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  INDI Name of Employee: GENOVEVA B. SASOTAName Posio!: Distri t S#per$isor Posio Re$ie' Perio&: (a!#ary )*+-De emer )*+Date of Distri t: SIA/01O2RAsOB(ECTIVESTI0ELINE3EIG4Tper 2RAO5G#i&a! e 6  NSTRUCT ONAL Provide guidance and instructional supervision to (a!-De 78I!str# o!al SUPERV S ON  school heads b observing and gathering data on their 8s#per$isio!  strengths and develop!ent needs and then coaching pro$i&e&  the! to ards i!proved instructional leadership practices# Te %!i alAssista! e, Observe and gather data on the strengths and co!petenc (a!-De )8Oser$ao! $%SA& develop!ent needs o' teachers and coach school a!& oa %i!9  heads on ho to i!prove teachers( %SA in teaching) pro$i&e&  learning deliver#  S %ools 6  Assess the situation o' schools and learning centers* and (a!8lear!i!9  identi' actions needed to put in place an enabling e!ters environ!ent 'or School +eads and Teachers to deliver assesse&  ,ualit basic education  TEC+N CAL Provide technical assistance in the 'or!ulation o' school (a!-De )*8Te %!i al  ASS STANCE  plans $e#g# SIP& and its ad-ust!ents b conducting 8assista! e i!  N SC+OOL or.shops* doing 'ollo through coaching and providing SIP form#lao!  /ANA0E/ENT  appraisal and 'eedbac. on their dra't plans* so that all schools can have approved plans as basis 'or budgeting and resourcing* SIP i!ple!entation /onitor and evaluate school(s i!ple!entation o' their plans (a!-De +*8 !onitored  and sub!it reports to the Schools 1ivision !anage!ent evaluated 2  tea! to provide 'eedbac. reported I!&# o! Coordinate and 'acilitate the conduct o' orientation3 (#!e-A#98Pro9ram  induction progra!s 'or all ne l hired teachers on o!&# te&  their roles and responsibilities# 4unds utili5ation /ON TOR N0 AN1 Conduct !onitoring and evaluation on the utili5ation and (a!-De +8 !onitored 2  EVALUAT ON  li,uidation o' SE4* /OOE and other 'unds to deter!ine 8 evaluated  i' schools adhere ith the polic and standards using pre)designed / 2 E and transparenc tools#  SB0 le$el of  /onitor S6/ Level o' practice through validation o' their (a!-De 8pra  e  docu!ents and outputs to deter!ine areas 'or $ali&ate& develop!ent and possible provision o' technical assistance to i!prove school per'or!ance Pri$ate /onitor and evaluate private schools through ocular  0ay-Sep8s %ools  inspection o' re,uired docu!ents to deter!ine adherence mo!itore&  to set standards as regards to per!it to operate rene al a!& e$al#ate&  o' operation* per!it 'or recognition* 0ASTPE i!ple!entation* accreditation CURR CULU/ Conduct !onitoring and evaluation o' the school(s (a!-De 7878Lo alie 1EVELOP/ENT*  i!ple!entation o' the locali5ed curriculu! to provide #rri #l#m ENR C+/ENT* and 'eedbac. to !anage!ent to ards continuous impleme!tao! LOCAL 7AT ON  enhance!ent o' the curriculu!  mo!itore& 6e$al#ate& LEARN N0 0ather result o' assess!ent reports per least learned (a!-De +8  Assess!ent  OUTCO/ES s.ills and anal5e per'or!ance gaps to pinpoint causes +*8 results anal5ed  ASSESS/ENT  and possible interventions to close the gap# 2 providedintervention poli y 1ra't polic reco!!endations related to i!proving (a!-De 8&ra;e& 6 learning outco!e based on 'indings 'ro! studies and reports# re omme!&e&A o! resear % RESEARC+ (a!-De 7878 o!&# te&  learning area* as ell as best practices in content deliver and sub!it 'indings and reco!!endations 'or !anage!ent action and polic 'or!ulation# TEC+N CAL (a!<8Trai!i!9 ASS STANCE =8!ee&s  and relevant actions and interventions a!alysisof s %oolsa te& Conduct action research on curriculu! i!ple!entation*  Assesses the situation and anal5es the needs o' schools in the district to identi' the appropriate
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