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  Leadership and Team Management IISemester II Prof. AshishRanjan Conflict in Organizations  Objective of the class To develop an understanding of :  Conflict in Organizations  Contemporary perspective on intergroup conflict  causes of intergroup conflict  Managing intergroup conflict through Resolution  Stimulating Constructive intergroup conflict  Negotiations  Increasing negotiation effectiveness  Conflict in Organizations Conflict : A process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected , or is about to negatively affect, something that the first party cares about. It encompasses a wide range of conflicts that people experience in organizations like 1.Incompatibility of goals2.Differences over interpretations of facts 3.Disagreements based on behavioral expectations. Traditional View of Conflict is the belief that all conflict is harmful and must be avoided. - Causes are poor communication, lack of openness and failure to respond to employee needs. Human Relations View of Conflict is the belief that conflict is a natural and inevitable outcome in any group. InteractionistView of Conflict is the belief that conflict is not only a positive force in a group but that it is absolutely necessary for a group to perform effectively.  Contemporary Perspectives on Intergroup Conflict  Functional conflict: Enhances/benefits organizational performance. It occurs when the groups disagree on the best means to achieve a goal, not on the goal itself; typically results in selection of a better means alternative. ã Positive contributions of functional conflict are: a. Plays an essential role in preventing group or organizational stagnation and resistance to change.b. Can lead to increased awareness of problems that need to be addressed.c.Can result in broader and more productive searches for solutions.d. Can facilitate change , adaptation, and innovation. Dysfunctional conflict  : Anyconflictthat  hinderstheachievement  oforganizationalgoals.Managementmustseektoeliminatesuchconflict.Functionalintergroupconflict canturnintodysfunctionalconflict.
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