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  M40 M4M3M23M26 M20 M2  A2 M25 M11 A1(M)M1M25 Gatwick ññ Heathrow  LONDON  GEOLABS ñ Luton ñ Stansted  Where to find our Head OfficeHow to contact us web w email   Head Office   tel   +44 (0)1923 892 190 fax   +44 (0)1923 892 191   Geolabs Limited Bucknalls Lane Garston Watford Hertfordshire WD25 9XX   (for , use to sat navWD25 9NH   get directions to BRE main gate)  Birmingham Office   tel   0121 296 4600 fax   0121 296 4599   Geolabs Limited Unit D3, HRS Business Park Granby Avenue Birmingham B33 0SJ  Golf CourseCrematoriumThree Horseshoes PHBucknallsLane M 2 5  E a s t  St AlbansLuton &The North  M 2 5  W e s t  M    1    No access to A405     A   4   0   5      M     1 CentralLondonNorthWatford 6A2121A6 GEOLABS Building 22  onBuilding Research Establishment site    A   4    0    5   A   4    0    5 1982 Quick ReferencePrice List2017 Material Requirements Water Content  Up to 2mm 100g Up to 10mm 500g Up to 31.5mm 3kg Up to 63mm 21kg SMC (Saturation MC) Intact chalk lump >100mm Liquid & Plastic Limits  Sufficient for 300g passing 0.425mm sieve Bulk & Dry Densities : Ideally > 1kg of intact material (not suitable for loose granular) Particle Density : Pyknometer 50g Gas Jar - fine grained 400g Gas Jar - coarse grained 800g Particle Size Distribution (PSD)  For samples up to the following sizes use the corresponding sample mass (to BS EN ISO 17892-4):63mm - 40 kg 37.5mm - 14 kg 20mm - 2 kg10mm - 500 g 6.3mm - 300 g 2mm - 100 g Compaction If affected by crushing 15kg if less than 5% >20mm 40kg if more than 5% >20mmNot affected by crushing 6kg if less than 5% >20mm 15kg if more than 5% >20mm Sand: Max Density 6kg, Min Density 2 kg Gravelly Soil:  Max Density 16kg, Min Density 10kg MCV single  point 4kg MCV Calibration  4 kg (15kg if crushable) CBR  6kg for remould, or   full  mould Oedometer and  Undisturbed 1/2 diameter long Rowe (Hydraulic) Cell  (usually 76mm diameter) Triaxial Strength Tests (per specimen, x3 for set)Undisturbed to give 2:1 Height:Dia (38,70,100mm dia)Remould 38mm : 200g of <6mm 100mm : 4kg of <20mm  Permeability Tests  CH in Triaxial Cell 100mm dia 1:1 H:D, or 2kg <8mmCH in Permeameter 2kg <6.3mm or 6kg <10mm Horizontal Permeameter 200kg <37.5mm Shearbox (per specimen, x3 for set) Small to give 60x60x20mm prepared, or 200g <2mm Large to give   300x300x150mm   prepared,   or 30kg<20mm Ringshear 200g <2mm ® (for Birmingham Office , please click ‘Contact’ on web site)  QQuuiicckk RReef f eer r eennccee PPr r iiccee LLiisstt – – 22001177 Please see our full price list or web site for test methods, terms and conditions. All prices exclude VAT. EO=Extra Over Itemweb: Head Officetel: +44 (0)1923-892 190fax:+44 (0)1923-892 191  Birmingham  tel: 0121 296 4600 fax: 0121 296 4599 CCllaassssiif f iiccaattiioonn Moisture Content£ 5.25Saturation Moisture Content£ 21.00Plasticity Index (excl. NMC, 4 point) £ 28.50Plasticity Index (excl. NMC, 1 point) £ 23.50Linear Shrinkage£ 19.50Bulk & Dry Density (direct)£ 12.50Bulk & Dry Density (immersion)£ 20.50Particle Density (pyknometer)£ 26.80Dry Sieve£ 25.00Wet Sieve£ 30.00+ EO MA by Pipette+ £ 28.50+ EO MA by Hydrometer+ £ 42.00Desiccation (filter paper suction)£ 38.00+ EO remould+ £ 8.30 CCoommppaaccttiioonn 2.5 kg in Proctor£ 78.002.5 kg in CBR£ 88.004.5 kg in Proctor£ 88.004.5 kg in CBR£ 97.00Vibro Compaction£ 98.00Maximum Density£ 36.50Minimum Density£ 21.00MCV (1 point at NMC)£ 36.00MCV Calibration (5 points)£ 88.00CBR£ 41.50+ EO remould+ £ 26.00+ EO soaking (up to 5 days)+ £ 26.00Chalk Crushing Value (6 points)£ 89.00Chalk Crushing Value (1 point)£ 36.00 MMiisscceellllaanneeoouuss Specimen Photography (per image) £ 12.00 / ea Thermal Conductivity (undisturbed) £ 80.00Custom reporting  (incl electronic data) from  £25.00  / hr  QQuuiicckk UUnnddr r