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  • 1. Epub Download Conceptual Physics, 10th Edition E-Book
  • 2. Book Details Author : Paul G. Hewitt Pages : 788 Binding : Hardcover Brand : Addison Wesley Publishing Company ISBN : 0805393757
  • 3. Description "Conceptual Physics, Tenth Edition" helps readers connect physics to their everyday experiences and the world around them with additional help on solving more mathematical problems. Hewitt's text is famous for engaging readers with analogies and imagery from real-world situations that build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics. With this strong foundation, readers are better equipped to understand the equations and formulas of physics, and motivated to explore the thought-provoking exercises and fun projects in each chapter. Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Heat, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Relativity. For all readers interested in conceptual physics.
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