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occur, fot exanple: ninot the topmatu is ol navigatic Beqiant - Aand B. wheP LateQln ate green topmarks exceptF(2+1)G i REG ON B j I Prefeffed c hannel to Port if A Ft(2+1)R, lit F6n a matks have thtee haizantalbands ol calout Ior buoye ls nat tatttla(tar) blacl may be used br*D trf VbPc \ ^L r dil ?' *\L y Y l o \ It 'b(n
  occur,fotexanple: ninotthe topmatu is ol navigaticBeqiant-Aand B. wheP LateQln ategreenREGON topmarksB exceptF(2+1)GiPrefeffed c hannel to PortAFt(2+1)R,f itF6na j I matks have thtee haizantalbands ol caloutIor buoyesnat tatttla(tar) blacl may be used  br*D trf VbPcrdl'\\^LYlo\ Iti?*Ly Chart01(lNT1) 1:. Edition-Decembbr998 SYMBOLSndABBREVIATIONS usedonAdmiraltyharts CONTENTS SystemfCorrectionIntroductionndSchematicayout GENERAL lAChartNumber,itle.vlarginatoteslBPositions,istances,irections,ompass TOPOGRAPHY lCNatural eatureslDCultural eatureslE LandmarkslF PortslGTopographicermsinsideover291214 IO HYDROGRAPHY lHTides,CurrentsllDepthslJNaturef heSeabedlKRocks,Wrecks,bstructionslLOffshorelnstallationslM Tracks,outeslNAreas,imitslO Hydrographicerms AIDSANDSERVICES LightsBuoys, eaconsFogSignalsRadar,adio, lectronicosition-FixingystemsServicesSmallCraftFacilities ALPHABETICALNDEXES lVIndexf Abbreviations:PrincipaloreignermsPrincipalnglishermslW InternationalAbbreviationslXIndexIPIQIR ts ITIU22252730333538 41 434955565860 62 666971  INTRODUCTION Generdl Chart 011lNT1)providesreferenceo the manyymbols ndabbreviationsoundon British dmiralty nd nternationalcharts.Symbolsotshown n Chart011lNT1) maybe usedon adopted rco-produced ritishdmiraltyharts ndwillbe shownn aglossaryn he elevantharts.Thjseditionof Chart 5011(lNT1) isbased on the ChartSpecificationsf the IHO(lnternationalydrographicOrganization) doptedn 1982.Previousditions f 5011 ollowed formerHOStandard ist,a system tillusedby some Hydrographicfficesrhe letterassignedoeach majorgroupof symbols nthis editionhas beenprefixed'l o avoidconlusionurinqhe ransitionale.iod.Lq)outSchemaric ayour ofChan5011 NT1) Tracks.outesM (t) section.(i)Sectionaesignation:The eftet'l'means nternational.(i)suo-section.(a)Cross+eferenceoterms nother sections.(QCotu.n 1:Numberingollawing henternationalChattSpecifications f the HO'.A lettern thiscolwtm,ega, indicatea nationalsymbol orwhich heres no nternationalquivalent.@)Column :lntenationattNT)ymbalusedn Admiattychatts.(7)CotumnS: Term ntheEnglish anguage.(@Cotrrn 4:Other symbolor abbreviatianused on Admhafty charts, fdifferentromColumn2. Themarklindicates hat thisreUesentations obsa escent.(3)Colunn 5: Numberingotlawinghe ChartSpecificationsf the IHO'.of no rclevanceto chartusers.Themark # inColumns , 3 and 4indicates hat thissymbolwill only be faundon chafts adopted nto the Admiratty hart seies. (el Metric ChafisFathorhs ChartsChart DatumDepths lvletricnitsare ntroducedn Admiraltyharts s heyare modernisedexceptor chansolthe waters round he UnitedStates f America,hereathoms r feetcontinueo be used). !'letric hartsan be distinguishedrom athomshartsbytheiruseofbuff int or andareasnd heprominentarginalegendsDEPTHSN METRES. On metricharts,he referenceevel or soundingssgivenunder he chart itle.On athoms harts,he referenceevel