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  Wan Bao Construction CompanyRegister of Environmental Aspects (EAR-01) Prepared y ! Y.C. Chan Approved y ! K.T. Wong Revision istory#escriptionRevised ByApproved By 1/1/2006First issue - - - - K.T. Wong Revision $o% ! 1#ate ! 01 & 01 & '00 ( EMR  )( General Manager  ) Revision #ateections Affected  WBC Register of Environmental Aspects Contents of Register of Environmental Aspects*ale 1 - +ffice OF) OfficeSC) !a uation of Su## iers an$ Contractors *ale ' & Building,Civil Engineering #esign*ale  - .aterials and ite E/uipments pecification S%) &ateria s an$ Site 'ui#ents S#ecification *ale  & se of 2e3icles ) *se of ehic es *ale 4 & 5eneral Construction Wor6s7 +1) Construction ,ust an$ Su##ression +2) Construction oise an$ Su##ression +) Cuu ati!e esources Consu#tion+) ergenc Circustances+) 3an$ ing an$ Storage of &ateria s/Cheica s+6) uisance+4) Site % ant an$ &achiner (O#eration an$ &aintenance)+5) Trans#ortation+) Waste Co ection7 3an$ ing an$ ,is#osa +10) Waste8ater ,ischarge an$ Treatent Faci ities *ale  & *rade pecific Wor6s7 T1) +roun$ 9n!estigationT2) ,eo ition (inc u$ing site c earance)T) Site Foration (inc u$ing fencing7 e:ca!ation7 ; asting an$ s o#e 8or<s)T) Foun$ationT) Stee einforceentT6) Structura Stee 8or<T4) For8or< an$ Finishes to concreteT5) ,rainage Wor<sT) % u;ing an$ other =&T10) Concrete Wor<T11) Scaffo $ingT12) >ric<8or<7 > oc<8or< = &asonrT1) oofing = Water#roofingT1) C a$$ings / Curtain Wa ingT1) + a?ingT16) Car#entr an$ @oinerT14) 9ronongerT15) &eta 8or<sT1) Architectura FinishesT20) %aintingT21) 9nterna Fittings = Fi:turesT22) oa$ Wor<sT2) oa$ FurnitureT2) Ban$sca#ingT2) TestingT26) >ri$ge Wor<sT24) &arine Wor<sT25) ai 8a Wor<sT2) Tunne ing Wor<s,) >ui $ing/Ci!i ngineering ,esign  T0) Te#orar Wor<s9# eentation notes &ore resources an$ efforts shou $ ;e a ocate$ to a$$ress the en!ironenta as#e oteD The en!ironenta as#ect (A) ta; es are #resente$ in the or$er of o ;ecauseD 1) this arrangeent is a 8e -acce#te$ an$ coon #ractice for &S A register 2) the As for office acti!ities are a## ica; e to a staff7 8hich is i#o a8areness3o8e!er7 the significant As (SAs) for #ro$uction #rocesses 8ou $ i#ortant area to a$$ress re e!ant o#erationa contro s  ,ocuent u;er D A-01e!ision u;er D 1 ,ate D 01-01-2006
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