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  NOMOR TUGAS Judul Tugas Nama (nrp)Nama2 (nrp)  Jurusan Teknik Sistem PerkapalanInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Kampus ITS Keputih, Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111 1. . Pendahuluan The body of manuscript begins with Introduction (1st page) and ends with the last referenceat the bottom of last page of manuscript. The size of manuscript must be exactly 1 or 1! or2 or 22 or 2# or 2 full pages. ($oo% &nti'ua pt normal) *(1#pt) 2. Isi Artikel *(pt) 2.1 Layut ! anus#ri$t %& $t' (ld) (a) +se ,ustom -ize ormat /idth 0 1cm eight 0 2#cm (b) top margin is set to 23 cmand bottom margin is set to 4 cm5 left and right margins are set to 2 cm on themanuscript format 1x2# cm (c) use the whole space of all pages don6t lea7e free space (d)the text must finish exact at the bottom of the last page. The manuscript has to be submittedin 8- /ord (9.doc) 2 4 7ersion. :lease use this template format for the article by copypaste your srcinal article or write the article in here. If you use other word editors and cannot transfer it in /ord and :; please contact us.   *(1#pt) 2.2 Language' Style S$elling (a) The manuscript must be written in $ahasa Indonesia (b) use common technical terms (c)a7oid abbre7iations don<t try to create new $ahasa Indonesia words (d) spelling= ollow$ahasa Indonesia ;ictionary. *(1#pt) *. Ta(les and +igures *(pt) Tables and figures ha7e to be made in high 'uality which is suitable for reproduction andprint ta%ing into account necessary size reduction. :hotos ha7e to be in high resolution.Tables and figures should be embedded in the text. & short descripti7e title should appearunder each table > figure > photo with a clear legend. (Table 1. Title ?ustified > ig. 1. Title ?ustified). &ll units must be included.  Na a Mata ,uliah %-eader $sitin 1') Figure @ambar 1. Title of figure ?ustifiedTable 1. Title of table ?ustified *(1#pt) . /0uatins *(pt) A'uations are centred and numbered consecuti7ely from 1 upwards ($oo% &nti'ua pt).*(  pt) x 2  B y 2  0z 2 (1) *(1#pt) . Re!erring *(pt) /hen publications are referred in the text enclose the author6s name and the date ofpublication within the brac%ets. or one author use author6s surname and the date (&r%in2 #). or two authors gi7e both names C the year (8ataric C $roo%s 1). or three ormore authors use the first author plus Det al.E and the date (-iegwart et al. 2 ). If gi7inga list of reference separate them using semicolons. *(1#pt) . 3n#lusin *(pt) :lease read these instructions carefully. :repare your manuscript exactly according to theinstructions. That is the easiest and the most efficient way to ha7e a good article. *(1#pt) 4. Re!eren#es *(pt) References have to include at least 5 items and have not to be self-centred. The list of references has to be arranged alphabetically according to the first author, subsequent linesindented. Do not number references. ublications by the same author!s) should be listed in 2  Judul Materi Tugas 1 %-eader $sitin 1') order of the year of the publication. f there are more than one manuscript by the sameauthor!s) and #ith the same date, label them a, b, etc. lease note that all references listedhere must be directly cited in the body of the te$t. Second line is 1,24cm intended. Fima :.5 $onarini &. C 8ataric 8. (2 #). Name of Book in Italis, :ublisher I-$N :lace of:ublication Fi $.5 Gu H. C ,hoi . (1). Title of conference paper Proee!ings   of  pp. 1#J1I-$N conference location month and year :ublisher ,ity-iegwart K. (2 1). Name of paper. Name of Journal in Italis, Lol. No. (month and year ofthe edition) page numbers (firstJlast) I--N &rai T. C Mragic ;. (1). Name of paper In= Name of Book in Italis, Name(s) of Aditor(s)(Ad.) page numbers (firstJlast) :ublisher I-$N :lace of publication *
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