Market Experts in Racing £234.75 - 30 degrees FOV - HDMI Support - Low FOV - Not compatible with other brands • VR Experts • Entertainment £299 - 360 perspective - 4K video - Needs Gear360 to record • Console VR • Basic £239.99 - Headset, Controller & Camera - Lowest quality video display
  • 5. Identified Problem BCG Model Market Share Market Growth Stars DJI Phantom Series Question Mark DJI Goggles Cash Cow Ronin-M Dogs OSMO Camera
  • 6. Previous Promotion ■ ‘Get Flying with DJI Spark’ – Worldwide event and allowed for potential consumers to use the drones pre-purchase. ■ DJI Goggles – Previous marketing material for the Goggles showcased its social value of being able to share the moment with peers.
  • 7. Product Life Cycle ■ The DJI Goggles are currently within the Introduction stage of the product life cycle among the rest of their portfolio. ■ Thrust the DJI Goggles into the marketplace as a device that allows users to immerse them-selves into the FPV of the drones they use. More focus on its marketing could see it take a large share of the VR/FOV market. DJI Mavic - its portability allows for wide commercial appeal. OSMO and Phantom series are peaking in their markets. DJI Spark is decreasing in sales, assumed cause is wider product range allowing for more choice of alternatives.
  • 8. Objectives ■ Communication Objectives 1. Increase brand awareness by 35% towards 15-35 year olds by the end of 2019 2. Position DJI Goggles as an industry standard in VR/FPV by the end of 2021 ■ Corporate and Marketing Objectives 1. Increase profits in the headset market by 30% by 2020 2. Grow market share of FOV/VR headwear industry to 10% of market by 2021 by communicating the benefits of the Goggles 3. Increase DJI Goggle sales by 20% within 12 months of campaign launch through an integrated campaign
  • 9. Target Market ■ Segmentation – Young people (15-25) – Creative Industry Professionals (Photographers/Videographers) ■ Targeting – Professional Drone Users & Recreational Users for entertainment ■ Ease of adoption of the new technology ■ Recreational users to compete in races with the RE Goggles, and industry professionals with the use of the Head Tracking Technology ■ Positioning – Product with a multitude of applications. As a highly premium-built product, it would be positioned as an item for both industry use and middle/upper-class families.
  • 10. VR/FPV Perception Map
  • 11. Target Market Pen Portrait ■ Recreational Consumer
  • 12. Target Market Pen Portrait ■ Industry Professional
  • 13. Campaign Concept ■ A touring event around the UK to showcase what the DJI Goggles are capable of. ■ Visit major cities and have a week long exhibition to entice the local communities to engage with the DJI brand. ■ Through competitions, demonstrations and audience participation, DJI would directly interact with potential consumers thus creating strong brand relationships.
  • 14. Message ■ Tone of voice – Fun, Knowledgeable, Energetic ■ Emotional appeal – Dramatic, Intense, Fast-paced (showcase Racing Edition Goggles) Promotional Mix Advertising Online video streaming sites, billboards and TV campaigns Sales Promotion During campaign there will be special offers available to entice potential consumers to purchase DJI Goggles Direct Marketing Each location during event direct marketing would be implemented through personalised marketing messages of each city Publicity (PR) The uniqueness of the campaign (tour) allows for local/national press to generate earned media for DJI through reviewing the experience, consumer ratings and consumer demonstration of the Goggles
  • 15. Above and Below Line ■ Above – TV broadcasting, Multiple Billboards, Online Video Streaming Sites and Social Media utilisation ■ Below – Display Area of drones and DJI Goggles ready for on-site purchase – Ability for one-to-one demos trails of the Goggles at the display area
  • 16. DJI Racing/Showroom Event ■ Arena – The DJI Event will take place in a portable arena that would be built on-site for each location – The arena would house the racing events, speed lap contests and other competitions ■ Competitions – Head-to-head races – Quickest Lap – Obstacle Course ■ Demonstrations – Showcase the features of the Goggles as passers-by can gage what the product involves Prizes Ability to win drones Branded goody-bags Free sets of DJI Goggles
  • 17. Construct of DJI Arena Demo Area: Arena: Example of Obstacle Course: Obstacle Course:
  • 18. Sales Poster
  • 19. Examples of Creative Materials ■ Billboards – 12 digital screens per location, 8 locations over 4 months – A combined 2,000 hours of exposure over a 2 week period of advertising – Each billboard campaign would last 2 weeks and then move to the next location
  • 20. Examples of Creative Materials
  • 21. Online Media & Broadcast ■ Youtube / Instagram / Twitter – DJI are almost exclusively advertising online through multiple platforms – Furthering the brand consistency means that the use of the budget will be placed on producing high-end online video production ■ Broadcast – Same message would be displayed, brand consistency would be maintained
  • 22. Media Placement ■ Twitter - Promoted Twitter Trends o #ImmerseYourself would launch at the start with potential exposure of DJI to a large number of consumers and allows for many to become instantly brand aware. ■ Snapchat - Geo-filters per location o Local awareness and brand recognition towards those who are likely to attend the event as young people are inclined to use snapchat than other demographics. - Sponsored Lens o Allows for 3x more engagement than other applications. o An animated lens would allow users to have a visual representation of what the drones look like mid-air.
