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  1 Basic Television  Transmissionand Reception  1. Gross structure2. Image continuity3. Number of scanning lines4. Flicker5. Fine structure6. Tone gradation 2 Basic Factors affecting Television Transmission & Reception  1. Gross Structure  FrameadoptedisrectanglewithAspectRatio(Width/Height)=4/3 Reasons: 1.Mostofthemotionoccursinhorizontalplane2.Eyescanviewmoreeasilyandcomfortably 3.Forenablingdirecttelevisiontransmissionoffilm programswithoutwastageofanyfilmarea-Motionpicturesusearectangularframewithwidth/heightratioof4/3 – soadoptedthisaspect ratioinTV 3  Requirements: 1. Aspect ratio of the size of the picture produced on the receiver screen and the picture being televised must be the same achieved by setting the magnitude of the current in the deflection coils to correct values both at the TV camera and the receiving picture tube2. Same coordinated should be scanned at any instant both by the camera tube beam and the picture tube beam achieved by transmitting synchronizing pulses along with the picture information 4
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