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  KRA FOR SHIFT LEADS GLOBAL SERVICE DESK  DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS 1 TASKSDELIVERABLES AND FREQUENCY Call Queue ManagementCall queue should not have any ticket for more than 15 minutes.Call conversion report to be published daily. Zero Error in respect to INC and SCT creation. Taking ACD calls Shift Handover RecordsUpdated Records and make sure the handover is sent on time. Published as per shift handover schedule. Team GSD Email ProcessingNo pending E-mails in the mailbox. SLA for Emails will be 1 HoursSSC-GSD-Supervisor DLNo pending E-mails in the mailbox. SLA for Emails will be 30 Minutes.Customer Complaint Tracker / EscalationsUpdated Records on Daily basis and also updated RCA for those tickets.Published Weekly Positive Feedback and Appreciation from CustomersUpdated Records on a Daily Basis in the tracker.Published Weekly.Keep record of daily checks. Enable handover mechanism between the SME’s to make sure that all daily routine\hygiene checks are performed. KPC for all Site Based Alerts INC's.Making sure that KPC for site based alerts should be done on time. Regular updates if sites in business hours Update should be there in ticket as soon as the site reached business hours.Any ticket is for KPC is GSD queue should have appropriate incident state. 2 PERFORMANCE & REPORTING TASKSDELIVERABLES AND FREQUENCY ● Service Level and Non Service Level ReportingACD TrendsTrack-wise Incidents (Open\Close)FCR TrendEmail Processing TrendDaily and Monthly ReportsValue Adds and InitiativesUpdated Records for the sameTrack Issues LogClosure of Open IssuesUnassigned INC & SCTASKThere should not be unassigned incidents and task in GTI Service Desk Queue Keep track of inscope and Out of Scope INC and SCTASKGSD Supervisor should keep a track of queue and ensure that all out of scope inc and service request are assigned to correct resolver groupLesson Tracker Based on service desk performance and incorrect assignments lesson learnt tracker should be published.  TO ACT AS SITUATION MANAGER DURING P1 CALLS Step 1: - GSD will be notified by end users if an application or network connectivity is down. Step 2 : -GSD Supervisor will check if application is down at their end also. For network connectivity they will check for any existing\open incident for that incident. Please be extra cautious of the application is related to exams. Step 3 : -GSD supervisor will contact Duty ISRM and provide the details of the incident.GSD supervisor will follow the instructions provided by Duty ISRM. Step 4 : -Major Incident Management Process will be triggered if Duty ISRM decides. GSD will assign the priority one ticket to resolver group. Step 5 : -SMI TemplatesDuty ISRM: Contact Number: Contact made: Issue: Impact: Sites Effected: Single\Multiple Number of users impacted: Users (Internal / External): Services affected: Is there an cultural event or exam or high profile visit planned at the site: No Step 6 : -GSD Supervisor will send an update to SSC-GSD Supervisor and keep track of updates on the ticket. Step 7 : -GSD Supervisor will be update the team and the whiteboard with parent ticket number. Step 8 : -Once the issue is resolved, GSD supervisor will take confirmation for end users and close the child incidents.
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