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Monday August 27, 2012. (Introductions; Classroom Procedures and Expectations). Bell Ringer Monday, 8/27/12. Please check the class roster on the corkboard to get your assigned seat.
MondayAugust 27, 2012(Introductions; Classroom Procedures and Expectations)Bell RingerMonday, 8/27/12Please check the class roster on the corkboard to get your assigned seat.From the side table, please pick up a Chemistry Class Information Sheet, proceed to your desk, and begin filling out the form.AnnouncementsWelcome to Chemistry!Announcements
  • Be sure that you check my teacher website on a regular basis.
  • This website contains information that you’ll need in order to do your best in this class.
  • Here’s how to access this site:
  • Go to the Nimitz website at
  • Click on Facultyin the left column.
  • Scroll down to the Science Teacher’s block, find my name, and click on Website.
  • On the left side on my homepage, click on Chemistry Class Notes.
  • Find the date you want and download the files.
  • Who am I?Call me Mr. Cline or Mr. “C”Please... not just “Mister”!Review of the Chemistry Class Information SheetWhat About You?Class Policies
  • Food and Beverage: water bottles only, please.
  • Cell phones, other electronics, and headphones are for class-related purposes only.
  • Please consider Bell Ringers, formative assignments, and remediating tests (if necessary) mandatory.
  • Class Policies
  • Kindly do not use a computer improperly in the classroom.
  • Please hold your requests to leave the classroom to a minimum. Try to go to the restroom and get a drink before you come to this class, but please be on time.
  • During explanations, instructions, and lectures please give me your full attention and remain in your place.
  • Class Policies
  • During labs, please remain at your designated position unless procuring supplies or equipment.
  • Please try not to congregate in the hall outside of the door before the tardy bell rings.
  • As soon as you take your seat, please check the video screen for the Bell Ringer or other directions and begin working on whatever it instructs you to do.
  • Class Policies
  • Please report to class with all of your needed supplies.
  • Please indulge me and remain in your seat until the dismissal bell rings.
  • Please respect my privacy and do not hang out around either of my desks.
  • Like-wise, please regard all cabinets in the room as my personal property.
  • Behavior PlanYou have been in school for about a decade now, and should know the proper way of conducting yourself in a classroom. Enough said.Expectations
  • If you have a question, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.
  • If I ask a question and you have the answer, raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged – please don’t shout out answers.
  • Put anything that you want to give me into the tray at the front desk.
  • Expectations
  • Kindly stay in your desk or lab position during formal class activities.
  • Please do not put your head down on your desk while a class discussion or lab activity is in progress. However, if you are sick, let me know.
  • Supplies Needed for Class
  • #2 pencils with erases, or a mechanical pencil.
  • a pocket pencil sharpener
  • a box of facial tissue
  • Supplies Needed for Class
  • a composition book for your science notebook. Please bring this to class by this Thursday!
  • you must have a laptop to participate properly in this class – please see me if this is a problem.
  • Tardy PolicyThe Tardy Policy must be enforced at all times. It’s simple – if the door is open, come in. If it’s closed, please go to the attendance office and get a tardy pass.Absence Policy
  • If you miss a class due to absence, it must be your responsibility to get the work you missed from the side table upon your return. If you have questions, ask me.
  • If you are absent on the day of a lab, you must do a make-up activity. The lab itself cannot be made up.
  • Due dates on missed formatives are extended one day for each day you were absent.
  • Absence Policy
  • Missed summatives must be taken the day you return to class.
  • My teacher website lists everything that we do every day. All assignments are available electronically except tests and quizzes. Check it to see what you missed.
  • Grading Policy
  • We will have a summative quiz every Friday. Summative grades count as 70% of your grade.
  • Each six-weeks we will have a minimum of five summative grades.
  • Labs, quizzes, worksheets, homework, and other formative grades will count as 30% of your grade. Please remember that these formative items are keys to doing well on summative assessments.
  • Grades will also be given in Work Habits and Conduct.
  • Proper Headings and Titles
  • Please include the following information on all work in order to receive full credit:
  • First and last name
  • Period
  • Date
  • Lab Policies and Procedures
  • Please adhere to the following procedures before, during, and after a laboratory exercise:
  • Read and discuss all lab procedures in your SLC before going to your lab table.
  • Please work at your assigned lab station.
  • Please do not go roaming around to other tables and looking for someone to visit with during a lab.
  • Kindly follow all safety procedures listed on your lab report.
  • Our lab areas must be cleaned, organized, and returned to the way we found them, and our stools must be pushed up under the tables in order to receive full credit for the lab exercise.
  • Please avoid the temptation to horseplay (ie: fool around) in the lab.
  • Another Word on Neatness and Cleanliness
  • Please keep the classroom, including the desk area and the lab area, neat and clean at all times.
  • Please make a mental note of what the classroom looks like when you enter the room and leave it that way at the end of the period.
  • Sorry, but I must take 10 points off of a lab grade for uncleaned tables and stools left out.
  • You should always wash your hands after performing lab activities!
  • Here’s a List of Questions That I Don’t Answer
  • What time is it?
  • What time do we get out of here?
  • What are we going to do today?
  • When are we going to do a lab?
  • When’s our next test?
  • What did we do yesterday? (if you haven’t visited the side table first.)
  • What can I do to raise my grade?
  • What do I need to do to pass?
  • Do I really need to wear goggles during this lab?
  • I’m on fire... what do I do now?
  • Can I go to the restroom or get a drink? (if it’s asked out loud during a class activity.)
  • Anything pertaining to attempting to trick me into doing your work for you.
  • Were there really dinosaurs around when you went to college?
  • What was it like before electricity?
  • Did you know Isaac Newton?
  • Homework
  • Please be sure that you completely fill out all of the requested information on the Chemistry Class Information Sheet and turn it in by tomorrow at the latest!
  • Please sign and have your parents sign the Class Procedures and Expectations backsheet and turn it in by Wednesday!
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