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  Learning Native Droid - Part I (Activity & Layout) Case 1 : Form Login Layout : ActivityMain.xml <TableLayout xmlns:android= http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= fill_parent  android:stretchColumns= 1 > <TableRow>  <TextView android:text= User Name:  android:id= @+id/TextView01  android:layout_width= wrap_content  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </TextView>  <EditText android:text=  android:id= @+id/txtUname  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </EditText>  </TableRow>  <TableRow>  <TextView android:text= Password:  android:id= @+id/TextView02  android:layout_width= wrap_content  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </TextView>  <EditText android:text=  android:id= @+id/txtPwd  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= wrap_content  android:password= true > </EditText>  </TableRow>  <TableRow>  <Button android:text= Cancel  android:id= @+id/btnCancel  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </Button>  <Button android:text= Login  android:id= @+id/btnLogin  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </Button>  </TableRow>  </TableLayout>      Activity : MainActivity.java  package  com.example.hello_world; import  android.os.Bundle; import  android.app.Activity; import  android.view.Menu; import  android.view.View; import  android.view.View.OnClickListener; import  android.widget.Button; import  android.widget.EditText; import  android.widget.TextView; import  android.widget.Toast;  public   class  MainActivity extends  Activity { EditText txtUserName, txtPassword; String UserName= dian , Password= yolo ; Button btnLogin, btnCancel; @Override   protected    void   onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super .onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout. activity_main ); initView(); } @Override   public    boolean  onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { getMenuInflater().inflate(R.menu. main , menu); return   true ; }  private   void   initView(){ txtUserName=(EditText) this .findViewById(R.id. txtUname ); txtPassword=(EditText) this .findViewById(R.id. txtPwd  ); btnLogin=(Button) this .findViewById(R.id. btnLogin ); btnLogin.setOnClickListener( new  OnClickListener() { @Override   public   void   onClick(View v) { if ((txtUserName.getText().toString()).equals(UserName)){ if ((txtPassword.getText().toString()).equals(Password)){ Toast. makeText (MainActivity. this , Login Success ,Toast. LENGTH_LONG  ).show(); } else  Toast. makeText (MainActivity. this , Invalid Login - Wrong Password ,Toast. LENGTH_LONG  ).show(); } else { Toast. makeText (MainActivity. this , Invalid Login - Wrong Username ,Toast. LENGTH_LONG  ).show(); } } }); btnLogout=(Button) this .findViewById(R.id. btnLogout ); btnLogout.setOnClickListener( new  OnClickListener() { @Override   public   void   onClick(View v) { setContentView(R.layout. activity_main ); }   }); } } Output Case 2 : Form Setelah Login Layout : Bonjour.xml <TableLayout xmlns:android= http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= fill_parent  android:stretchColumns= 1 > <TableRow>  <TextView android:text= Selamat Datang  android:id= @+id/TextView01  android:layout_width= wrap_content  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </TextView>  <TextView android:text=  android:id= @+id/TextView02  android:layout_width= wrap_content  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </TextView>  </TableRow>  <TableRow>  <Button android:text= Log Out  android:id= @+id/btnLogout  android:layout_width= fill_parent  android:layout_height= wrap_content > </Button>  </TableRow>   </TableLayout>   Output
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