Pixel Support Tube Production Readiness Review Parts Overview

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Pixel Support Tube Production Readiness Review Parts Overview. Alexis Smith February 18, 2003. Overview. Schematic of Pixel Support Tube assembly List of Parts Method of production for each part Materials Tools Lay-up procedure Cure procedure Pre-assembly processing
Pixel Support Tube Production Readiness Review Parts OverviewAlexis SmithFebruary 18, 2003OverviewSchematic of Pixel Support Tube assemblyList of PartsMethod of production for each part
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Lay-up procedure
  • Cure procedure
  • Pre-assembly processing
  • Comparison of prototype to production partsSchematic of PST Assembly
  • The Pixel Support Tube Assembly comprises the shell, the rails on which the pixel detector slides, the mount connections to the SCT, and the thermal isolation system
  • PST Shell LaminateForward Shell (2)Barrel Shell (1)PST Flange AssemblyFlange (6)Backing Ring (6)Mount Pad (6)Flat Rail (9)Vee Rail (3) Hoop Stiffener (57)Heater System Assembly Heaters (108)Mount Pad Circuits (6)Wires (357)Various machined and other partsPixel mountMount blockMount insulator shimMount insulator padWire harnessAdhesive Connector(Flexures)List of Parts0 degree60 degree-60 degree-60 degree(2nd layerShell Laminate
  • Fiberglass mat, EX1515U, [0,0,+60,-60]S
  • 8-ply symmetric lay-up of YSH-80 (carbon) and AQ-II (fiberglass) with a layer of fiberglass mat to prevent carbon particle liberation
  • Plies are cut to allow for axial and circumferential interweaving
  • Shell Laminate
  • 0 plies laid-up separately and with tension
  • -60 and +60 plies stacked and pre-compacted before lay-up
  • Stack is compacted on mandrel after each new layer application
  • Heater panels layed-up as last step before cure
  • Prototype: plies interleaved in the hoop direction
  • Production: plies interleaved in hoop and axial directions
  • Shell Laminate
  • Production mandrel will be 2500 mm long
  • Production shell laminates shall be 457.5 mm OD
  • Barrel shell length: 1631 mm
  • Forward shell lengths: 2276.5
  • PST Flange Assembly: Flange
  • [+/-45, +/-45, +/-45]
  • 3-ply involute lay-up of CN60 strips with 2/3 overlap of each strip
  • Lay-up on flange tool with collar
  • Trimming of Flange
  • Flange lip is trimmed to size with a router on a trim plate
  • PST Flange Assembly: Backing Ring
  • [0/90,+/-45, 0/90,+/-45, 0/90,+/-45, 0/90,+/-45]S
  • 16-ply lay-up of CN60 cloth in alternating orientations
  • Total post-cure thickness is 4 mm
  • Lay-up a large ring out of which the backing ring is cut
  • Trimming of Backing Ring
  • Water-jet cut backing ring out of large lay-up
  • Cut bevel with router on the same trim plate as the flange
  • Mount Pad
  • [0/90,0/90,+/-45, +/-45, 0/90,+/-45, 0/90, +/-45, +/-45, 0/90,0/90]
  • 11-ply quasi-symmetric lay-up of CN60 cloth
  • Darts are used to ensure proper conformance to tool shape
  • Mount Pad
  • Part is trimmed on a custom vacuum chuck
  • Flat and Vee Rail
  • EX1515, [0/90, 0/90, 0/90, 0/90, 0/90, 0/90, 0/90]
  • 1 ply of EX1515 followed by 7 plies of P30 cloth
  • Stacks of 3-4 plies are pre-compacted before being layed-up
  • Part trimmed to length on the tool
  • Tool is supported during cure to minimize out-of-straightness
  • Hoop Stiffener
  • [+/-45,0/90,+/-45]
  • 3-ply CN60 lay-up
  • Dart to ensure proper conformance to tool shape
  • Made in 3 parts
  • Heater Panel
  • Custom-made part supplied by vendor
  • Kapton with copper sputter-coated on both sides, Aluminum foil on one side, polymer coverlay on the other side. Heater traces and connection pads etched onto copper.
  • 4 positive leads and 1 negative to allow for multiple connection possibilities
  • Connection points for EMI shielding
  • Jumper across mount pad area
  • Heater Panel
  • Shell with co-bonded heater panels
  • Flexure Mounts
  • 3 Flexures, 1 Solid Block
  • Made of Titanium
  • Still in design phase
  • Machined and Other Parts
  • Pixel mount
  • Mount block
  • Mount insulator shim
  • Mount insulator pad
  • Wire harness
  • Adhesive (Hysol 9396)
  • Connector
  • Comparison of Prototype to Production Parts
  • Successfully built all composite parts except hoop stiffeners
  • Shell laminate with heater panels
  • Flange and backing ring
  • Flat and Vee rails
  • Mount pads
  • Length of shell prototype is shorter and shell lay-up method is slightly different. Plies will be the same.
  • All other components are equivalent to production parts.
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