Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 history and health and wellness new innovations

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1. hydrogen peroxide h2o2 background to Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 was first identified and isolated by that the scientist Louis Jacques Thenard in 1818. By the fact that the…
  • 1. hydrogen peroxide h2o2 background to Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 was first identified and isolated by that the scientist Louis Jacques Thenard in 1818. By the fact that the end of that the nineteenth century many formulas had been suggested for hydrogen peroxide H2O2. Having said that its right formula of HOOH (H2O2) was first proved by Petre Melinkishvili. Dr Edward Rosenow (1875 - 1966) discovered that H2O2 was that the safe, effective antimicrobial, antiviral agent he had spent years searching for. Unfortunately he passed away before seeing his discovery become widely accepted. His close friend Father Wilhelm, a Catholic Priest and then chemistry teacher presented Rosenow's research to several pharmaceutical companies only to get that the same response: Rosenow's work on H2O2 was very worthy of note after which it potentially important, but H2O2 was an inexpensive substance that could not be patented and had no commercial value. This is that the reason it actually is not prescribed by a GP as a means of treating many illnesses; drug companies cannot make any money from it actually! The fact that the many benefits threaten that the antibiotic industry, it actually's a threat to the heart bypass industry as it cleans arteries of atherosclerotic build up, and after that it actually's a threat to that the surgical after which it chemotherapy cancer treatment industry; combined with radiation it actually will rapidly reduce cancer growths with less toxic doses of x- ray. The English medical journal Lancet reported that infusion of hydrogen peroxide was used to successfully treat pneumonia all through an epidemic soon after the first world war. Father Richard Willhelm, the founder of Educational Concern for Hydrogen Peroxide, was dedicated to promoting the use of peroxide as a treatment. In the fact that the 1940s, Willhelm reported on the fact that the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat several ailments successfully. Among these were skin illnesses, polio after which it viruses related mental sickness. Interest in further research for hydrogen peroxide use began to slow in the 1940s. That the developing system of prescription drugs diverted interest away from hydrogen peroxide uses. In March 1888 the Journal of the American Medical Association contained a reference that in 1863 Messner proved the fact that the presence of hydrogen peroxide in rainwater. It actually has long been that the earth's way of sterilising itself. This application for using hydrogen peroxide to sterilise has a long history of use in industry. In particular within that the pharmaceutical industry to sterilise petri dishes and then within the aeronautical industry to sterilise satellites. The fact that the growing alternative medicine field has spurred interest in hydrogen peroxide. According to educateyourself.org, in that the last 25 years more than 7,000 articles have been published on hydrogen peroxide use as a treatment. They go on to say that hydrogen peroxide has shown promise in treating several health issues, including some forms of cancer and then emphysema. hydrogen peroxide mouthwash
  • 2. Books to read: That the One-Minute Cure: That the Secret to Healing Virtually All Illnesses Perfect Paperback by Madison Cavanaugh Flood Your Body with Oxygen Paperback - November 19, 2004 by Ed McCabe That the Oxygen Prescription: That the Miracle of Oxidative Therapies Paperback by Nathaniel Altman Medical Ozone a Hidden Source of Disease Prevention and then Treatment Paperback - July 20, 2011 by Dr. Jacob Swilling Ph.D. Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle Paperback by William Campbell Douglass II O2xygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching Disease Paperback by Ed McCabe In drinking hydrogen peroxide for health conditions the following where that the problems: H2O2 had to be kept refrigerated When drinking it, it actually tasted very dreadful Could not be diluted to less than 35% when stored Had to be used in very high parts per million to be effective Has to be used on an empty stomach tree times a day In 2014 the company H2O2RainDrops successfully stabilized H2O2 with a non toxic vegetable base, so now for the first time you can buy pre-diluted hydrogen peroxide to any percentage you want. They have two percentage products available - a 5% BioAerobic Gut Nutritional supplement and then a 0.1% Sinus and after that Ear Flush. Yes they can even stabilize it actually at 0.1% without having to refrigerate it actually! Other advantages of the fact that the 5% BioAerobic Gut Nutritional supplement is: Do not have to be kept in fridge Improves the taste of water Can be pre-diluted to a safe percentage, so not dangerous Is used in very low parts per million (one drop is 10ppm in 250ml) Can be used continually all day with food In the years to come this is going to prove to be an extremely valuable discovery, for now for the first time hydrogen peroxide can actually be used for less serious sicknesses, like extra energy levels, extra mental clarity, improvements in skin texture, weight loss and then all autoimmune illnesses. For more information have a look at -
  • 3. #http://www.h2o2raindrops.com#
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