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  PAGE: 19 3. 3 D. Switch RH / Switch R.H. : . With ON\ OFF switch ON Position A.   Light Switch : it has following positions 0 : Head and Pilots light “OFF” .   1: Parking , & Tail lamps will be “ON”. 2: Head, Tail, and Parking lamps will be “ON” Hi beam indication will be “ON”, if Switch is in High Beam position. B.   Wiper Motor Switch : it has 2 positions. ON: Wiper motor “ON”.   OFF: Wiper motor :OFF”.  (Motor should park in self-parking position) C.   Horn button: For Sounding horn. PAGE : 20 3.3 e. Ignition- parking Switch/ Lgnition-Parking Switch: . it is located on the dash board. . insert the key & rotate it clockwise to make It on. . it has 4 positions: OFF: All electrical circuits OFF. ON: All Electrical circuits ON. PARKING: parking light and hazard operation Will on (when respective switches on switch Board are on and key is in parking position.) START: starter motor will start, After holding Key at this position WARNING Always remove the ignition key when leaving The vehicle even if for short time.  PAGE: 21 3.3 G & H. Hazard & Stereo Switch A.   Hazard Warning Switch : In case of emergency , this switch is to be Oprated . it will switch on all 4 indicator Light simultaneously and both turn pilot Indicators will blink simultaneously . key Switch should be in ON or parking position to operate hazard switch B.   Stereo Switch : A switch is provided for stereo. PAGE : 22 Selector Switch : it is mounted on Dashboard. Selector switch has been Provided on the front face which controls Gas and petrol’s supply. It has 3 positions.  1.   Gas : The vehicle will run on LPG/ CNG 2.   OFF: Both gas and petrol solenoid will be Off. 3.   Petrol: The vehicle will run on petrol. PAGE: 23 3.4 Other Controls Other Controls 3.4 A Parking Brake/Reverse Lever 3.4 B Brake Pedal 3.4 C Clutch Lever  PAGE: 24 3.4 A Parking Brake A. Parking Brake    It is located below dashboard    To apply the parking brake, push the button “B” in middle of the Lever and lower to its srcinal position B. Reverse Lever    It is located RH side of driver seat    To apply the reverse lever, pull the reverse lever all the way up    To release the reverse lever push the button “B” in middle of the Lever and lower to its srcinal position. PAGE: 25 CAUTION Never drive your vehicle with the parking brake On, rear brake effectiveness can be reduced. Due To overheating, brake life may be shortened or Permanent brake damage may result. If the Parking brake does not hold the vehicle securely Or does not fully release, have your vehicle Inspected immediately by an authorized BAL Service center or dealer. CAUTION Always apply parking brakes fully before Leaving your vehicle or it may move causing Injury or damage. When parking , shift the Vehicle in first gear . Remember that even if Transmission is in gear , you must apply the Parking brake fully. CAUTION When parking the vehicle on a slope , the   Following procedure should be used: A P P L Y Parking brake. Shift transmission into first Gear. With the engine off, get out of the Vehicle and put chocks under the wheels. PAGE : 26 3.4 B. Brake Brake Pedal: Vehicle is provided with hydraulic brake system. Brake is operated by pedal mounted on RH side of scudo. CAUTION If brake squeal is excessive and occurs each time the brakes are applied, you should have the brakes checked by an authorized BAL service center or dealer. CAUTIOIN Do not “ride” the brakes by applying them continuously or resting your foot on the pedal. This will result in overheating of the brakes which could cause unpredictable braking action, longer stopping distance or permanent brake damage. PAGE: 27 CAUTION If water gets into the brake drums, brake performance may become poor & unpredictable. After driving through water or washing the underside of the vehicle, test the brakes while driving at a slow speed to see if they have maintained their normal effectiveness. If the brakes are less effective than normal, dry then by repeatedly applying the brakes while driving slowly until the brake have regainbed their normal effectiveness. PAGE : 28 3.4C- Clutch Lever Clutch Lever: Clutch is operated by hand lever located on LH side of handle bar,
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