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ეროვნული სასწავლო ოლიმპიადა inglisur ენაში VIII-IX კლასი II turi Tqven winaSea erovnuli saswavlo olimpiadis meore turis testi inglisur enaSi. gTxovT, yuradRebiT waikiTxoT davalebebis piroba da am pirobis Sesabamisad SeasruloT mocemuli davalebebi. gTxovT, Tqveni pasuxebi gadaitanoT pasuxebis furcelze. gaiTvaliswineT, rom gaswordeba mxolod pasuxebis furceli. testis Sesasruleblad geZlevaT 1 saaTi da 30 wuTi. gisurvebT warmatebas! 2011-2012 saswavlo weli TASK 1 Read the sentences and circle th
    ეროვნული   სასწავლო ოლიმპიადა inglisur   ენაში VIII-IX კლასი   II turi Tqven winaSea erovnuli saswavlo olimpiadis meore turis testiinglisur enaSi.gTxovT , yuradRebiT waikiTxoT davalebebis piroba da am pirobisSesabamisad SeasruloT mocemuli davalebebi.gTxovT, Tqveni pasuxebi gadaitanoT pasuxebis furcelze.gaiTvaliswineT, rom gaswordeba mxolod pasuxebis furceli.testis Sesasruleblad geZlevaT 1 saaTi da 30 wuTi. gisurvebT warmatebas!2011-2012 saswavlo weli    TASK 1Read the sentences and circle the right choice. Write the answers in the answer sheet. 1.   This machine mustn’t ….. after 5:30. It has a very loud sound.A. be used B. be using C. used D. to be used2. Acid rain …… by burning coal or oil. And this must be the reason for pollution.A. is causing B. causes C. caused D. is caused3. The date of the exam ……. yesterday.A. was being announced B. was announced C. has announced D. had announced4. What you say is completely unbelievable. I’m sorry but I ……. with you now.A. don’t agree B. not agree C. haven’t agreed D. didn’t agree5. I am surprised! You’ve been running since morning. .….. prefer cycling to running?A. Are you B. Did you C. Aren’t you D. Don’t you6. We …. lunch in our local café when we heard good news about our lottery ticket on TV.A. are having B. were having C. having D. have had7. I ….. to phone her several times but she had left the country. It’s a pity we couldn’t meet.A. am trying B. try C. tried D. had tried8. Do you like this picture? Isn’t it very beautiful? My father …….. it.A. will be painting B. paints C. has painted D. had been painting9. We have run out of milk. I ….. and get some right now.A. will go B. am going to go C. will be going D. go10. I .….. a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United at 9 o’clock tonight.A. will be watching B. will have watched C. was watching D. watch11. She .….. in a small village in the south of Spain.A. has been born B. has born C. born D. was born   12. Look at that car! It’s moving so fast! It….... the tree.A. hits B. would hit C. is going to hit D. has hit13. The message was written in the sand …... a stick.A. through B. from C. on D. with14. We’ve decided to travel to Europe next summer, so we are …… our holiday.A. looking after B. looking up to C. looking out of D. looking forward to15. Can you ……. this form please? It’s urgent.A. fill in B. fill on C. fill through D. fill with16. I’ve decided to …... tennis. My friends play tennis well and I’ll join them one day.A. take away B. take up C. take off D. take after17. Be careful to climb that high wall. I won’t be able to catch you if you ….. down.A. fall B. fell C. will fall D. were fallen18. I hope that in three years’ time I ….. my own car.A. drive B. will be driving C. am driving D. have driven19. You are not allowed ….. coffee into the classroom.A. to bring B. be brought C. brought D. bringing20. Nowadays most historical buildings in our country …. by the government.A. protect B. protected C. are protected D. were protected  TASK 2Read the text and fill the gaps (1-10) with the words given below. Use each word only once.Four words are extra.Mark the corresponding letter (A-N) on the answer sheet. Do not copy the words from thetext on the answer sheet. an (A) for (F) such (K)and (B) of (G) which (L)as (C) to (H) what (M)away (D) the (I) why (N)it (E) so (J) A throw-away world A lot of people feel that pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the world. But.…… (1) do we really mean under pollution? When you pollute something, you make itdangerous …….. (2) other people or animals. If you put engine oil in water, you will pollute it.Nobody will be able ……. (3) drink it or wash in it. All over the world, there are peoplepolluting the land, the sea and the air. The main reason for pollution is waste – things whichpeople throw ……… (4) because they don’t need them any more. Waste can be many things. Itcan be yesterday’s newspaper, an old car or smoke from a factory chimney. Some waste isdangerous because ……. (5) contains poisons. This kind …….. (6) waste is called toxic waste,and it is ..…… (7) problem of toxic waste, ……. (8) is worrying many people, and manygovernments, today. All living things, even animals ……. (9) plants, make waste. But it ispeople who make most waste, and it is people who make all of dangerous waste. There arenearly seven billion people in the world. They all need to eat, dress and travel. Most of themneed to heat their homes …….. (10) well which causes extra pollution. They buy things, they usethem and, when they decide they don’t need their old things any more, they throw them away.
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