orsoundingsaybegivenunderhe itle; f not, tcan be deducedrom he idal nformationanel.The unitsusedaregivenunder he itleof thechart.Thepositionf a soundingsthe centre fthe areacovered y thefigures.On metric harts,epths rom0.1mo 20.9m regenerallyxpressedn metres nd decimetres. here ource nformationissufficientlyrecise,epths rom2'lmo 31mmaybegivenn half-metres.IIotherdepths reshown n wholemetres.On athomharts,epthsaregenerallyxpressednfathoms nd eetwhere esshan11ms,andn athoms lsewhere.Whereource nformalionssutficientlyrecise,epthsbetween 1 and 15 ms maybegivenn fathoms nd eet.Olderchansmayshow ractions f athomsn shallow ater,nd a few arge-scaleha.ts howall depths n eet.On adoptedr co-producedhartsheseangesmayvary.Underlinedigureson rocksand bankswhichuncoverndicate eightsbove hartdatum.Theyaregivenn metres nddecimetresr n eetas appropriate. TracksMarkedby Lights----'PLeadingBeacons,-;lQ t--,1---- I________- Leading line (thefirm line isthetrack ta be follawed) Drying heights  HeightsBeafigsSea Mlesaxd CablesChartCataloguesThe Mariner'sHandbookandother PublicatiotrsCopyrightHeights,ncludingverheadearances,regivennmetres r n feetaboveMeanHighWaterSprings,MeanHighefHighWater-orMeanSeaLevel;etailsregivennhe ExpanatoryNotesunder he chart itla. neposiiionf a neight Jnornrarrythatofthe dolalongsidet,hus 79.Parenthesesreusedwhen he igurexpressing eights set apart romiheobjectegwhenshowingheheig-lo'a<maltslel;.Bearingsaregivenfromseawardand refero the truecompass.Asea miles the lengthoi oneminuteoflatitudeocally,nd istheprincipalmeansol expressingstanceon Admiraltycharts.A cableis one-tenthof a seamile.Namesn Admiraltyhansarespelt n accordanceithheprinciplesnd systemspproved y thepermanentCommrreeonGeographicalames orBritishOfficiause.Asecond namemaybegivennparenthesesn the followlnclircurnstances:a il theretentionl a supersededenderingi||acilitaierosseferenceo reatedpubrications;b. il,inhe caseof a namehathaschanged adlcal,the retentionf he ormernewillaid recognition;c il t sdecided o retainn Engshconventionalamen additiono hepresentfflcial endering.Detailsof Admiraltyhans aregvenin the'Catalogueof AdmiraltyChads and Pubications'(NP131)andinthe'HorneWatersCalalogue'NP109),othpublishednnuallV.TheMariner'sandbookNP100) ncludesotes nhe ollowinq:theuseof chartsnd he degreeof reance hatmaybeplac;don hem;chartsupplyand correction; arnes;ha eonavigationaids;navigationalazards;trafficeparation chemes;ffshoreilandgasoperations;idesand currenls;generamarinemeteoroogy.Agossaryof termsused on Admiraltycharts salsogiven.Informationbouteaturesrepresentedoncharts canalso be found in thefollowingpublicationslAdmiraltyai ng Directions;dmiraltyistoJLlghtsnd FogSigna ; Admiralty ideTablesnd TidalStreamtlasesAdmiraltyList of FladioSignas; AnnuaNoiices ol\,4ariners.Admiraltyhartsandpubcationsincudinghis one)areprotectedyCrownCopyright. heyare derived rom CrownCopyrightnformationand fromcopyrightinformationpublishedby otherorganisatlons.They maynot be reproduced inany materlalormincludinghotocopyingrstoring yelectronicmeans)withoutriorpermission,hichmay be sougnrby applying,nthe irst nstance,o theCopyrightNlanager, heUnitedKingdomHydrographic ffice, aunton,omerselTA12DN,UK.
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