Lab Activity 8

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Lab Activity 8. Axial Skeleton Martini Chapter 7. Portland Community College BI 231. Axial Skeleton. Skull Spine Thoracic Cage Hyoid bone. Cervical Spine. 7 Vertebra C1-C7 Concave Posterior. Thoracic Spine. 12 Vertebra T1-T12 Convex Posterior Attach to the ribs. Lumbar Spine.
Lab Activity 8Axial SkeletonMartini Chapter 7Portland Community CollegeBI 231Axial Skeleton
  • Skull
  • Spine
  • Thoracic Cage
  • Hyoid bone
  • Cervical Spine
  • 7 Vertebra
  • C1-C7
  • Concave Posterior
  • Thoracic Spine
  • 12 Vertebra
  • T1-T12
  • Convex Posterior
  • Attach to the ribs
  • Lumbar Spine
  • 5 Vertebra
  • L1-L5
  • Concave Posterior
  • Sacral Spine
  • 5 Fused Vertebra
  • “Sacrum”
  • Coccyx
  • 4 Fused Vertebra
  • Intervertebral ForaminaeIntervertebral DiskAnnulus Fibrosus(Fibrocartilage)Nucleus PulposusCervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)VertebralForamenBODYCervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)Bifid Spinous ProcessCervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)Transverse ProcessesTransverse ForamenCervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)Superior Articular ProcessSuperior Articular FacetCervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)Vertebral ArchCervical Vertebrae C1: AtlasSuperior Articular FacetCervical Vertebrae C2: AxisOdontoid Process (Dens)Cervical VertebraeC1 & C2 Joined TogetherThoracic VertebraeSpinous ProcessThoracic VertebraeCostal Facets on the Transverse Process (for rib attachment)Lumbar VertebraeBODYSacrum5 Fused VertebraeSacrumSacral PromontorySacrumSacral ForaminaSacroiliac JointsCoccyx4 Rudimentary VertebraeHyoid BoneGreater HornLesser HornBODYSternumManubriumSternal AngleBodyXiphoid ProcessRibs 1-7: True RibsRibs 8-10: False RibsRibs 11 & 12: Floating RibsRibsRibs Attached to Thoracic VertebraeCostovertebral AngleSupraorbital ridgeFrontal BoneFrontal BoneFrontal BoneFrontal BoneFrontal SinusParietal BoneParietal BoneParietal BoneParietal BoneTemporal BoneTemporal BoneTemporal BoneTemporal BoneTemporal BoneTemporal BoneExternal Acoustic MeatusZygomatic ArchMastoid ProcessMandibular fossaStyloid ProcessTemporal BoneCarotid CanalJugular ForamenOccipital BoneOccipital BoneOccipital CondylesForamen MagnumExternal occipitalprotuberanceSphenoid BoneLesser WingGreater WingPterygoid ProcessLateral Pterygoid PlateMedial Pterygoid PlateSphenoid BoneSphenoidal SinusPterygoid ProcessSphenoid BoneLesser WingGreater WingSella TurcicaSphenoidBoneHypophyseal FossaDorsum SellaEthmoid BoneCrista GalliPerpendicular PlateEthmoid BoneMiddle NasalConchaePerpendicular PlateEthmoid BoneCristae GalliCribriform PlatePerpendicular PlateCraniumFloorAnterior Cranial FossaMiddle Cranial FossaPosteriorCranial FossaSagittal SutureOccipital BoneBetween the Right and Left Parietal bonesParietal Bone(Right)Parietal Bone(Left)Frontal BoneCoronal SutureParietal BoneFrontal BoneBetween the Parietal bones and the Frontal BoneTemporalBoneOccipital BoneSquamous SutureParietal BoneFrontal BoneBetween the Parietal bone and the Temporal BoneTemporalBoneOccipital BoneLambdoid SutureParietal BoneFrontal BoneBetween the Parietal bones and the Occipital BoneTemporalBoneOccipital BoneWormian (Sutural) BonesSmall islands of bone that fill gaps in sutures.Present in varying amountsFetal SkullFetal SkullSuperior ViewOrbitMaxillaHard PalateMandibleCoronoid ProcessMandibular CondyleAlveolar ProcessRamusAngleMental ForamenBodyMandibleMandibular ForamenMylohyoid LinePalatine BoneVomerZygomatic BoneTemporal ProcessZygomatic ArchFacial BonesFacial BonesMiddle NasalConchae (Ethmoid)Inferior Nasal ConchaePerpendicular Plate (Ethmoid)VomerSinusesEthmoid Air CellsFrontalSphenoidalMaxillaryThe EndThe End
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