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    SELF ASSESSMENT REPORT (SAR) FOR B.E ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (TIER-I) Department of ECE SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (Autonomous Institution) Junction Main Road, SALEM  –  636 005 - India Ph: 0427 4099999 Fax : 4099888 e-mail :   Contents   Serial Code & Link to the Item Item Page No. PART A Institutional Information I PART B Criteria Summary Program Level Criteria 1 Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives 2 2 Program Curriculum and Teaching  –  Learning Processes 10 3 Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes 79 4 Students’ Performance  162 5 Faculty Information and Contributions 219 6 Facilities and Technical Support 300 7 Continuous Improvement 322 Institute Level Criteria 8 First Year Academics 347 9 Student Support Systems 378 10 Governance, Institutional Support and Financial Resources 448 PART C Declaration by the Institution 517 Annexure I Program Outcomes(POs) & Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) 519 Annexure 1.4 Detail of different committees in the department 521 Annexure 2.1.2 Structure of curriculum for other regulations 526 Annexure 2.1.3 Components of curriculum for other regulations 535 Annexure 2.2.3 Details of Student project 536 Annexure 2.2.5 Details of Students’ training  552 Annexure 3.2.2 Course outcome attainment for 2012-16 & 2011-15 batch 560 Annexure 3.3.2 Program outcome attainment for 2012-16 & 2011-15 batch 586 Annexure 5.8 Publication details 598 Annexure 5.9  Adjunct faculty profile 611 Annexure 8.1 List of faculty teaching first year courses for 2016-2017 & 2015-2016 613 Annexure 10.1 Minutes of meeting for different committees 628    PART A INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION    PART A: Institutional Information 1. Name and Address of the Institution: SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Junction Main Road, Suramangalam (PO), Salem  –  636005 2. Name and Address of the Affiliating University: ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai  –  600 025 3. Year of establishment of the Institution: 1997 4. Type of the Institution: Institute of National Importance University Deemed University  Autonomous  Any other (Please specify) 5. Ownership Status: Central Government State Government Government Aided Self financing Trust Society Section 25 Company  Any Other (Please specify)
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