aaiinneedd TTr r iiaaxxiiaall UCS (on soil)£ 21.00Quick Undrained (single stage)£ 27.00Quick Undrained (multi stage)£ 29.00 Remoulding charges – dependent upon specimen size Quick Undrained (38mm set of 3)£ 46.50+ EO remould (per set of 3 x 38mm) £ 18.00 EEf f f f eeccttiivvee SSttr r eessss (all prices  per specimen ) [Note: Consolidated Drained/Undrained andsingle/multi stage are all the same price] Isotropically Consolidated£ 155.00(up to 4 days, minimum 1 day/stage)+ EO extra days+ £ 26.00 / dayRemoulding charges – dependent upon specimen size Mid-height PWP, Stress Path, Local Strain,Piezo Bender, CRS etc. please call PPeer r mmeeaabbiilliittyy aanndd DDuur r aabbiilliittyy Constant Head Permeability in  Triaxial  Cell [for low permeability] (up to 4 days) £ 99.00+ EO extra days+ £ 26.00 / dayRemoulding charges – dependent upon specimen size Constant Head Permeability in  Permeameter  [for high permeability] (up to 4 days) £ 140.50(includes remoulding)Horizontal Permeability (HA41/90) £ 300.00 [for high permeability] Hydraulic (Rowe) Cell Permeability (up to 4 days) [permeability determination only,does not   include Mv or Cv determination - please see Consolidation section if required]  up to 100mm diameter£ 220.00 up to 250mm diameter£ 270.00+ EO extra days£ 30.00 / dayRemoulding charges – dependent upon specimen size Pinhole (includes remoulding)£ 94.00 CCoonnssoolliiddaattiioonn Oedometer Consolidation(up to 5 days, minimum 1 day/stage) £ 78.50+ EO swelling pressure+ £ 21.00+ EO extra days+ £ 15.50 / day Oedometer Swelling Test(up to 5 days, minimum 1 day/stage) £ 88.00+ EO extra days+ £ 15.50 / day Isotropic in Triaxial Cell ( up to 4 days ) £ 185.00+ EO extra days+ £ 26.00 / day Hydraulic (Rowe) Cell Consolidation (up to 4days) [provides Mv and Cv determination -permeability stages can be added as requiredand charged for just by the extra days incurred]  up to 100mm diameter£ 270.00 up to 250mm diameter£ 310.00+ EO extra days£ 30.00 / dayRemoulding charges – dependent upon specimen size Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) please call SShheeaar r bbooxx (all prices  per specimen ) 60mm Small Shearbox (up to 1 day) £ 42.00+ EO extra days+ £ 23.50  / day + EO sample preparation, if required  + £ 8.00 / spec (includes screening, mixing to MC, etc.) 300mm Large (up to 1 day)£ 100.00+ EO remould at NMC+ £ 40.00+ EO remould to specified MC+ £ 50.00+ EO extra days+ £ 60.00 / day Ring Shear (up to 4 days, incl. prep.) £ 165.00+ EO extra days+ £ 23.00 / day  (usually 2 extra days required for 3 pressures) RRoocckk TTeessttiinngg UCS£55.00(including end preparation but not recoring)+ EO Young’s Modulus (up to 3 cycles)  £ 73.00+ EO YM &Poisson’s Ratio£119.00+ EO Recore (per specimen)£20.00Slake Durability (2 cycles)£ 55.00Mohr’s Hardness (Scales 3 to 9)£ 42.50Point Load Test (per determination) £ 7.00Point Load Test (set of 10)£ 32.00Tensile Strength by Brazilian£ 65.00Sound Velocity (P & S waves)£ 45.00Sound Velocity (P wave only)£ 38.00Rock Triaxial (w/out PWP, 1 stage) £ 181.00+ EO additional confining pressures + £ 31.00 / ea + EO recoring to 38, 54 or 76mm + £ 20.00Direct Shear of Rock Discontinuity £ 220.00 in modified 300mm Shearbox (1 specimen up to 1 day) [includes trimming, encapsulation and single shear run] + EO extra specimens [ of same sample ]  + £ 100.00  / ea + EO extra rapid residual stage+ £ 20.00  / ea + EO extra days [includes slow residual]  + £ 80.00  / day + EO Recore from block sample+ £ 20.00  / ea CChheemmiiccaall TTeessttiinngg pH£ 4.15Sulphate - Total£ 9.30Sulphate - Water Soluble£ 9.30Sulphate - Groundwater£ 8.30Organic Content£ 9.90Loss on Ignition£ 7.80Carbonate£ 13.50Total Sulphur£ 9.90BRE SD1 Suites A to D Please callResistivity£ 73.00+ EO remoulding£ 15.50
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