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  Sheet1Page 1 SECTION F3 CIFEATURE PHP Version>=5.3StructureFull MVCRoutingBenchmarkIn Memor as glo!al aria!leCI SessionRe#erence$ %um& Storage as Hi e%irector StructureCustom 'e(ce&t )i!*Strict MVC+rror Han$lingCon#igVie,s)anguage Su&&ort%ata Sanitation%ata!ase Su&&ort>=5.- 'ne, ersion* >=/.0 'ol$ ersion*Basic 11P2ames&aceR+S4R) oken Ma&&er  6a( I$enti#ier Rege( Su&&ort/0/ 1 er,rite7lo!al Base Varia!leHi e 'Reser e$ Core Varia!le*Class )oa$)e eling 8 Process Hookem&orar Varia!le StoringPHP Su&erglo!al Varia!le ManagementRe&lace$Sel# Manage$Hi e o er,rita!leCom&lete %e!ug raceSel# Manage$hro, $e#ault error &age)oa$ an te(t #ileMa contain con#ig route re$irect)oa$ &h& #ileContain con#ig arra9this re#erence$ to Vie, or em&late classSu&&ort PHP an$ em&late +ngineSu&&ort custom $irecti e tagSu&&ort arithmatic &attern 'in +*9this re#erence$ to Controller Su&&ort PHPStore$ in String arraFall!ack on +m&t lang keCall glo!al ar to retrie eStore$ in String arra2ull on em&t lang keCall hel&er or lang class to retrie e:SSS;)ICSRF ! token e(&iration:SSS;)ICSRF 'har$ mo$i#ication to o erri$e error han$ling*;uer +(ecransaction +na!le$1RM Ma&&er ======================MS;)PostgreS;)S;)iteS;) Ser er 1racleMongoS!ase<I7 cti e Recor$ransaction +na!le$=======================MS;)PostgreS;)S;)iteS;)Ser er 1racleMongoCu!ri$MSS;)  Sheet1Page 2  $$itional Feature RATING (just opinion) Securit//%e!ugging  5 3Benchmark est3  5 Hooking3  5 Routing/  5 R+S  5 -)anguage  5 -Customia!le Structure  5 -Session/  1 +rror Han$ling/3)ogging  5 3%ata!ase/  5 )ight,eight  5 3hir$ Part-  5 %ocumentation/  5 Communit-  5 Suita!le For Ca&tcha)oggingMark$o,nSite 7ra!!er %o,nloa$4&loa$Curl Hel&er MailingCommerce !asketBcr&tMagic rraMatri(PingBack 7eo 1&enI%7ma& StaticCa&tcha)oggingForm Hel&er 4R) Hel&er %ate Hel&er &ogra&hMailingSmile%o,nloa$4&loa$In#lector :M)R+S#ull e! PI Sim&le e!site e! Inter#aceHea  %B ccess e! Semi?+nter&rise e!
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