Learning activity 3 / Actividad de aprendizaje 3 Evidence: Cell phones for sale / Evidencia: Celulares a la venta

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  Learning activity 3 /  Actividad de aprendizaje 3 Evidence: Cell phones for sale / Evidencia: Celulares a la venta Read the description of the two cell phones that are for sale. Then write tencomparisons. / Lea la descripción de dos teléfonos celulares. Luegoescriba diez comparaciones entre ellos . Silver X100Titanium 1 This new smartphone weighs 145grams. It is 14 cm wide and 7.5centimeters long. It has an Androidoperating system. It is water and dustresistant. The screen is 5.1 incheswide and the resolution is 100 !1"00 pi!els. It has a multi#touchscreen. It has a light sensor$pro!imity sensor$ and scratch#resistant glass. It has a 1 megapi!elcamera. The system memory has%04& '( RA' and the )uilt#instorage memory is *% +(. ,ou cantal- for %0 hours and the )atterystays charged.The Titanium 1 weighs 1*5 grams. Itis 10 cm wide and 1* centimeterslong. It has an Android operatingsystem. It is water resistant. Thescreen is *.& inches wide and theresolution is &0 ! 1%00 pi!els. It hasa multi#touch screen. It has a lightsensor and scratch#resistant glass. Ithas a 1* megapi!el camera. Thesystem memory has 104& '( RA'and the )uilt#in storage memory is *%+(. ,ou can tal- for 10 hours and the)attery stays charged. !uente de im"genes:  A  !ample  / Ejemplo: Titanium 1 is not as hea2y as il2er 3100.  / Titanium Z1 no es tan pesadocomo el Siler !1"".  As  as1.%.*.4.5.ess  than # not as  as1.%.*.4.5.6hen you finish your wor-$ send the file to your instructor through the platformas follows 1.8lic- the title of this e2idence. %.8lic- E#aminar mi e$uipo  and loo- for the file in your computer. 'a-e surethe file is attached.*.ea2e a comment for the instructor 9optional:.4.8lic- Eniar  . %na ez finalice la eidencia en&e al instructor el arc'io a traés de la plataforma( as&:1.)é clic en el t&tulo de esta eidencia. *.)é clic en el enlace E#aminar mi e$uipo + bus$ue el arc'io en sucomputador. ,seg-rese de adjuntar el arc'io..Escriba alg-n comentario si lo considera pertinente..)é clic en Eniar. #ote:  This e2idence is an indi2idual acti2ity. Remem)er to chec- the learningguide in order to -now if you ha2e done all the assigned acti2ities$ -now how tode2elop them and deli2er them correctly. Nota:  Esta eidencia es de car0cter indiidual. ecuerde reisar la gu&a deaprendizaje con el fin de erificar $ue 'a realizado todas las actiidades propuestas( saber cómo desarrollarlas + entregarlas correctamente.  Criterios de evaluación 2ompara aparatos tecnológicos teniendo en cuenta la estructura gramatical(ocabulario + conte#to re$uerido.
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