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Oral meds: Drug Name Dose, Route, Frequency Dosage: Route: Frequency: Mechanism of Drug Bactericidal: Inhibits DNA synthesis in specific (obligate) anaerobes, causing cell death, antiprotozoaltrichomonacidal, amebicidal. Biochemical mechanism of action is not known. Indications Adverse Effects Contraindications Nursing Responsibilities ã Observe the ten rights in giving the medication ã Administer drug with food. ã Reduce the dosage in hepatic diseases. ã Instruct the client to take the full cou
  Oral meds: Drug NameDose, Route,FrequencyMechanism of DrugIndications Adverse EffectsContraindicationsNursingResponsibilities Brand Name:FlagylGeneric Name:MetronidazoleClassification: Amebicide An agent used in thetreatment of amoebozoainfections. Antibiotic A drug used to treatinfections caused by bacteria and other microorganisms.Originally, anantibiotic was asubstance produced byone microorganismthat selectively inhibitsthe growth of another. Dosage:Route:Frequency:Bactericidal:Inhibits DNAsynthesis in specific(obligate)anaerobes, causingcell death,antiprotozoal-trichomonacidal,amebicidal.Biochemicalmechanism of action is not known. ã AcuteintestinalamebiasisCNS:Headache,dizziness,ataxia, vertigo,incoordination,insomnia,seizures, peripheralneuropathy,fatigueGI:Anorexia,vomiting,diarrhea, GIupset, cramps.GU:Dysuria,incontinence,darkening of theurineLocal:Redness,Contraindicated to patients with knownhypersensitivity tometronidazole, pregnancy.Use cautiously with CNSdiseases, candidiasis, blood dyscracias,lactation ã Observe the tenrights in givingthe medication ã Administer drug with food. ã Reduce thedosage in hepaticdiseases. ã Instruct theclient to take thefull course of treatment. ã Instruct clientnot to takealcohol for 24-72hours after use, asevere reactionwill occur. ã Inform clientthat a darker thanusual urine will be expected. ã Instruct patientsto abstain fromcoitus during thedrug therapy.  Synthetic antibiotics,usually chemicallyrelated to naturalantibiotics, have since been produced thataccomplishcomparable tasks.References: en.wikipedia.org/wik i/Amebicidewww.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=8121dryness, skinirritation ã Instruct patientto report severeGI upset,dizziness,unusual fatigueand fever, andchills.  Drug NameDose, Route,FrequencyMechanism of DrugIndications Adverse EffectsContraindicationsNursingResponsibilities Brand Name:CaltrateGeneric Name:CalciumcarbonateClassification:AntacidDosage:Route:FrequencyEssential elementof the body; helpsmaintain thefunctionalintegrity of thenervous andmuscular systems;is an enzymecofactor andaffects thesecretory activityof endocrine andexocrine glands;neutralizes andreduces gastricacidity. ã Dietarysupplementwhencalciumintake isinadequate. ã Symptomaticrelief of upsetstomachassociatedwith gastrichyperacidity,hyperacidityassociatedwith pepticulcer andgastritis.CV:Slowed heart rate,tingling, and peripheralvasodilation.Metabolic:Hypercalcemia,reboundhyperacidity,milk-alkalisyndrome.Contraindicated to patients with:-known allergies tocalcium.-renal calculi-hypercalcemiaObserve for theten rights ingiving themedication.Do not administer the drug within 1-2 hrs of antacidadministration.Give the drug 1-3hrs after mealsand at bedtime.Monitor serum phosphorus duringlong-term oraltherapy.Take drug between mealsand at bedtime.Ulcer patientsmust take the drugas prescribed.Chew tabletsthoroughly before  swallowingfollowed by aglass of water or milk after.Do not take thisdrug together withother oral meds; blockage of absorption will possibly occur.Instruct the patients thatconstipation,nausea, GI upset,loss of appetitewill normally beexperienced asside effects.
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