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  Philosophy 8 By Jagadish Knowledge of tourism is science of knowing earth and science of books which are physical in nature  Tourism is transfer to rich class community through helping hand of campus institutions Tourism is nothing but knowledge of food and its imports through tie ups Tourism is nothing but exchange and subscription of books of different countries purchased Tourism is nothing but extension of job beyond country to be rich with commonsense Tourism is knowledge awareness of being wise to fight against stupidity of self and gain intelligence Tourism is adaptation into unknown territory to be more courageous than before Tourism is nothing but extension of salary packages beyond governance of state capability to self Tourism is nothing but knowledge about world and its ways to exist and live without famine Tourism is nothing but links to survival and knowledge to natives to extend life beyond family Tourism is nothing but meeting and contacting unknown friends and take advice in times of hardships Tourism is avoidance of confrontations and learn the art of negotiations to make yourself more intelligent than before and learn and teach community of natives to live beyond scope given to them Tourism is nothing but to adapt to food culture and to import when nation is changing beyond Recognition for you to gain access to life principles of food learnt during process of good times for you to succeed during bad times Thought of the day Knowledge extension and adapting yourself to gain rich class thoughts into your life through Networking and gaining access to life to be alive when needed to survive beyond nation capability    NEXT   If you are rich and want to work for society of earth be a historian by being self-authorship  when you work for self you have job till eternity When you work for self you have money till eternity you can earn When you work for self you have employment which no one can snatch When you work for self and independent no one can do you harm When you work for self you can chose your own hours of work When you work for self you can be answerable to self-deciding your own wealth When you work for self you can determine your own pauper ship When you work for self you yourself can determine your own knowledge bank How to be self employed and create your own wealth 24/7 internet study   24/7 nonfiction reader and studious 24/7 remember things in form of pictures of text read 24/7 groom up yourself through wife or husband 24/7 collaborate with institutions and convince them through negotiations Thought of the day Knowledge is self-employed if you know how to be independent and not dependent to determine rich   NEXT Wars when waged in India you should have trains to keep public busy and knowledgeable Trains should run at 130 km to keep traffic coming in You should avoid accidents in emergency time You should provide food which should be easy to serve You should have pantry cars to take care of emergency time You should have credit cards facility to pass on food now and pay later You should have lesser trains and compatible trains to determine flow of public Trains when introduced should never be free , this is called as proper research If you cant get public huge , you should shuffle out with military You should introduce trains which work daily and not weekly Trains if are less for passengers and are used in crisis Trains should increase occasionally like Andhra Pradesh as temporary trains Thought of the day Temporary trains when introduced act as simulators to know requirement of trains for Indians NEXT    In chess those who are good at middle game are good at warfare those who are not are poor in chess   Knowledge of post-graduation is compulsory Why ???? Terminology strength of usages against enemy Knowledge of case studies crucial in chess which is learnt in post graduation Why ???? Solution finding out the way out of traps set up by enemies Knowledge of setting up of business which is taught in post graduation Why ???? To teach chess after retirement to gain knowledge of next generation Knowledge of scriptures of religion to practice pragmatism through phd after post graduation Why ?????
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