  • 23. Snapchat Lenses
  • 24. Facebook Ads
  • 25. GANTT Chart ■ GANTT Media Methods Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec TV Billboards DJI Event Tour Facebook Twitter Youtube
  • 26. Budgeting for Arena Tour DJI Tour Tools Cost Use Arena £65,297.95 Portable Commercial tent Construction & Transport £20,000 The upkeep of the arena at each location Lighting £2,850 Flood Lights and Spotlights Obstacle Course Equipment £4,102 Air Gates, Fly-through Rings, Air Cones, Air Flags Total Cost £92,249.95
  • 27. Budgeting for TV Media Placement ■ The TV Campaign would run for 4 months (Feb-March) then (Aug-Sept) – Factual Channels – Children Channels – General Broadcast Channels Discovery Channel £150 per slot 4 slots per day 7 days per week 448 total slots £67,200 NetGeo £120 per slot 4 slots per day 7 days per week 448 total slots £53,760 Disney Channel £150 per slot 3 slots per day 5 days per week 240 total slots £38,000 Nickelodeon £350 per slot 3 slots per day 5 days per week 240 total slots £84,000 BT Sports £200 per slot 3 slots per day 5 days per week 240 total slots £48,000 ITV £20,000 per slot 3 slots per day 3 days per week Every other week 72 total slots £1,440,000 GuerillaScope (2018) Total Cost = £1,730,960
  • 28. Budgeting for Social Media Platforms ■ Snapchat Ads ■ Snapchat GeoFilters ■ Snapchat Interactive Filters GeoFliter Cost London £5,446.46 Birmingham £2,734.20 Manchester £2,456.60 Liverpool £2,032.08 Newcastle £1,503.00 Nottingham £2,104.63 Bristol £2,041.14 Brighton £2,529.21 Snapchat Ads Cost Use £10,000 per month £60,000 (6 months) Snapchat Discovery, Live Stories and Friend Snaps Snapchat Interactive Filters Cost Days £450,000 Sunday – Thursday Total Cost £531,647.22
  • 29. Budgeting for Social Media Platforms ■ YouTube Use Cost Time Pre-roll Ads £2 per thousand views 500,000 views = £25,000 4 months April-July Non-skippable Ads £2 per thousands views 500,000 views = £25,000 4 months April-July Total Cost £50,000
  • 30. Budgeting for Social Media Platforms ■ Twitter Budget Twitter Type Cost Use Promoted Trend £200,000 Total = £600,000 March, June, August (Pre-Campaign, Mid- Campaign and Post- Campaign) Promoted Account £3 per new follower Total = £10,000 Promoted Account throughout the campaign to build UK audience Promoted Tweet £1.35 per engagement Per Tweet = £5,000 (3,700 engaged accounts) Total = £80,000 – 16 Tweets Promote winners of competitions in local areas, display pictures of event ThriveHive. (2017) Total Cost £690,000
  • 31. Budgeting for Media Placement ■ Facebook Budget ■ Instant results – Immediate analytics on interaction ■ Targeting through user interests – Drone hobbyists, tech enthusiasts, RC gaming, Facebook Ads Cost Use Time £2,000,000 Build brand awareness in the UK Market towards new consumers March to August 2019
  • 32. Budgeting for Media Placement ■ Physical – Print – DJI Tour Event Type Amount Cost Time Bus Stop Poster (Clear Channel) 12 screens per location 60 slots per hour £5,000 per location £60,000 overall 6 months from March to August Billboards 48 Sheet Spread – 16 weeks 96 Sheet Spread – 16 weeks £8,351.52 £9,912 Cost Use Amount of Time Commercial Tent £97,000 Where the event will take place 4 month duration from April to July Lighting £2,850 Flood lights & Spotlights Obstacle Course Kits £2,140 Air Gate, Fly-through rings, Air Cone, Air Flag Airoutdoor (2018) Total Cost £180,253.52
  • 33. Total Budget ■ Total Campaign Cost = £5,272,104.79 ■ Justified through revenues exceeding £2bn in 2017 ■ Small percentage of revenue delegated to market plan
  • 34. Appropriate Evaluation and Control Techniques ■ Surveys – After each location, brand ambassador would distribute surveys to those who partook in the event ■ Web Analytics – Observation of the traffic to the site pre and post-campaign would distinctively showcase the difference in the amount of people aware of the DJI Brand and subsequently DJI Goggles ■ Social Media Impressions – Through online tools DJI would be able to witness how many impressions/engagements the brand received during the campaign and how this had raised awareness to potential consumers
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